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Your Cyprus Vacation

A glimpse of Cyprus


Welcome to Cyprus: year-round sun, idyllic beaches, and ancient sights. The Republic of Cyprus lies in the eastern Mediterranean and offers the perfect combination for a sun-soaked vacation. Tradition and modernity meet in the last divided capital, Nicosia. It’s the country’s cultural heartbeat and full of lively street life, confronting division, and abundant history. Head to the coastal city of Paphos and discover the myths and legends that intertwine around the breathtaking archaeological sites. As you journey through time, you can also find numerous palaces, tombs, and villas that have ancient traces of the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, British, and Turks.

Cyprus has the perfect combination for outdoor activities: unique coastal landscapes and the Mediterranean climate. The endless beaches and turquoise waters complement the radiant rock formations and vibrant nature. Head toward the rugged interior of the island and explore the infinite vineyard valleys and the pine-clad Troodos Mountains that are perfect for hiking. These beautiful wine regions attract connoisseurs from all over the world! You will even have the opportunity to visit some of Cyrus’s original villages and their authentic charm.

Best time to travel: April to June, September to November

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 3.5 hours