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Your Greece Vacation

A glimpse of Greece


Welcome to Greece! Sun-soaked ancient ruins, paradisiacal beaches, and the Aegean and Ionian’s seas vast coastline will be the themes of your time in this southeast European country. The picturesque landscapes will take your breath away. Discover the rugged coastlines, white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea, and the white houses glowing beneath a cloudless sky.

Since Greece was influential during ancient times, many refer to it as the “cradle of Western civilization.” The country delights travelers not only with its historic landmarks, but it also attracts visitors with its remarkable natural attractions. Learn about the country’s turbulent history at the Acropolis and adventure through the ancient streets of Athens, the oldest capital of Europe.

Experience the lively Greek culture you’ve read about in books and seen in movies! Walk along the endless sandy beaches, listen to their passionate music, and enjoy the authentic cuisine and warm hospitality in traditional tavernas.

Best time to travel: May to October

Flight duration from Germany:
approx. 4 hours