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Your Grenada Vacation

A glimpse of Grenada


Welcome to the Spice Islands! The scent of nutmeg, cocoa, cloves, and cinnamon fills the air; countless fruit trees and picturesque beaches invite you to relax with the sun on your skin. Experience a sensory adventure in Grenada, a Caribbean archipelago in the south of the Lesser Antilles.

In the green hills of Grenada's three islands, unspoiled nature meets the characteristic warmth of the locals welcoming visitors. A dense rainforest invites you to explore, along with beautiful gardens, spice plantations, and waterfalls. Brightly painted houses stand out against the blue sky, and colorful coral reefs with a rich fauna await your exploration. Dive into the glistening ocean and marvel at the world's first underwater sculpture park off the islands' coast.

Best time to visit: November to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 20 hours