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Your La Réunion Vacation

A glimpse of La Réunion


Welcome to the southernmost point of Europe! The swaying palm trees line the idyllic beaches, and lush, rugged valleys run as far as the eye can see; meanwhile, volcanic sceneries and vast mountain ranges boast the inland landscapes. The island of La Réunion is Europe's tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Located east of Madagascar and west of Mauritius, La Réunion impresses with an unrivaled variety of flora and fauna.

La Réunion is waterfalls and rainforests, volcanoes and lava tunnels, black and white beaches, and alpine peaks. Around 200 microclimates have created unique vegetation on La Réunion, most of them listed as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The remote destination also promises aromatic surroundings and cultural pleasure: The island is home to the Bourbon vanilla and a melting pot of cultures. Travel to La Réunion and meet French, African, Indian, and Chinese locals!

Best time to travel: May to October

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 13 hours