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Your Norway Vacation

A glimpse of Norway


Velkommen in Norwegen! Impressive mountains, magnificent glaciers, and deeply gouged coastal fjords will take your breath away. Visit the culturally rich capital Oslo, where you will learn about the vivid Viking history through its architecture and guided tours. When you head to the city of Bergen, you will see the traditional colorful wooden houses that you might have seen in books already. After exploring this adventure playground, you will understand why so many travelers fall in love with this country.

The Scandinavian country offers a plethora of nature activities year-round! In the winter, go skiing in the mountains, adventure on a Northern Lights tour, and try dog sledding through the hills. Summertime is also lovely because explorers can fish or hike along the beautiful nature paths. Norway's absolute highlight is the North Cape - the northernmost cliffs of Europe, where it never gets dark in the summer, and barely any light is seen in the winter.

Best travel time: May to September, February to March

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 2 hours