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Your Papua New Guinea Vacation

A glimpse of Papua New Guinea


Welcome to the land of 800 ethnic groups! Discover a magical destination that’s home to gentle giant mantas, necromancer mask and fire dances, fire-breathing volcanoes, and idyllic palm beaches. North of Australia and west of Indonesia lies one of the most remote and untouched countries in the world - Papua New Guinea. Travelers dive into a different world in the oceanic island kingdom, experiencing original, mysterious cultures unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Due to Papua New Guinea’s long isolation, both its peoples and its landscapes have remained intact. Papua New Guinea thus became the last frontier of Western civilization and the country with the greatest variety of languages in the world. Be one of just 20,000 people a year who, on a trip to Papua New Guinea, can catch a glimpse of what may be the most fascinating cultures on the planet.

Best time to travel: June to September

Flight duration from Germany: about 25 hours