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Your Zambia Vacation

A glimpse of Zambia


Kugashira: Welcome to Zambia! Vast lake landscapes and wetlands, roaring rivers, and breathtaking sunsets over the savannah: The inland sceneries of southern Africa stands for safaris and adventure in the middle of untouched wilderness. Zambia is still untouched by mass tourism and offers the perfect conditions for travelers who are looking for serenity and want to discover the animal world off the beaten track.

In the south of Zambia, at the border with Zimbabwe, the biggest natural spectacle of the country is waiting for you: The rushing waters of the Victoria Falls. Enjoy an active vacation on the Zambezi River in a way that is rarely possible elsewhere. Whether it’s kayaking, rafting, or river surfing: there are no limits in the pristine nature of the Zambezi River.

Best time to travel: June to November

Flight time from Germany: approx. 14 hours