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Experience - Thailand

Thonburi Khlongs and Royal Palace


  • Impressive tour through the network of khlongs

  • Visit the unique Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

  • An excursion into the diverse world of Bangkok


Sawadee - Welcome to the diverse metropolis of Bangkok!



  1. Thailand
  2. Bangkok & surroundings

An extended stay in Bangkok is always worthwhile. There is just so much to discover!

Charming yet chaotic - this is how Bangkok presents itself as the hub of Southeast Asia. There are temples, skyscrapers, many attractions, and plenty of activities to find during your time in the city. This tour through the khlongs, the canals of the Thonburi district, will show you a more personal side of Bangkok.

It is only possible to book this excursion in combination with a hotel reservation.

Duration of the trip: 6 hours

Date of the trip: Departure 8:00 AM

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Trip duration: 6 hours

Departure at 8:00 AM

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