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Experience - USA

Whale Watching Maui


  • Get to know the ocean dwellers of Maui on a whale watching tour!

  • Discover new insights of the animals' life with underwater cameras and microphones

  • This extraordinary experience is full of goosebump moments


Sail out to sea for a discovery of a lifetime: humpback whale watching! The warm waters around Maui are the perfect breeding and birthplace for humpback whales from December to April. With expertise guides and new technology, you can even see and hear the animals underwater!


North America

  1. USA
  2. Hawaii

As soon as the boat departs from the Lahaina Port, the excitement begins. The coast of Maui shrinks before your eyes, and the horizon expands infinitely. Surrounded by the endless ocean, it makes you feel as if you were completely alone in the world. As you look at the vast waters around you, you will soon discover an elegant burst of water or even a majestic fin. The humpback whales size and frequent sightings will astound you. With a little luck, you may also see baby whales swimming close to their mothers. From December to April, Maui is the country of humpback whales because they give birth to their offspring in the warm waters. Experience extraordinary moments that you'll remember forever.

With the help of a hydrophone and underwater cameras, the marine biologists help make it possible to see and hear the beautiful creatures of the deep. Listen to the whistling, beeping, and humming intertwine form songs as the numerous whales reveal themselves around you. Other marine animals, such as dolphins and exotic fish, also arrive out of curiosity. So keep your eyes peeled! While you savor the last glimpses of the gigantic creatures, make your way back to the shore after your two-hour adventure.

The experience offers snacks and alcoholic drinks onboard.

If you aren't lucky enough to see any whales on your tour, don't worry! Your experience includes another trip the following day to try again.

Duration of the trip: Two hours

Date of the trip: December 21 to April 15 / Daily approx. 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM


  • Whale watching excursion
  • English-speaking marine biologist as a guide


  • Meals and drinks that are not included in the scope of services

  • Tips and personal expenses

  • Transfer

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