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Car rental round trip - La Réunion

La Reunion - round trip for explorers


  • La Réunion, the island of vanilla two weeks of intense exploration

  • Arrange custom excursions or book a guide as an option

  • 3 days of hiking and enjoying in front of the fantastic mountainous landscape of Cilaos

  • Relaxed beach days in the fashionable seaside resort of Saint-Gilles

  • Rental car included


Enjoy the numerous wonders and sights of the volcanic island of La Reunion on this individual rental car round trip. You have 14 days with your rental car to explore green jungles, romantic coasts, majestic mountains and the otherworldly landscapes of the volcano at your leisure. In many other places you have the choice to discover the island on your own or, if you so wish, to have an experienced guide at your side who will initiate you into the secrets of this vanilla island.


Indian Ocean

Salazie - Volcano - Cilaos - West coast

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by our local partner and receive further information about your stay. Afterwards, you will pick up your rental car and drive to the city center of Saint-Denis. The island capital and old trading town of the East India Company surprises with an exciting mix of urban life, colorful markets and multi-religious and colonial buildings.

Take time there to visit "La Rue de Paris", a beautiful street of old Creole houses. Start your first day relaxed and get a first exciting insight into the Creole culture. Surely this first impression will make you curious about what awaits you the next days. Relax from the journey and be curious about what you will experience the next days.

Airport - hotel: approx. 15 minutes / 9 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Saint-Denis, La Réunion


Today you should leave early to fully enjoy the magical nature along today’s route in the bright glow of the morning sun. Your way leads you along the east coast towards Cirque de Salazie, the greenest mountain basin of the island, countless waterfalls, banana plantations and huge bamboo forests.

In the middle of the basin is Hell-Bourg, a beautiful small village with Creole architecture and pleasant lifestyle. Stroll through the main street of the village and admire the great Creole houses. You should definitely visit the Maison Folio, an authentic Creole estate, or take a trip to the mountainous area around Hell-Bourg. The forest known as Forêt de Bélouve is a popular destination. Here you can hike up to Bélouve along a path that reveals the valley basin bit by bit and leads to a viewpoint on a plateau.

Duration of the trip: about 1 hour / 50 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Hell-Bourg, La Réunion

Today you will explore the surroundings of the Cirque de Salazie valley basin and the Forêt de Bélouve.

From Cirque de Salazie you will hike to the rainforest of Bélouve. The path winds through tamarin heights and tree ferns. Again and again, the thicket of forests opens up and surprises you with wonderful views of the Salazie valley basin. When you reach the plateau and if the weather allows it, you can see breathtaking waterfalls. You will be enchanted by the many special and rare plants that make this rainforest a unique place.

You can spend this day individually as described above, or optionally be guided by an English speaking mountain guide through the flora and fauna of the island and discover the hidden beauties that might otherwise have remained hidden from you.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Hell-Bourg, La Réunion


We recommend you check out relatively early and start your day. Visit the village of La Plaine-des-Plamistes with the Domaine de Tourelles museum and the morning market that takes place on weekends - the perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals. Continuing over the Col de Bellevue pass - the very name carries the hint of the fantastic panorama that awaits you here - you will keep seeing the highest elevation of the Indian Ocean, the summit of Piton des Neiges, in the Plaine des Cafres plateau. Make a stop here and capture the beautiful landscape in great souvenir photos. You will then pass the community of Le Tampon and finally reach Entre-Deux, another typical Creole village, where you will find your charming accommodation for the next few days.

Trip duration: approx. 2 hours / 90 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Entre-Deux, La Réunion

Today the highlight of your Reunion trip awaits you: the Piton de la Fournaise volcano.

Set off early for Bourg-Murat. Along the Route du Volcan, which leads to the volcano, there are numerous opportunities for photo stops and great viewpoints. Stay alert, because after the last turn, a spectacular view over La Plaine des Sables, the plateau directly surrounding the volcano, suddenly reveals itself to you - a truly unique sight.

After a somewhat bumpy ride on the last section of the Route du Volcan, you will begin your approximately 5-hour hike at one of the volcano's last collapse craters, Pen Fouquet. Climb to the top of the huge basalt cone. The paths you walk on cross the lava eruptions of the last years! Depending on the activity of Piton de la Fournaise, you will also be able to admire the fresh craters.

The volcano is still active, but not very dangerous - as an effusive volcano Piton de la Fournaise does not empty itself with explosions and ash clouds; it is relatively quiet. This volcano is the last active volcano on La Réunion. There are always smaller eruptions, but they are relatively harmless. Similar to the volcanoes in Hawaii, thin lava is ejected and makes its way towards the sea, but there are no major gas explosions. Locals have a particularly affectionate relationship with the volcano. One could say it is part of their identity. In case of eruption, they sit in the car and secure the best viewing places for the spectacle. The last major eruption was not too long ago, in September 2016. Its traces are still visible today. Did you know that during the 2007 eruption, about 140 million cubic meters of lava flowed into the sea, increasing the size of Reunion Island by 0.45 km²? You see: The Piton de la Fournaise is full of surprises and will surely captivate you.

Optionally, you can also visit the Piton de la Fournaise with an additional guide. This way you will get additional background knowledge with which you can shine at home. Contact us, and we will help you with the planning.

Duration of the trip: Entre Deux - Piton de la Fournaise: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes / 50 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Entre-Deux, La Réunion


Today you will discover the so-called "Wild South" of La Reunion in a relaxed way.

Experience the multifaceted basalt coast with its different faces: winding paths, Creole charm, small, colorful huts, blooming gardens, lush vegetation and roaring sea.

For connoisseurs, a stop at the Jardin des Epices et des Parfums in Saint-Philippe is a must. Here you can discover the island's scents and flavors during daily guided tours. Continuing along the route, you will head east, passing Grand Anse, Manapany and Cap Méchant, offering you numerous fantastic panoramas, each one varied and unique. Continue to Pointe de la Table. Here, an exceptional scenery with high basalt cliffs and the wild surf awaits you. At Anse des Cascades you will find an idyllic spot with waterfalls, picnic areas and a small fishing port.

Whatever you decide to do that day, we are sure there will be no boredom. The island is so varied and diverse that there is something for everyone.

Duration of the trip: 2 hours / approx. 61 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Entre-Deux, La Réunion

Today you will take the picturesque "road of 400 curves" that will lead you to the heart of Cilaos. Enjoy beautiful views during the ride, which you can fully enjoy thanks to numerous parking bays.

The road does its name justice. The 400 curves lead over partly narrow sections with 800-meter-long, single-lane tunnels past suburbs of St. Louis and approaches the narrowing gorge. Always along for the ride: breathtaking views and wild nature. You will find it hard to take your eyes off the scenery.

The small town of Cilaos is surrounded by high mountain peaks and dominated by the majestic peak of the inactive volcano Piton des Neiges (3,071 m) towering above it. Visit the main street of the village, the upper part around the great Art Deco style church and have some tea. Here you can enjoy the delicious homemade cakes in the tea room of your hotel.

Trip duration: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes / 43 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Cilaos, La Reunion

Decide for yourself what you want to do today and tomorrow. Hike on your own in the valley basin of Cilaos or overcome your own limits while canyoning in the enchanting surroundings under the guidance of an experienced guide (optional extra). Climb along green mountain slopes, abseil into gorges, wait through enchanting mountain streams, hike through the thickets of the rainforest.

Everyone will find just the right thing to do here: active vacationers can take an approximately three-hour hike to Roche Merveilleuse, a vantage point high above Cilaos, from which you can enjoy a great 360° panoramic view. Relaxed connoisseurs can visit the Embroidery Museum in the center of Cilaos or book a wine tasting with Monsieur Dijoux, a local wine specialist at your hotel.

Whatever your choice, culturally and botanically, the island around Cilaos offers numerous opportunities that you should not miss. We will be happy to help you with your planning and give you tips on what you should definitely see. Just talk to your travel consultant about your wishes.

2 nights with breakfast in Cilaos, La Réunion


Today you will wake up in the middle of the beautiful mountain basin of Cilaos for the last time. Continue your journey and return to the west coast. A spectacular cliff awaits you at Pointe au Sel. Nature lovers will be tempted by a visit to the Kélonia turtle farm, which since 2006 has been dedicated to the protection, breeding and care of injured sea turtles.

The route then takes you to the fashionable seaside resort of Saint-Gilles, where you check into your next hotel. Relax on the beach for the rest of the day or visit the lively town centers in the area.

The town of Saint-Gilles has grown from a simple fishing village with a harbor into a popular resort for tourists, as well as locals. White sandy beach, varied restaurants, nightclubs and a colorful mix of different evening activities, make the place a small Mecca for the nightlife scene. Nevertheless, the atmosphere here is very quiet and relaxed and even on the beach there is enough space so that you can comfortably find a place to sunbathe with your towel.

Trip duration time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes / 79 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in St- Gilles-les-Bains, La Réunion

Arrange according the next few days as you wish. You can, for example, relax on the hotel's own beach and snorkel in the fantastic underwater world or discover the lagoon from a kayak.

Our tip: Take a trip to the Piton Maido. Pack your hiking boots and camera, set off early and climb the 2204-meter-high mountain. Hike to Le Grand Benare, the viewpoint that allows you a full 360° panoramic view. One of the most wonderful views of the whole Reunion Island awaits you as a reward.

Another tip is a trip to Dos D'Ane. There you can hike to Cap Noir and enjoy unforgettable views along the steep slopes of the Cirque de Mafate, which may remind you of travel guide illustrations.

For relaxing afternoons, how about the dreamy lagoon of L'Hermitage les-Bains? Here you will find the finest sandy and widest beach of La Réunion and a species-rich and incredibly colorful underwater world.

On Saturdays, you can visit the weekly market in St. Leu in the morning. For nature lovers, a visit to the Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin is also interesting. Here you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about the nature of the island and see many rare plants.

3 nights with breakfast in St-Gilles-les-Bains, Reunion

You can also spend your last day as you wish. We recommend a trip to the Cascades du Niagara or to the Bassin Boeuf, located east of Saint-Denis.

At the Cascades de Niagara, the Saint-Suzanne River plunges to a depth of 25 meters. A good distance above the falls, you will find Bassin Boeuf, a popular and spectacular swimming spot where the river forms a natural pool fed by a small waterfall.

According to your flight time, you will drop off your rental car again at the airport and then travel back home comfortably by overnight flight and with many wonderful memories in your luggage.

A bientôt à La Réunion!

Hotel Juliette Dodu***, Saint-Denis, La Reunion.

In the heart of Saint-Denis, the Juliette Dodu is set in a listed building with an outdoor pool, a hot tub, air-conditioned rooms and a library. The elegantly decorated and air-conditioned rooms offer free Wi-Fi, a satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer. Next to the pool, you can enjoy a light meal at the bistro restaurant after a dip in the water. The bar serves refreshing drinks during the day as well as in the evening hours. The Juliette Dodu is a perfect base for a walk to the center, five minutes away, with stores and restaurants.

Hotel Le Relais des Cimes**, Hell-Bourg, La Réunion

Authenticity, tradition and hospitality can be found in the heart of the village of Hell-Bourg, one of the most beautiful villages in France with the "Plus Beaux Villages de France" classification. The Le Relais des Cimes hotel offers guests 29 rooms with every comfort. 18 of them are located in the main building with Creole architectural style and 11 are located in an authentic 19th century Creole residence. The restaurant invites you to a culinary discovery of the flavors of Creole cuisine. French specialties are also on the menu.

Hotel Le Dimitile****, Entre-Deux, La Réunion.

Between the bays of the sea and the "Cirques", discover an old Creole house of the 18th century in the middle of the Le Dimitile hotel. The 18 rooms were built with noble materials, stone and Dibetou wood, respecting the traditions of this still genuine island. The rooms, which are all equipped with a private spacious terrace or balcony, all have a beautiful view of the swimming pool and the surrounding mountains. They have a large double bed, bathroom with bathtub, separate toilet, wardrobe, luggage rack, fan, personal safe, hairdryer, mini-bar and are equipped with a TV with satellite reception.

The restaurant menu offers creative cuisine that combines local spices and the culinary riches of the island. The restaurant has a dining room and a large but at the same time intimate terrace, which allows you to enjoy the cuisine.

Hotel Tsilaosa***, Cilaos, La Reunion

In the center of the village of Cilaos is the Hotel Tsilaosa. Located in a former volcanic village, the hotel welcomes you with 15 rooms, an art gallery, with regional wines and influence from India, Africa and Europe.

Room amenities include a private balcony, minibar, LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom with a whirlpool tub.

A buffet breakfast is available to all guests every morning at Hotel Tsilaosa. Also relax in the hotel's tea room and enjoy the garden and mountain views. Staying in Cilaos, you can visit the town's famous embroidery workshop or explore the surrounding countryside by bike. The 24-hour front desk will be happy to recommend local hiking trails. Private parking is available at the hotel free of charge.

Hotel Le Nautile***, Saint-Gilles, La Réunion

This smart hotel is run in a very personal manner and impresses with its Creole charm and superb location - an ideal starting point for tours and excursions across the island. The small and very familiar hotel, with friendly, multilingual staff, is located in the middle of a quiet villa district directly on the sandy beach of the lagoon. It has an open poolside breakfast/restaurant area with a small bar, library, lounge, children's pool and whirlpool. The hotel has different categories of rooms. Starting with the superior room. The approx. 25 m² room offers a bathroom with bathtub/shower/WC, hairdryer, TV, telephone, free Wi-Fi, individually adjustable air conditioning, minibar, safe and view of the pool. Sea view possible (extra charge and subject to availability).

Duration of the trip: 14 days / 13 nights


  • 13 nights in the above mentioned accommodations or similar:
  • 1 night at Hotel Juliette Dodu*** in a superior room with breakfast in Saint-Denis.
  • 2 nights at Hotel Le Relais des Cimes** in a standard room with breakfast in Hell-Bourg
  • 3 nights at Hotel Le Dimitile**** in a deluxe room with breakfast in Entre-Deux
  • 3 nights at Hotel Tsilaosa*** in a standard room with breakfast in Cilaos
  • 4 nights at Hotel Le Nautile*** in a superior room with breakfast in St- Gilles-les-Bains
  • 14 days rental car category I (Clio or similar)
  • One-time handling fee
  • The starting price is valid in the 03.01.22 - 23.04.22 & 01.06.22 - 30.06.22 travel period

Not included

  • International flights
  • Meals and drinks that are not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Optional excursions (sightseeing, entrance fees, etc.)
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Rental car deposit (to be paid on spot)
  • Travel insurance
  • PCR test, if still required
  • Visa, entry and/or exit fees, if required
  • Airport tax (approx. EUR 24 p.p. to be paid locally)
  • Tourism tax (EUR 0,80 and EUR 2 per person/night, to be paid on the spot)

Hygiene and safety standars

Notes on staying at Les Jardins d'Héva (Hell-Bourg):

  • No more than 3 people at the reception / in the store (except those traveling together).
  • Check-in at 3:30 p.m.
  • Avoid crowds in public areas
  • Minimum distance of 1 meter.
  • Wearing mask in public areas is mandatory (this is not required at the table or inside rooms)
  • Guests will be escorted to their table by a staff member according to their order of arrival at the restaurant

Additional experiences

Flight with an Ultralight Aircraft

  1. Per person from 190 € excl. Flight excluding transfer
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Lava Tunnel Expedition

  1. Per person from 50 € excl. Flight
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Guided Horseback Ride

  1. Per person from 55 € excl. Flight excluding transfer
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Helicopter Adventure over La Réunion

  1. Per person from 280 € excl. Flight excluding transfer
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