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Experience - India

Traditional Indian dinner


  • Experience India's cuisine first hand

  • For dinner, you will be a guest of an Indian family

  • A sensory experience where you will learn more about South Indian culture


Curry, coriander, and turmeric: the flavors of South India.

During this sensory adventure, you will try the traditional spices of India intertwined in several different dishes. Learn more about South Indian culture through their warm hospitality and unforgettable cuisine.



  1. India
  2. South India

Cumin, turmeric, chili powder, coriander, and small green curry leaves: These are the essential spices of southern Indian cuisine. Not only do the seasonings distinguish the South from the North India kitchens, but there are also many dishes to discover.

We invite you to a fantastic traditional dinner where you will be a guest at a family's home. You will learn more about the culture's different flavors, taste an array of South Indian dishes served on banana leaves, and experience traditional dinner practices; for example, eating with your fingers.


  • South Indian dinner


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