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Excursion to Salazie


Head north along Ocean Road for 13 km until you reach the economic and political heart of the island, St. Denis. You will drive past capital houses and other colonial houses, which date back to the time of the Indian trading company. Continue to the Sainte-Marie region, where sugarcane fields, vanilla and livley plants and lush green hills prevail in the enchanting landscape.


  • Don't forget your camera to take photos of these gorgeous panoramic views
  • Visit a vanilla plantation
  • As you drive along the coast, enjoy the beautiful Creole villages
  • Guided tour at the 19th century La Maison Folio
  • Magical waterfalls, gardens and flowers in the Salazie basin


What you'll find here

You will be picked up at your hotel between 7:30AM and 8:00AM. Head north along Ocean Road for 13 km until you reach the economic and political heart of the island, St. Denis. Driving further east, you'll pass Indian temples, which are very common in this area and evidence of the prevalence of the Indian population.

You will also visit a vanilla plantation where you will be shown how perfumed oil is made. Then you will drive to the Cirque de Salazie basin, famous for its lush and evergreen vegetation. The path leads past enchanting waterfalls, beautiful gardens and flowers before you reach your destination at an altitude of approximately 1,000 m. Arrive in the village of Hell-Bourg, known for its charming Creole houses and traditional architecture. Do not forget your camera because here you can marvel at the best and most beautiful collection of Creole houses on the island. During a guided tour through the lush green garden of the 19th century La Maison Folio, you will get an insight into the ways of life during the 19th century. At 17:00 you will arrive back at your hotel.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: All day

Participants: 4

Travel date: Saturday, 07:30AM - 05:00PM


  • Transfer from all hotel on the west side
  • Creole lunch with drinks
  • Guide (Language: French)


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