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Australia's "Wild West" Premium


Go to the end of the world, where almost no people live and there is only landscape, sky and the sheer endlessness of the sea: Western Australia. Still quite unspoiled by mass tourism, the route from Perth to Darwin offers true eye-catching views. Between the Indian Ocean and the Outback, a true adventure awaits you on our rental car tour.


  • West Coast of Australia: Away from Mass Tourism
  • Perth: only major city on the Indian Ocean
  • More original than the Great Barrier Reef: **Ningaloo Reef **
  • See the Staircase to the Moon
  • Experience the wildest region of the ** Kimberleys**


1st day: Perth - Metropolis on the Indian Ocean

After your arrival you will be picked up and taken to your hotel. The coastal city of Perth is arguably the loneliest metropolis in the world, for it is the only city on the entire Western half of the Australia. At the same time, Perth is probably the only big city in Australia where beach life, city life as well as wine environment and natural bushland meet. Even the Outback is not far away. Approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine per year give Perth the title of "sunniest city in Australia". Altogether, the city offers 19 beaches - starting with the well-known Cottesloe to the surfing spot of Scarborough. It is also worth mentioning that Perth is the only federal city of Australia on the Indian Ocean. Located directly on the Swan River, the city offers pure postcard idyll. The city's botanical garden is larger than New York's Central Park. Swing through the shopping area of ​​Hay Street and discover numerous bars and cafés in Wolf Lane. In Northbridge, you'll find trendy designer wear, while Oxford Street in Leederville makes every vintage and thrifty heart beat faster. A tip from us: Enjoy a retro cocktail at the Hula Bula. Also located in the city center is the stylish The Aviary and the hip Ezra Pound Bar. 2 nights stay at the Best Western Premier Terrace Hotel * * * * + with breakfast in the Deluxe Double Room, Perth, Australia

Day 2: Perth - The "Loneliest City in the World"

Today's your day to get used to the time difference. Therefore, your itinerary for the day is yours to design. We suggest a visit to the historic port of Fremantle, which is only 30 minutes from the center. Here you can enjoy a coffee before you visit the traditional brewery Little Creatures' Freo HQ for a short visit. You can also have a pure beach day. The beaches of Cottlesloe and Scarborough are nearby, not far from the center. At Cottlesloe you can watch the sunset over the sea and have a picnic. At Scarborough you can unwind in some of the trendy bars or cafes. Alternatively, you may want to explore the Swan Valley wine region. Approximately 25 minutes from the city center lies the oldest wine region of the continent. Here you can visit the wine cellars and join in a wine tasting with one of the winemakers. Maybe you also feel like taking a boat trip and enjoying the dreamy landscape.

Day 3: Cervantes - Lunar landscape on the Indian Ocean

Today you will pick up your rental car (Hertz) for the next 21 days at the center. From Perth, head north to the Nambung National Park. You will drive past typical Australian bush. The Nambung National Park is surrounded by typical Western Australian landscape, characterized by Pinnacles. These (up to 5 m high) limestone pillars rise from the yellow sand dunes landscape and form a unique dune landscape. The deep blue Indian Ocean borders the National Park. The Pinnacles Desert originated around 500,000 to 50,000 years ago through an interplay of past vegetation, weather and water resources. Especially at sunrise and sunset, the sun makes the stone pillars shine in different hues**. In the spring you can even spot the regional Desert flower. The Pinnacles Lookout, a slightly elevated vantage point, offers a wonderful view of the desert landscape. In addition, bird lovers will also get their money's worth here. More than 90 species of birds are native to the area and can be easily observed. The former fishing village of Cervantes is the best starting point for the Pinnacles, just 17 km away. The city offers golden beaches with (really!) Turquoise water near the center, perfect for swimming or windsurfing. Distance: 252 km / 3 hours 1 night in ** Pinnacles Edge Resort * * * * +** with breakfast at 1 Bedroom Spa Suite, Cervantes, Australia

4th day: Kalbarri - Colorful sea of colors

Head north today along the Batavia Coast (where the first European settlers establihsed themselves in 1629) towards the Kalbarri National Park. A unique river landscape created by the Murchison River as well as impressive canyons with sand plains are waiting for you. The backdrop is the result of geological phenomena spanning over millions of years. In some places you can even see millennium-old fossils. The red layers of rocks are called Tumblagooda Sandstone. These rock formations and gorges reveal their magnificent colors at dawn and dusk. On the coast, when the red rocks rise from the dark blue Indian Ocean, you will get a spectacular view. Between June and November, numerous humpback whales can be seen here at mating season. In addition to kangaroos and emus, pelicans, thorn devils and goats populate the nature reserve. To make the ** postcard idyll** of this area perfect, it should be mentioned that the wildflower blooms in the spring in a magnificent sea of ​​color  Travel time: 378 km / 4.5 hours. 1 night at Kalbarri Edge Resort * * * * + with breakfast at the Executive Spa Suite, Kalbarri, Australia

Day 5: Monkey Mia - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Today will drive towards Denham. On the way, you can stop at Hamelin Pool, a marine sanctuary on Shark Bay. Here you can find a colony of living stromatolites - one of the oldest life forms on Earth, which only exists in a few places in the world today. The survival owes the Stromatolithen the high salinity of the pool in which they are. Under such conditions, other animals have little chance of surviving, so the stromatolites here have no natural enemies. Take your drive to Monkey Mia, the heart of Western Australia's Shark Bay, which is largely a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay is known for its living Dolphins, who come here regularly. The rangers feed the animals with fish, attracting the playful dolphins. With a little luck you can be selected by the ranger and in the knee-deep water the bottlenose dolphins will enjoy a bite. As a rule, 6 to 8 dolphins come here, especially in the morning. The animals have been visiting Monkey Mia beach for more than 40 years, feeding the native African Pelicans. Traveling distance: 399 km / 5 hours. 2 nights at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort * * * +** with breakfast at Superior Beach View Room, Monkey Mia, Australia

Day 6: Monkey Mia - dolphins within your reach

Today, another day awaits you in the Bay of Monkey Mia. How about exploring the surrounding area or taking up a water sport? Camel rides over the Moneky Mia Dolphin Resort are very popular. A visit to the red sand dunes in the Francois Person National Park is definitely worth it. Here you can see Australia's typical red earth. The interplay of the red dunes and the blue sea impresses every visitor. In addition to the beautiful flora, of course, the fauna is not to be despised. Numerous reptiles and marsupials as well as over 100 species of birds are found here, many of which are threatened or very rare. The park is about a 10-minute drive from Denham. With about 600 inhabitants, Denham is the only "city" in the bay. So if you fancy a bit of an urban atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Day 7: Coral Bay - A real insider tip

Coral Bay is the heart of the colorful Ningaloo Reef. The cozy place consists of only about 20 houses and a hotel, two restaurants and a caravan park. Here there are beautiful coral reefs with brilliant fish that cavort in the turquoise sea. In the sandy bottom of the sea you can also see Manta rays. Between March and June, giant manta rays and whale sharks can be found in the waters. Humpback whales can be seen from June to October. The most popular places for snorkelling or sunbathing are definitely Purdy Point and Paradise Beach (which does its name justice). Turtles lay their eggs in the summer months, and the young baby turtles hatch between February and March. Another natural phenomenon occurs about 10 days after the full moon between March and April: The spawning period of the coral begins, which attracts many small marine creatures here. The Ningaloo Reef is a real insider tip: It is the largest fringing reef in Australia and far away from mass tourism. In contrast to the Great Barrier Reef, which can only be reached by ship or by air, you really only have to swim for the Ningaloo Reef for a few hundred meters and you are really in the middle of it all - clown fish swim out from under sea anemones and wrasses are easy to spot. Travel time: 518 km / 7.5 hours. 2 nights at Ningaloo Reef Resort * * * + with breakfast at Beachcomber Unit, Coral Bay, Australia

Day 8: Coral Bay - Action or relaxation?

Today, spend another day at Ningaloo Reef. How about exploring the underwater world in its full glory today? You can go on a tour to the whale sharks with their typical bright spots. Thanks to a spotter plane, the twelve-meter-long fish can be identified. You can approach these glorious animals up to 50 meters and, if you want, you can snorkel near them! The reef can also be watched from a glass bottom boat. But at Ningaloo Reef, there aren't just water activities. You can also start a jeep trip to the Cape Range National Park and visit the gorges and red canyons there.

Day 9: Karijini National Park - A must-see in the west

This morning you'll need to get up bright and early, for today you'll be driving along the North West Coast Highway no. 1 inland, past the Pilabara region and its large livestock landscapes. The rugged and ancient backdrop of the Karijini National Park is one of the most spectacular highlights of western Australia. Characteristic of the park are the reddish colors of the landscape, the deep gorges and waterfalls. A stay here is an absolute must! The trails here offer something for everyone - whether you are a leisure hiker or an adventurer. The paths lead through the canyons to waterfalls, at the end of which you can cool off. The southern part of the park is inaccessible, but in the north you can discover numerous canyons with green pools. The most famous waterfall is the Fortsecue Falls in the Dales Gorge. At its end are the Circular Pool and the Fern Pool, which invite you to a cool bath. At the center of the reserve is the Visitor Center, where you can get information. At the Oxer's lookout you will have a wonderful view of the crossroads of the four Gorges: Red Gorge, Weano Gorge, Joffre Gorge and Hancock Gorge. Distance: 625 km / 11 hours. 2 nights at Karijini Eco Retreat * * * with Breakfast at the Deluxe Eco Tent, Karijini National Park, Australia

Day 10: Karijini National Park

Today you can continue to explore the Karijnini National Park. Along several trails, many attractions are offered around the park. Going on the Gorge Rim Trail, you will pass by the Circular Pool Lookout and the end of Dales Gorge (2 km). An itinerary for the experienced (2 hours for 800 m downhill) leads from the Dales Gorge Carpark to the Fortescue Falls. Once at the bottom you can continue along a path to the circular pool. Hancock Gorge Walk is 1.5 km from Kermit's Pool. Adventurous and experienced hikers get their money's worth on the Mount Bruce Summit Walk (9 km). The bottom line is that, no matter which way you choose, you will be delighted by the breathtaking scenery. When it comes to flora, acacia, bluebells and Mulla-Mullas prevail here. Sweet kangaroos, wallabies and dingoes can also be found here on this spot.

Day 11: Port Hedland - Stairs to the moon

Port Hedland is one of the larger cities on the Australian west coast with a major port. But the city offers a very special natural phenomenon, the ** Stairway to the Moon **, which you can observe during the full moon at low tide on the coast. When the moon rises behind the horizon, the rays create the illusion of a staircase made of light. The spectacle takes about 15 minutes. Travel time: 393 km / 5.5 km. 1 night at the Ibis Styles Port Hedland * * * with breakfast in the Standard Room, Port Hedland, Australia

Day 12: Broome - An Australian (pearl) treasure

Leaving Port Hedland, drive deep into the Great Sandy Desert, a vast and uninhabited area of ​​red sand. After a few kilometers, halfway between Port Hedland and Broome, you will reach the 80 Mile Beach, a real dream for all beach lovers. The beach reaches a length of 220 km, and parallel to it is the Great Northern Highway - which means that you can enjoy fabulous views from the car. A contrast to the landscapes that you have traveled yesterday. A true Australian treasure. The wetland also hosts over 500,000 birds from 20+ different species. Thus, the region is one of the most important breeding and feeding places. The shells of the beach are another attraction. The white quartz sand shimmers here with the blue sea. The city of Broome is well-known for its pearl diving history and is at the same time the gateway to the Kimberley region. Its story is as diverse as the environment. Turquoise blue waters, white beaches and vibrant Aboriginal culture make up the mix. It was once the center of the pearl industry. Even today, you can buy beautiful pearls everywhere and learn more about the pearl culture of the city. The city experienced a unique upswing through a "pearl rush", which attracted especially pearl divers from Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Approximately 80% of the world's pearl needs were covered here. Travel time: 610 km / 7 km. 2 nights at the Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa * * * + with breakfast at Garden View Studio, Broome, Australia

Day 13: Broome - Dinosaur footprints and beaches for miles

We suggest that you explore the surroundings of Broome today. The Gantheaume Point is easy to reach hiking or driving (5 min). Here steep, red cliffs plunge into the deep blue Indian Ocean. At low tide you can see footprints of dinosaurs that are 130 million years old. If you have not visited the town of Broome yesterday, then you definitely have time today. Drop in to one of the cozy cafés in town and enjoy a morning coffee. Alternatively, take a tour of the museum and learn more about the history of the pearl industry. In the dry season, you can bathe on the 22 km of Cable Beach. A special and recommended attraction is a camel ride to the sunset. Let yourself be pampered in the evening and enjoy the balmy night.

Day 14: Fitzroy Crossing - Up into the mystical Kimberley region

This morning you have the last chance to relax on the beach before continuing to the mysterious Kimberley region on the Great Northern Highway. Drive west, into the heart of the Kimberley region. You can make a short stop at Derby village. The city is just one of a total of three locations with over 200 residents in the Kimberley region. About 7 km from Derby stands the Baob Prison Tree (Boab Prison Tree), which is over 1500 years old. The hollow tree used in times of pioneering for prisoners who were transported from there to prisons. The Fitzroy Crossing settlement is still inhabited today by many Aborigines. The place lies at the foot of the central mountains of the Kimberley. The historic post office from 1930, an old police station or the Crossing Inn Foot Bridge in the old town are worth seeing at the small village. Our recommendation: The Crossing Inn, a typical Outback Pub to quench your thirst and to have a few breaks. Travel time: 395 km / 4 hours. 1 night at the Fitzroy River Lodge * * * with breakfast at the Safari Tent, Fitzroy Crossing, Australia

Day 15: Halls Creek - The "other part" of the Great Wall in the middle of Australia

Halls Creek is a wonderfully suitable stop in Western Australia. It is a former gold mining settlement. In 1885, gold was discovered here for the first time, attracting up to 15,000 people from different parts of the country. Just as in Fitzroy Crossing, many Aboriginal people live here. Be sure to check out the famous "China Wall" made of quartz sand, one of the city's main attractions. This is about 5 km from the center and can be reached by a dirt road. Already from the parking lot, you will have a beautiful view of the white quartz veins, shimmering in the evening sun. In the village itself there are two gas stations, a supermarket and a tourist office, where you can get information. Travel time: 293 km / 3 hours. 1 night at the Kimberley Hotel * * * with breakfast in Deluxe Room, Halls Creek, Australia

Day 16: Kununurra - Crocodiles in the lake

On the way from Halls Creek, pass by the Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park. Also on the way is the majestic Argyle Lake, the largest reservoir in Australia and many times larger than Sydney Harbor. There are numerous viewpoints offering a wonderful view of the lake. There are also many idyllic places that are perfect for a picnic. Of course, you can also visit the 99 m high dam of the lake. A great experience is also a boat trip across the lake. The most popular ride is the Sunset Cruise. You can admire the vivid colors of the lake and the surrounding ecosystem at sunset and see how the mountains on the horizon of the lake stand out on the shore. In total, there are over 70 islands in the lake. Many of them are used by crocodiles as breeding grounds. Today, about 20,000 of these animals live on the lake. Therefore, the main attraction of the lake is not its space for swimming, but that does not detract from the beauty. On the shore you can also, with luck, see wallabies. It is also home to almost one-third of all Australian bird species. Duration: 360 km / 4 hours. 2 nights at Kununurra Country Club Resort * * * * with breakfast in the Club Room, Kununurra, Australia

Day 17: Kununurra - The best kept secret of Australia

Today you will have time to explore the Kimberley region. At the Purnululu National Park you can see the Bungle Bungle Range, one of the best kept secrets in the country. These are sandstone formations reminiscent of beehives. Until the 1980s, the Bungle Bungle were quite unknown. Only the native Aborigines and a lucky few from the outside knew of the sand formations. In 2003, the Bungle Bungle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A scenic flight over the site is a great way to see the tiger-like beehives meander through the landscape. Depending on the season, there are also waterfalls that fall from the tops of the massifs in the gorges.

Day 18: Katherine - pure nature

Today you will leave Kununurra and head towards Katherine, the fourth largest city in the state of Northern Territory. It is home to the Jawoyn and Dagoman Aborigines, who make up about 60% of the population there. If you're already there, be sure to check out ** Katherine Gorge ** in the eponymous National Park. It is an imposing river canyon system, with steep and red rock walls. The shores are fed by white eucalyptus barks and ferns. The 12 km long gorge is divided into 13 sections. In the dry season, you can see clearly, but during the rainy season, when the level of the Katherine River 10 to 15 m high, you can only guess. The best view is from the boat. Do not forget to take your bathing suit with you, as there are many bathing options, such as the Edith Falls, where you can cool down. The 60 m high waterfalls are a real eye-catcher, especially in the rainy season, when the lush vegetation is particularly beautiful. The hot thermal springs are also here. Mataranka is an ideal place to relax with 34-degree warm water before you go on your journey. We also recommend a detour to the Cutta Cutta Caves. In the imposing limestone caves you can see the typical stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are approximately 24 km from the town of Katherine. Tour: 520 km / 6.5 hours 1 Overnight at the Cicada Lodge* * * * * with breakfast at the Lodge Room, Katherine, Australia

Day 19: Kakadu National Park - Landscapes of extremes

You can drive to Darwin today along the Stuart Highway. After Pine Creek, turn right onto the Kakadu Highway, which will lead you directly to the National Park. No matter what time or season, Kakadu Park is always impressive. In the language of the Aborigines, the park is called "Ggadju". There is not a better area, next to the Uluru, to get to know the culture and history of the Aborigines. Here are still numerous petroglyphs of the natives, popular drawings of animals such as wallabies, turtles and possums. It is striking that in the depiction of humans organs and ribs were also represented. This is why we also speak of the "X-ray style" in these petroglyphs. The petroglyphs give a very good insight into the attachment to nature and the philosophy of the Aborigines. At the park, there is a wonderful landscape of extremes. The lowland is one of the most important wetlands in the world. From November to May, it is often flooded. During this time, the border between the mainland and the sea blurs quite clearly. Then fall from sandy soaring waterfalls in the gorges. The area is also known for crocodiles, not least since the success of the movie "Crocodile Dundee". Travel time: 300 km / 4.5 hours 2 nights in the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel * * * * with breakfast in the Superior Room, Kakadu National Park, Australia

Day 20: Kakadu National Park - One of the most beautiful national parks in Australia

Spend another day in the spectacular Kakadu National Park. It really is one of the most beautiful national parks of the 5th continent. Because of its history, the park is managed jointly by Aboriginal and Country employees. We warmly recommend a Yellow Water cruise through the waters of the Yellow Water Billabong in Cooinda - certainly one of the must-sees in the park. Here you will learn everything worth knowing about the animals, nature and especially the meaning of the wetland for the locals. In addition to crocodiles, you will see numerous species of birds.

Day 21: Litchfield National Park - Kakadu National Park's "little brother"

Today, drive from Kakadu Park to the nearest attraction in Western Australia Litchfield National Park, also referred to as the "little brother" of the Kakadu NP. The landscape of the park is dominated by its waterfalls, refreshing freshwater pools, sandstone plateaus and eucalyptus forests**. Unlike other parks in Western Australia, the crocodile population is rather low, so you can bathe as relaxed as possible. Numerous acacias, orchids and lilies adorn the bank banks here. Characteristic of the fauna are dingoes, various species of birds, wallabies, antelope kangaroos or even opossums, which can be observed here very well. A sight here in the park are the termite mounds "Magnetic Termite Mounds". Along an idyllic footpath past the Florence Creek, you will come to the beautiful Florence Falls, an oasis-like pool. 1 night stay at Lake Bennett Resort * * * + with breakfast at Lakeview Suites King Bed, Winnellie, Lake Bennett, Australia

Day 22: Darwin - The "Top End"

Today you can again explore Litchfield Park extensively, as the upcoming trip to Darwin takes only about an hour. Darwin, also called "Top End", is an exciting city and at the same time the gateway to Asia. The city is multicultural, a popular meeting place for backpackers from all over the world and especially rich in Aboriginal culture. Although their location may be remote, this is exactly what makes the city extraordinary. The harbor on the Timor Sea attracts numerous restaurants and bars. Here you can try fresh fish, swim in the lagoon or stroll among the beautiful waterfront villas. Darwin is also a high center for the art of the Aborigines. It is present everywhere, in numerous galleries. At the Mindl Beach Sunset Market, you can taste Asian specialties and craftsmanship from May to October (opening hours: from April to October every Thursday from 17-22 o'clock and Sunday from 16-22 o'clock In the evenings, take a tour of the trendy cafes, pubs and clubs on Mitchell Street and dine under the stars on the waterfront. Travel time: 97 km / 1 hour 2 nights at the Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront * * * * with breakfast in the Deluxe View Room, Darwin, Australia

Day 23: Darwin - complete relaxation

Today is the penultimate day of your wonderful trip to Australia and you can spend it at Darwin. At the Darwin Aquarium, you can admire the underwater world or just relax in a café and watch the hustle and bustle of the city. Shopping to your heart's content at the Smith Street Mall.

Day 24: Departure - See ya!

If your flight times permit, you can relax at Darwin today before flying. We hope you had an unforgettable trip with us. Good flight and see you soon. Do not forget that you can also book any extensions with us. itravel - for that moment.

Your accommodations

2 Nights at Premier Terrace Hotel * * * * +, Perth, Australia The hotel is located directly in the central CBD (Central Business District) of Perth, only a few steps from all attractions. Guests can relax in the sun terrace. The spacious rooms have a bathroom with a shower, hairdryer, TV, free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee making facilities, just to name a few.

2 Nights at the Pinnacles Edge Resort * * * +, Cervantes, Australia From the hotel you can take wonderful walks in the area. The air-conditioned rooms feature a fully equipped kitchen, TV and DVD player. The on-site fitness center offers small training sessions. Enjoy fresh Mediterranean dishes in the restaurant.

1 night stay at Kalbarri Edge Resort * * * * +, Kalbarri, Australia At the 4 * Hotel you can relax on the sun terrace, in the tropical garden or by the pool. The Edge Restaurant offers a wide selection of Australian dishes and the bar features fine beers and wines.

1 night stay Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort * * * +, Monkey Mia, Australia Monkey Mia Resort is the only one Hotel in Monkey Mia and located just steps from the sea. The hotel has a swimming pool, whirlpool, bar and some restaurants where you can dine excellently. 2 nights Ningaloo Reef Resort * * * +, Coral Bay, Australia In the midst of beautiful scenery lies the 3,5 * house. It is just 100 meters from the beach. Relax in the garden or cool off in the pool. The rooms have a private bathroom, TV and DVD player.

2 nights at the Karijini Eco Resort * * *, Karinjini National Park, Australia The complex consists of 40 luxury tents housed in a campsite Reception, kiosk, restaurant and bar. There is also a small barbecue area on the premises. The restaurant serves traditional Australian cuisine using seasonal ingredients. The tents are equipped with mattresses and bed linen, bath and toilet and two terraces.

2 nights at Ibis Styles Hotel Port Hedland * * *, Port Hedland, Australia The hotel is located 2 km from the city center Near the port of Pilabara. An outdoor swimming pool and a terrace with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean will make your stay unforgettable. Two bars and an outdoor dining area provide a relaxed atmosphere. The rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with all comforts.

1 night stay Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa * * * * +, Broome, Australia Designed with attention to detail, this home offers stunning views the powder-fine sand beach Cable Beach. The colonial and Asian style rooms are located in the tropical garden

Services and Infos

Travel duration: 24 Tage / 23 Nächte


  • Private airport transfer in Perth
  • 23 nights including breakfast at the named hotels
  • 22 days rental car (Hertz Australia - Toyota Prado or similar, including: unlimited mileage, Third Party Cover, Damage Cover (DC), Vehicle Registration Recovery (VRR ), Administration Recovery, GST, Location Fee, Max Cover & GPS


  • International / National Flights
  • Car Hire: Gasoline, Driver Charge, One Way Charges (Approx 1100 AUD per Car), Over Charges, Deposits, Road Charges, Other Extras (WIFI, Child Seats etc) etc.
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Entry fees to the national parks, attractions etc.
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa

Services & Notes

  • At present, the fee from Perth to Darwin is approximately AUD 1040, - (price may vary at any time, to settle locally at Hertz Australia)
  • Surcharges may apply during certain seasons or events
  • Rental car: The terms and conditions of Hertz Australia apply
  • If you can not locate your driver at the airport on Day 1, please call: Deluxe Chauffeured Cars (+61) 08 6278 4666
  • Sunset to Sunrise rides: Night driving is prohibited in the Northern Territory, Kimberley Region and on Kangaroo Island. This is due to security reasons. Should the renter suffer damage to the vehicle in the period between sunset and sunrise, the insurance company assumes no liability! The vehicle must not be taken to Fraser Island. Also, rides on the beach or in salt water are prohibited.


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