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Yacht cruise

Of "white waves", demons and dragons


Relax on the waves and explore the island world of Indonesia! You will sail through the breathtakingly beautiful world of the Indonesian Archipelago on the Sailing schooner Ombak Putih ("White Wave"). Experience one of the most beautiful parts of the world as the helpful crew reads your every wish.


  • Discover the "dragons" on Komodo
  • Explore the Indonesian island world with comfort
  • Snorkeling on the "Red Beach"
  • Lombok - Bali's little sister
  • Full board and all excursions included


Day 1: Selamat Datang - Welcome aboard

The adventure begins with your arrival at Labuhan Bajo Airport, on Flores Island. Depending on the arrival time, you will have the unique opportunity to experience a performance of a traditional whip dance. You will be taken to the village of Melo, where this spectacle awaits you. Two men face each other protected by a rattan shield and fight in a dance with the long whips. The sound of the weapons is accompanied by an orchestra of traditional local instruments. The goal of courage test is to hit the opponent on their back and, through skillful defense maneuvers and lightning fast movements, the opponents try to avoid that. The winner is celebrated and wins the respect of the community. In the early afternoon, you'll finaly goes aboard the Ombak Putih. For centuries, the Indonesian Pinisi sailors have sailed the waters of Bali, Java, Flores, Komodo and the other enchanting islands. The Ombak Putih, a an old school schooner, brings you closer to the tradition of this culture. Sailings take place predominantly at night, so you have the opportunity during the day to discover the islands. Now it is time to set sail. You will take off and your first destination is the small island of Kelor. There you can swim or snorkel in the crystal clear ocean before visitting a settlement of Bajau. This folk group used to live as full nomads on boats in the expanse of the ocean, but now prefers solid dwellings. Back on board you will enjoy your first simple, yet delicious dinner on the open sea. 6 nights on the Ombak Putih with full board

Day 2: Encounter with the dragons

Smoky kites, powdered white beaches, azure seas and colorful coral reefs: The Komodo National Park is a mandatory stop for any nature lover. There are plenty of hidden gems to be discovered on and under the water surface. Your destination today is the island of Rinca, on whose hilly steppe landscape an encounter with the prehistoric Komodo Waranen is almost guaranteed. In addition, the island offers a diverse wildlife with wild buffaloes, deer, monkeys and wild horses. After a long hike to the highest point of the island, where you have an excellent view over the ocean, you can return to the beach and swim, snorkel to your heart's content or lounge around under the sun.

Day 3: Dragons, again

Today's destination, the island of Komodo, is one of 80 islands and homelands belonging to the national park of the same name as well as namesake of the prehistoric giant lizards. Together with an experienced ranger, you will roam around the National Park in search of creatures that do not seem to belong to our time. Back on board you will sail on to the "Red Beach". Regularly washed ashore particles of a red coral reef off the coast are the reason behind the beach's curious red hue. The Red Beach is also one of the most biodiverse in the archipelago. Here you can snorkel, discover the indescribable biodiversity of the reef.

Day 4: Encounter with sailors

You will have breakfast this morning in front of the island of Gili Banta and afterwards you will have the opportunity to go for a swim. In the morning, you will set off to learn about the Bugis and your shipbuilding skills. You will visit a traditional shipyard, where you will have the opportunity to see the schooners in the different stages of manufacture.

Day 5: Flying dogs and the "year without summer"

Today you will land on Satonda - home of the impressive crater of Mount Tambora. Satonda (or what's left of it) is the remnant of a huge volcanic eruption in 1815. The Tambora eruption went down in history as the greatest of all times. Its eruption was larger than that of Krakatoa in Hawaii. The volcano spit out glowing lava and house-sized rocks, sending up a cloud of ash that reached the stratosphere. The ashes darkened the sun, even affecting the weather in North America and Europe, and the subsequent period went down in Indonesia's history as a "year without sun." In the evening, you can observe a colony of thousands of fruit bats fly out in search of food.

Day 6: Lombok - Bali's little sister

Only separated by a strait from Bali and yet a world of its own, Lombok enchants with beautiful beaches, volcanic panoramas and a slightly quieter atmosphere than its sister, Bali. Inland, you can get to know the culture of the Sasak, the indigenous people of Lombok. Here you are invited for a leisurely lunch and you can listen to the interesting and ancient sagas of the Sasak. After leaving the Sasak, you will board your ship and sail onwards to Kondo, a small island off Lombok, where you will be in the colorful reef - perfect for snorkelling.

7th day: See ya!

The last day of your cruise begins. You will have another opportunity to swim in the waters before you say goodbye to the Ombak Putih at noon. After a final lunch in Bali, the island of gods and demons, you will disembark and begin your journey home - or to your next destination.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights


  • All meals during cruise
  • Tea, coffee, drinking water, snacks and soft drinks
  • A selection of local beer and wine during meals
  • Laundry service
  • Use of snorkelling equipment
  • Entrance fees during shore excursions
  • Transfers (except Bali)


  • International flights
  • Transfer to Bali
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Personal expenses, such as gratuities
  • Insurance


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Jeeva Klui Resort

  1. Night in DBL from (price per person) 84 € excl. Flight
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