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Hiking in Pullao's garden


This excursion is the perfect way to get acquainted with the surroundings of the hotel after your arrival. You'll hike in the group through green hills to Pullao, one of Chiloe's 10 marsh areas belonging to the WHSRN (Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network).


  • This experience can only take place in connection with a stay at the  Tierra Chiloé Hotel
  • Discover numerous species of birds via kayak or another vehicle
  • Observe different migratory birds according to the season


What you'll find here

The area of your excursion is known for its bird diversity. Every year between September and March, two scientifically important migratory bird species come here: the Whimbrel and the Curlew. It is believed that 30% of the world's population of these bird species only survives because the birds come to Chiloé during the winter in the northern hemisphere and can feed there. Depending on the season, one can observe various migratory birds of international scientific importance in Pullao, e.g. large curlews, chilean flamingos, cormorants, ducks and seagulls. You will also go to San José beach, where there are various regional farms, such as Salmon or seafood farms. A small side road leads through wide fields later back to your hotel.

  • This excursion can also be made by kayak.
  • Duration: 1.5 h of hiking / 3 km.
  • Level of difficulty: easy.
  • Transport: vehicle or kayak

Services and Infos

Participants: Small group


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