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At the foot of Torres - Full day excursion


One of the most famous walks in the Paine Massif requires strength and endurance, but rewards those who dare it with a breathtaking view of the three granite towers of the massif.


  • This experience can only take place in conjunction with a stay at Tierra Patagonia Hotel
  • Exciting trip for all who enjoy hiking regularly
  • Lunch in fantastic surroundings


What you'll find here

In the first hour, the path climbs sharply on the edge of the Rio Ascensio until you reach the Paso de los Vientos. From there, it will take about 30 minutes to get to the Campamento Chileno, where you can take a little break. The hike will then continue through the forest for 1.5 hours, gaining altitude quickly and then opening a magnificent view of the surrounding geological formation, such as mountain folds, cracks and granite intrusions. The last hour is difficult and the biggest challenge: The path zigzags uphill through an area of ​​moraine or loose rock where you are exposed to unpredictable wind and weather at any time. Upon arrival at the lookout point, you will have the classic view of Torres del Paine before you - also a perfect lunch spot (weather allowing it). You will descend the same way and reach the starting point after about four hours. Good stamina is required in any case.

  • This tour is recommended for anyone who likes to hike regularly.
  • Duration: 7 to 8 hours of hiking (18 km).
  • Level of difficulty: difficult.
  • Transport: on foot.

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Participants: Small group


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