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Rental car round trip - Malaysia

Malaysia Rental Car Round Trip


  • Explore the highlights of Malaysia at your own pace on a car rental round trip

  • Experience the contrasts between the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur and traditional villages

  • Rich blend of culture, nature and friendly people

  • Hiking through the oldest rainforest in the world - Taman Negara

  • Discover the world of tea along the Gunung Brinchang Gardens


Experience Malaysia's highlights in your way with your own rental car. Arrange your days at your own pace and according to your mood. You will discover the highlights of the modern, emerging country.



Kuala Lumpur - Malacca - Taman Negara - Cameron Highlands - Pangkor Laut - Penang

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur - Welcome to Malaysia. Upon your arrival in the multicultural capital of the country, you will be picked up by a tour guide and get transferred to your hotel in Malacca, 150 kilometers away.

On the approximately two-hour drive to the historic city, you will gain your first impressions of the country and the culture that you will be able to experience over the next few days. During the drive, enjoy breathtaking views over palm plantations that line the roadside for several kilometers as well as the contrasts that this country offers. You will go from the world metropolis of Kuala Lumpur to small villages with traditional pile dwellings and then to Malacca, with its long history and cityscape influenced by several European cultures.

Upon arrival in Malacca, you will spend the rest of the day as you wish. We highly recommend the typical night markets, such as the market on Jonker Street, which attracts many tourists because it presents Malaysia´s best side.

Time spent traveling: approx. 2 hours / approx. 150 km

2-night accommodation at Ramadan Plaza Melaka**** (Premier room) or Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residence**** (Deluxe room) with breakfast, Malacca, Malaysia

After breakfast, your car rental company will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby at 10 a.m. to hand over your rental car for the coming days.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to experience Malacca in daylight. The city was occupied by Dutch forces for eight months in 1641 and then passed into Dutch hands for 150 years. As you explore Malacca, you will come across many buildings that hint at its European past and remain very well preserved today. Many political changes defined this period also in Europe. The French occupied the Netherlands in 1795 and the British, as Dutch allies, temporarily took control of the Dutch colonies. This also meant that Malacca was taken over by the British. That history is reflected throughout the cityscape.

Take time to trace the city's past today. Start your exciting walk on St. Paul's Hill, formerly known as Malacca Hill. After the steep climb up the ancient steps along several museums, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Malacca and the coast. St. Paul's Church on the plateau also offers unforgettable impressions. Built by the Portuguese Duarte Coelho in 1521, it was once used as a church. Today, only the ruins of the outer walls remain, but they are as well preserved as some inscriptions on stone tablets of former graves. Also take advantage of this time to visit the white St. Johns Fort, just a few meters away from the ruins, as well as the Porta de Santiago, the remains of a Portuguese fortress.

After the somewhat strenuous ascent and descent of St. Pauls Hill, a relaxing river cruise on the Malacca River now awaits you. This tour takes you along many colorfully painted houses, small alleys with markets, as well as traditional buildings in Asian style. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of local animals, such as monitor lizards, enjoying a cool down near the river.

If you have been to the Jonker Street night market the day before, you can now enjoy it by day. The many small stores offer traditional art, small snacks and many other things that invite you to stroll.

At the end of Jonker Street, the red stone Stadhuys awaits you, clearly reflecting Dutch influences. Large white doors next to open, inviting windows are characteristic of this building.

Not far away is the living Baba Nyonya Museum, which will send you back in time. Within a short time, the gold decorated rooms will bring you closer to the exciting history of the Baba and Nyonya, a Chinese culture that also finds its roots in Malaysia.

To get to know the religion of the Malays better, visit the Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. This temple is the oldest preserved Chinese temple and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As one of the most significant temples in South Asia, it is worth visiting the colorful building that has survived amidst many other cultures. Marvel at the Chinese art that decorates this building and find a place of tranquility.

After the Chinese influences, get to know why Malacca is considered a multicultural city in the Christchurch. The red building stands out a bit from the others, offering a splash of color on Church Street that once again perfectly reflects the European influence. The building, which looks rather small from the outside, surprises with its actual size from the inside and shows what history is in it.

With your rental car you will set off today in the direction of Kuala Lumpur. On the approximately two-hour drive, you can be surprised by many new impressions.

Arriving in the capital, you will now experience why Malaysia is known for its contrasts. Kuala Lumpur is a hotspot and popular destination among tourists and business people. Skyscrapers line up with traditional houses, mosques and churches, of all possible religions. However, the cityscape is also dotted with green oases, with many colorful flowers for relaxation from the big city hustle and bustle.

The Petronas Twin Towers are the landmark of the city. The two twin towers are built of molded steel and glass and represent the Islamic principle of unity, stability and rationality. A trip to the city's business district is well worth it: the never-ending view upwards when you stand directly in front of the building is just as impressive as the view from the bridge that connects the two towers. The elevator takes you up to 170 meters on the 29th floor in just a few minutes, and you can venture across the two-story skybridge, which is the highest in the world. The view from here tells you how big Kuala Lumpur is and what contrasts this city offers. If you can find the courage, you can venture even higher. At 360 meters, on the 86th floor of a total of 88, there is an observation deck with lots of information about the building and its construction. From here, you can also discover other destinations, such as the Batu Caves, which could be another destination for your exploring during the day.

Time spent traveling : approx. 150 km / approx. 2 hours

2 -night accommodation at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur**** (studio room) or Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur**** (deluxe room) with breakfast, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today, another exciting day in Kuala Lumpur awaits you after breakfast.

For those interested in shopping, Kuala Lumpur is a great destination. In air-conditioned shopping centers such as the Pavilion or Suria KLCC, you will find many small country-style stores that offer culinary delights, as well as many large international stores that invite you to browse and stroll.

The Batu Caves, located just outside, are also worth a visit. The caves are among the Hindu temples, also for visitors from India and represent a very popular destination. Your first impression will be of the mighty golden statue of God, which at 42 meters is the largest in the world. Here is also the entrance to the actual temple in the three caves, which can only be reached via a 272 step staircase. A special highlight of this sight are certainly the numerous monkeys, which have lost their shyness before humans and line the picture of the stairs. Be careful with your personal belongings as they can be very appealing for the monkeys and avoid touching the animals. Once at the top, silence awaits you. The numerous shrines and the many small caves are impressive.

After breakfast, you will set off in your car for about 4-5 hours towards Kuala Tahan. Once there, you will park your car and take the traditional wooden ferry across the shallow flowing river to get to your next accommodation, THE Mutaira Taman Negara Resort. At the Department of Wildlife, register for admission and to get a photography permit.

At 3 p.m., you can check in at the resort and take your time before getting your first impressions of the Taman Negara National Parks through a video presentation at 5 p.m. Here you will be captivated by the unique, untouched nature that this country offers.

In terms of refreshments, you will be served a traditional buffet again, with a wide selection of dishes, behind breathtaking scenery, before an introduction in the lobby of the resort shortly afterwards.

Today’s highlight will be the night hike in the jungle with an experienced guide. Discover the side of the jungle that only exists at night. Learn about nocturnal plants and insects, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the animals up close.

Time spent traveling: approx. 250 km / approx. 4 hours

2-night accommodation at Hotel Mutiara Taman Negara Resort**** (chalet) with breakfast & dinner, Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

After breakfast, you will set off for the Canopy Walkway, the highest suspension bridge in the world, which leads through the jungle of Malaysia. 40 meters above the ground, you will experience what it means to be in a rainforest, with meter-high trees that are centuries old and many new sounds from the animals that live here. The 530 meter long path through the jungle offers you unforgettable views at several points and lets you experience the true size of the green patch.

At noon, you will get refreshments at the Mutiara Restaurant and then you will set off for another nature highlight. You will take a boat again along the river in the direction of Lata Berkoh waterfalls. Use this stop to take a refreshing bath in the clear water of the falling water and relax in the midst of the unique nature and enjoy with all your senses. Return by boat to the restaurant where a buffet dinner awaits you.

After breakfast and check-out, return to your car to continue your journey. Your next destination is the Hill Resort of the Cameron Highlands. Discovered by William Cameron, the plateau was first geographically recognized in 1885 and is now a popular tourist destination.

A few years later, George Maxwell developed this hidden treasure into a hill station, which also led to the construction of a winding road that now leads up the mountain.

You will arrive in Ringlet for coffee and cake at the Lakehouse, where you will also check in. Spend the day as you wish. We recommend making the most of this time to enjoy the colder climate, with the pleasantly cool air and atmosphere.

Time spent traveling: approx. 275 km / approx. 4.5 hours

2-night accommodation at Hotel The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Resort**** (deluxe room) with breakfast & dinner, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Today is all about tea. After breakfast, drive your car along the scenic backdrop of the Gunung Brinchang Tea Gardens at an altitude of around 2000 meters. Listen to what the tour guides tell you about the different teas and their history while enjoying the breathtaking view over the tea gardens. On cloudless days, you will be blessed with stunning views of the surrounding areas. An exploratory walk with tour guides into the Mossy forest will show you the most exotic plants, such as orchids, spice plants or the pitcher plant, which makes this land so unique.

A short drive down the plateau will bring you to the Sungei Palas BOH tea factory, which will give you an insight into the production and show you how elaborate the making of the tea is, from harvesting in the fields to touring the manufacturing process. In the adjacent tea store, you can then buy your very own souvenir directly from the plantation.

After a lunch tea, your driver will take you back to the Cameron Highlands, where you will see the rose gardens and vegetable farms.

After check-out, drive back along the winding roads through the picturesque scenery via Simpang Pulai to the beach of Pangkor Laut. After the 3-4 hour drive, the unique Marina Island Jetty and a boat transfer to Pangkor Laut, where you will spend your night, await.

Time spent traveling: approx. 200 km / approx. 4 hours

2-night accommodation at Hotel Pangkor Laut Resort***** (Garden Villa) with breakfast, Pangkor Laut Island, Malaysia

After breakfast at the hotel, spend the day as you wish. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the beach and relax from the past few days.

After breakfast, you will reach the Marina Islands by boat. Today’s destination is Penang Island. On your way there, you will cross the 13.5 kilometer long bridge over the sea, which will give you an unforgettable view over the vastness.

Time spent traveling: about 250 km / about 4.5 hours

2 night accommodation at Hotel Lone Pine Hotel**** (Deluxe room) or Golden Sands Resort**** (Superior Hillview room) with breakfast, Penang, Malaysia

A light breakfast ushers in a new day full of new exciting destinations. At eight o'clock, set out again to visit Penang's oldest wet market in Georgetown. Stroll along the aisles of the indoor market and sample a culinary specialty or two from the many fruit and vegetable stalls and haggle with the vendors. Enjoy your typical second breakfast fresh from the market. In addition to food, you will also find colorful traditional clothing and small souvenirs. This market has its very own atmosphere, due to the market-typical noise and hustle and bustle and the equally present cheerfulness of the people. Our tip: Roti Bakar and Kopi O.

When you leave the market, you can spend a relaxing afternoon on the streets of Georgetown. Starting at George's Church, the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia, you will come to the Goddess of Mercy Temple. This temple is decorated with many colorful flowers, and radiates its own flair as you walk through the corridors. On King Street, the guides will explain the many temples as you have already seen them in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, each one distinctive. Market Street is lined with small stores, most of which sell spices. Let us explain to you on this occasion, to which dish, the many spices are best suited. Walk along the stores selling sarees, accessories, incense sticks and many other foods, and their owners will be happy to explain to you how best to use their products.

Turning now onto Queen Street, you will see the Sri Mariamman Temple, a Hindu temple decorated on the outside with the many deities and painted in multiple colors. Your last stop here is the Khoo Kongsi, a site of Chinese culture.

This is your last day to do as you wish during your Malaysia stay. Make the most of today by exploring and experiencing Penang on your own. Explore the streets of Georgetown and find your personal favorite place in the city or visit more temples open to everyone.

For example, why not visit the Buddhist Kek Lok Si Temple built in 1891, which is especially highlighted at night by its unique lighting? This temple is the largest and most complex temple in Southeast Asia.

The Tropical Spice Garden is also worth a visit. If you couldn't get enough at the markets, this is the place for you. Over 500 different plants are at home in the award-winning garden and invite you to take relaxing walks away from the city noise to find peace.

If you want to get a little more cultural, don't miss the Buddah statue. The elaborately decorated Chinese temple impresses with its detailed decoration.

Today it is time to say goodbye to the country that you have come to know and love. Your car will be picked up at the hotel lobby at nine o'clock. You will have some time at your disposal before getting picked up for the airport transfer. Enjoy the last views of this unique country.

Duration of the trip: 14 days / 13 nights

Not included

  • Taxes and fees
  • Accommodation in the previously mentioned hotels or similar
  • Transfers and sightseeing according to the program with an English-speaking tour guide
  • 12 days of a category A rental car (Proton 1.3, automatic, or similar)
  • Daily breakfast, other meals according to the program (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

Rental car

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Theft protection
  • Replacement vehicle within 24 hours in case of accident or technical defects
  • Round the clock assistance
  • Insurance (unlimited liability for damage to life and limb and MYR 3,000,000 liability limit for damage to property)

Not included

  • International as well as domestic flights
  • Fee for additional driver
  • Fuel
  • Spa tax in Penang of currently 3 MYR per room / day (payable locally)
  • Spa tax in Malacca of currently 2 MYR per room / day (to be paid locally)
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the scope of service
  • personal expenses like minibar or tips
  • insurance
  • Tourism tax (depending on hotel category between MYR 20 and MYR 10 per room / night)
  • Visa

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