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Experience - Italy

Alcantara Gorge & Randazzo


  • Hike through the magical Alcantara Gorge

  • Experience an impressive natural spectacle live

  • Including tour guide


The Alcantara Gorge near Taormina was formed thousands of years ago after an eruption of Mount Etna. A water stream following the lava flow has been eating into the rock ever since, causing the black basalt walls to take on wonderful shapes. Walk through the gorge and discover this impressive natural spectacle.



  1. Italy
  2. Sicily

The Gole dell'Alcantara, better known as the Alcantara Gorge, is a unique landscape with gorges up to twenty meters deep and about five meters wide. On this full-day excursion, discover the barren rocks that were formed after the volcanic eruption of Mount Etna in 2,4000 BC, when hot lava made its way to the sea over a number of years.

Descend into the gorge with your tour guide and marvel at the numerous pentagonal and hexagonal columns formed by the slowly cooling lava flow. If you look a little closer, you will see that the stone is smooth and polished in some places and rough and angular in others due to the movement of the flows. Like organ pipes, the basalt columns stand against the walls of the canyon - a treat for photography enthusiasts.

The contrast between the clear water and the black basalt walls makes for a rare sight - take in this unique landscape as you wade a bit through the icy cold water.

Following the hike, make a stop in the mountain town of Randazzo. Several centuries ago, being the center of the three large provinces of Catania, Messina, and Enna, it was an important town. To this day, there are relics of the past that you can visit, such as the four preserved city gates: Porta Aragonese, Porta di S. Marino, Porta di S. Giuseppe, and the Porta Pugliese. Immerse yourself in a time long gone before returning to your hotel.

Duration of the trip: All day


  • Reserved car or minivan with driver
  • Tour guide
  • The starting price is valid in the travel period 01.01.21 - 31.12.21


  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Personal expenses, such as minibar and tips
  • Travel protection

Services & Notes

  • Duration: about 8 hours
  • Pick up at the hotel

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