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Experience - Oman

Wild Wadi Tour



Come with us to the Sharqiyah region and unveil its hidden treasures. Get to know a traditional village with a market by women for women, the so-called women's souk, and learn more about their daily life while having tea with a Bedouin family. The fun and adrenaline factor is not neglected here either. Look forward to an exciting dune ride and relax in the oasis paradise of Wadi Bani Khalid in the middle of the lonely Wahiba Desert.



  1. Oman

Your tour of the dune landscape of the Sharqiyah region begins early in the morning. On the way, stop in the quaint town of Ibra and experience a traditional ceremony: every Wednesday morning, the women’s souk takes place. It is a market made by women for women.

In the meantime, the men can drink a kahwa (a traditional green tea) in a nearby coffee shop while the women stroll amongst the colorful stalls and look at the handmade handicrafts such as bright ribbons and fabrics. Everything is colorful here, unlike the black abayas that Ottoman women usually wear. Over the years, men have been interested in the stalls; thus, many more men’s stalls are now on the main street. But don’t worry, the covered area is still reserved for women only — a true sign of the country’s appreciation for its women.

Afterward, continue to Al Minzafah, one of the Sultan’s favorite villages — it’s known for its partly ruined fortresses, towers, and historical buildings. The ancient village exudes a lively atmosphere of a glorious past. Stroll by the country’s oldest houses and discover buildings up to 300 years old.

Then, continue your journey to the Wahiba Desert, where you’ll visit a Bedouin family and enjoy some tea and dates with them. Get to know everyday life in the middle of the desert and try riding a camel (optional). Use this opportunity to soak in the vast landscapes while the unforgettable experience of camel riding enchants you.

After a bit of refreshment, an exciting dune drive through the color-changing mountains of sand awaits you. Buckle up because things might be turbulent here!

Your final stop on your tour is the evergreen Wadi Bani Khalid, a turquoise-colored basin that is two meters deep! Unwind and take a dip in the warm, natural pool. Another insider tip: go on a short walk around the basin for unforgettable photos.

Duration of the trip: All day

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