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Walk with lions


Challenge yourself and walk with lions? We offer you the extraordinary encounter with the King of the Jungle in the Casela Nature & Leisure Park - a unique experience with a real adrenaline kick!


  • Unique adrenaline kick at Casela Nature & Leisure Park
  • Walk with lions and get to know the fascinating animals up close
  • Stroll with the animals along the Rempart River


What you'll find here

With a seasoned expert, get close to the King of the Jungle! Before you can see the behavior of the lions up close you will receive detailed safety instructions from your expert guide. Then it's time to meet the lions and walk along the Rempart River in the Casaela Nature & Leisure Park.

  • Every day except Sundays
  • Time: 09:00, 10:30, 14:00 and 15:30
  • Duration: 45 minutes to one hour
  • Safety Regulations: Please note that the safety of our customers is a top priority. Therefore, for this experience, there is a fixed minimum height of 1.50 meters and a minimum age of 15 years. People with disabilities are not admitted to this excursion. Participants must also speak English or French. On the other hand, you must be accompanied by someone who translates the instructions in your language.
  • In case of delay, walking with the lions will not be refunded. Instead, an interaction takes place.


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