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Private guided round trip - Myanmar

The highlights of Myanmar


  • Explore the golden land in 14 days

  • Discover the landscape from the air, water and land - by plane, boat, car and carriages

  • Relaxing horse-drawn carriage rides in Bagan and Ava

  • Visit numerous impressive pagodas

  • Find the right souvenir at the morning markets


Myanmar: the land of pagodas, Buddha statues and striking landscapes. Explore a number of fascinating temples with us - they may look similar but are actually quite different. Shimmering Inle Lake, the view from the mountains and incomparable sunrises are just some of the reasons why you should visit Myanmar.



Yangon - Kyaikhtiyo - Inle Lake - Mandalay - Monywa - Bagan - Yangon

Yangon, formerly called Rangoon, is a peaceful place. However, due to the mix of beautiful colonial architecture and contemporary Burmese everyday life, it is now one of the most interesting and authentic capitals in Southeast Asia. After getting your first glimpses of the city from the plane, you will meet with and receive a warm welcome from your tour guide at the international airport. On the way to the hotel, you will see more of the city that you will get to know in more detail later today.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you can spend the first few hours as you wish until your first tour begins in the afternoon.

The first stop of your tour is the Shwedagon Pagoda, where you will find a 70-meter tall reclining Buddha statue. Traditional symbols are immortalized in the soles of the statue’s feet. Learn more about Buddhism while touring this pagoda - with a little luck, you will be able to watch up close when locals pay homage to Buddha and pray.

Afterwards, a first culinary tasting awaits you as you visit a local tea store. You will stop here to sample delicious, sophisticated tea and coffee as well as witness an important ritual in Burmese everyday life: Families, friends and business people gather here for a few minutes to escape the daily grind.

A leisurely stroll will take you to Kandawgyi Park, one of the most popular green spaces in downtown Yangon. It can get a bit crowded, especially on weekends, as many locals flock here to enjoy the fresh air. From here you have a beautiful view of the glistening Karaweik Barge, a replica of the royal barge. Take advantage of this short stop to gaze across the lake to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

If you found the view of the Shwedagon Pagoda impressive? Then keep this destination in mind as you visit this magnificent monument afterwards. The country's holiest sacred building stands out especially for its octagonal main stupa, 90 meters high and covered with gold leaves. You will also be amazed by the 64 other smaller gold stupas that surround the impressive complex. This uniquely beautiful setting is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset on your first day in Myanmar.

Time spent traveling from the airport to the hotel in Yangon: about 30-60 minutes / about 20 km.

1 night with breakfast in Yangon, Myanmar

After a fortifying breakfast, our itinerary will take you east in order to drive to Kyaikhtiyo, where your first adventure awaits you. An approximately five-hour-long drive with unique views of the countryside and places will get you to Kinpun. Once there, you will transfer to a local means of transportation (the back of a truck) and ride the bumpy road to the midway station. You will arrive after approx. 45 minutes and walk up to the Golden Rock.

You will arrive at the top after a hike of approx. 1 hour. Your reward will be the indescribable views of the surrounding landscape, including the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Alternatively, sedan chairs can also be hired for the approx. one-hour hike, payment directly on site).

The golden pagoda stands on a boulder covered with gold leaves, the visual effect gives the impression that it could fall into the depths at any moment. This unusual position of the "small structure" amazes photography enthusiasts. According to legend, a hair of Buddha in the granite finstone keeps the pagoda in balance for eternity. This granite is a popular place for pilgrims, who plaster a small gold leaf onto the rock, contributing to its unforgettable appearance.

Time spent traveling from Yangon to Kyaiktiyo: about 4 hours / about 170 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar

If you manage to get up early this morning, a beautiful sunrise and the sacred atmosphere at the country's most important pilgrimage site await you. Enjoy the silence and watch as the city slowly wakes up and the daily hustle and bustle takes its course. After breakfast, head back downhill to the base camp. Climb into the bed of the truck one last time before transferring to a more comfortable vehicle that will take you back to Yangon.

On the way there, it's worth stopping at Bago, the 6th century capital of the Mon Kingdom. Since you will be on the road early, you can stroll through the morning market and visit the Shwethalyaung Temple. This temple has a 55-meter long reclining Buddha statue, considered the most beautiful in the country. Another Mon style structure worth seeing is the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, one of the most revered places in Myanmar and even larger than the Shwedagon Pagoda with a 114-meter-high peak.

Before leaving Bago again, you will visit a Mon village, where you will learn about the weaving processes used to make traditional garments called longyis.

Another interesting stop before heading back to Yangon is the Allied Cemetery, near Htaukkyan. This peaceful place pays homage to the fallen soldiers of the British Commonwealth in WW2. Next to the graves, the names of the 27,000 soldiers are immortalized on large memorial plaques.

You will reach Yangon in the afternoon. Spend the rest of the day as you wish.

Time spent traveling from Bago to Yangon: approx. 4 hours / approx. 170 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Yangon, Myanmar

This morning you will be picked up at the hotel and transferred to the airport, where you will board the plane to Heho. Enjoy seeing the country from different angles.

Once in Heho, a pleasant one-hour-long drive will take you through the Shan Plateau to Nyaung Shwe. On the way, you will stop at the Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery, which boasts beautiful carvings and Buddha statues. The rest of the drive will take you to your actual destination, Inle Lake. Once you get there, you will transfer to boats with outboard motors (4 people per boat) and cruise across the freshwater lake located 900 meters above sea level.

The trip itself is an unforgettable experience, as you will meet locals who are members of the Intha people, also known as "the people of the lake". They have inhabited this region for centuries and their lives revolve around the lake. Today, around 70,000 Intha people live on stilt houses and plant floating beds that can be moved and transported at will. Another striking sight consists of the unique fishing nets and the Intha’s special way of rowing (the single-leg rowing technique).

In the afternoon, you will drive to the most important site of the lake, the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, where there are five sacred Buddha status adorned with gold leaves - an experience you can’t miss.

If you want to learn more about the handicraft of the locals, come with us to the Longyi hand weaving mill in Inpawkhone and to the Cheroot factory, where the typical handmade cigars are made. Depending on the time, you can go on a short walk by the lake in the evening and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Time spent traveling from the airport in Heho to the Nyaung Shwe: about 45 minutes / about 30 km

Time spent traveling from the Nyaung Shwe Yetty to the hotel at the Inle Lake: about 45 minutes / about 15 km

Overnight stay with breakfast included at Lake Inle, Myanmar

We hope you are well rested to visit the morning market, a unique, can’t-miss opportunity to immerse yourself into the trading of the locals and the visitors of the surrounding mountain tribes. The special thing about this market is that its location changes according to the five-day rhythm of the lunar calendar. This means that you can shop in a different village nearly every day (the market does not take place on full moon days nor on the day of a solar eclipse).

Afterwards, a quiet ride on the waterway along a canal will take you to In Dein. Walk through the beautiful mystical area of Alaung Sitthou and explore the small village on foot. Particularly worth seeing are the numerous small pagodas that have been enveloped by the vegetation over the years and are located along the path up to the top of the mountain. The journey uphill is worth it for the views of Inle Lake and the picturesque surroundings.

When you return, the boat will be waiting to take you back to your hotel, where you can relax and look out over the hustle and bustle of the lake shore.

Overnight stay with breakfast included at Inle Lake, Myanmar

Spend the morning as you wish: Sleep in or walk around the lake to enjoy the view one last time.

Around noon, you will be picked up from the hotel and transferred to the airport in Heho. About 90 minutes later, you will reach Mandalay. The largest city in Myanmar was once the last capital of the country before the British finally took over the region. As a result, the city still holds great cultural and historical significance to this day. Many Buddhist monasteries in and around Mandalay are among the most important in the country. More than half of all monks live in the area of this city.

Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel. Make the most of the rest of the day to explore the immediate surroundings of the hotel.

Time spent traveling from Mandalay Airport to Mandalay City: approx. 1 hour / 40 km

Overnight stay with breakfast included in Mandalay, Myanmar

Today you are going on an excursion to the south of the city. More precisely, you will visit the former capitals of Myanmar from the 14th to the 18th century - an interesting stopover not only for history buffs.

In the morning, you will cross the Ayeyarwady over a bridge path to reach Sagaing. This city is known precisely for its unique ensemble of beautiful scenery and an impressive number of white temples and monasteries.

As the religious and spiritual center of Myanmar, the city is now home to more than 3,000 monks. Visit the Swan Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda as well as the U Min Thone Sae Pagoda. If you want to immerse yourself even more in local life, stroll through Sagaign Market, where you can once again trade to your heart's content and marvel at a selection of pottery and silverware. If this visit rendered you curious about local pottery, let's make a short stop at the pottery village where you can learn how different water vases, typical of Myanmar, are made.

Afterwards, the journey continues with a ferry trip to Ava. Instead of on foor, you will explore this city and the visit the Bagaya Monastery and the ruins of the royal palace from a horse-drawn carriage. Sitting in a carriage for two, you can enjoy the view of the small villages that are located among the ruins of Ava.

After the relaxed carriage ride and numerous new impressions, the tour continues in a drive to Amarapura. With a name that means "city of imperishability", this ancient capital exudes its very own flair. There you will stop at a small store that produces silk goods and will teach you about this filigree work.

Finally, you will visit a monastery complex and explore its grounds before walking across a 200-year-old and two-kilometer-long U-leg bridge made of teak.

In the afternoon, you will be back at the hotel and can use your free time to explore Mandalay again on foot.

Overnight with breakfast in Mandalay, Myanmar

If you can't get enough of Myanmar, let’s get going. Today’s itinerary first takes you to a one-hour-long boat trip on the Ayeyarwady. You will travel upstream to Mingun, where numerous sights will pique your interest. The famous Mingun Pahtodawqyi is a large brick building that was never completed because an astrologer predicted that the king would die as soon as this temple was finished, for example. A must-see in this city is the beautiful white Hsinbyume Pagoda, which bears resemblance to the mystical Mount Meru, the "seat of the gods." The largest intact bell in the world, cast in 1970 by order of King Bodwapaya, is also part of the program. The bell founder of this 90-ton heavyweight was killed after completion, so that he was no longer able to ever again create such a masterpiece and this specimen remained unique.

Returning to Mandalay, you will again travel by boat, where you will have lunch as you sail back to the city.

In the afternoon, you will reach the city again and visit the famous Mahamuni Pagoda, where you will find a Buddha statue that is almost four meters high and revered by the locals. Over the years, so many gold leaves have been pasted on the Buddha here that his robe almost looks like a fluffy coat. Not far from here is the city's craft district, where the numerous gold leaf makers, as well as bronze casters and stonemasons, live and work.

Stroll through the handicraft district along the small stores and workshops and get a glimpse of the artistry of the Burmese in Mandalay. The making of gold leaf is particularly fascinating, as the technique used has remained unchanged for centuries. In addition to the Buddha statues, all the works of art in the royal court are embellished with gold leaves.

If you are already in Mandalay, then you should not miss the Kuthodaw Pagoda. What is special about this pagoda? Here are the 729 marble tablets in which the teachings of Buddha are chiseled - which are also called the largest book in the world.

The last stop on this day tour is at the Shewnandaw Monastery, the only building of the former royal palace from the 19th century. It escaped a major fire in 1945 because it was built outside the palace walls in 1880. For this reason, the precious teak wood carvings are still very well preserved today.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Mandalay, Myanmar

This morning it is time to pack your bags and have breakfast, because the next city is already waiting for you. Monywa is a typical Burmese town on the banks of the Chindwin River. After about three hours of driving, during which you will make some photo stops and take breaks to stretch your legs, you will reach this city. Freshen up first upon arrival and head out for your sightseeing tour in the afternoon.

Can't get enough of pagodas and their diversity? Thanboddhay Pagoda is a very large Buddhist temple, which is decorated all around with numerous small towers and stupas, as well as with more than 500,000 Buddha statues.

Not far away, Botataung Pagoda is a temple of superlatives. Here you will find the largest, reclining Buddha statue in the country. A height of 27 meters makes it a breathtaking photo motif. Right next door is the largest standing Buddha Laykyun Setkyar with its considerable height of 116 meters.

For romantic moments in the evening, enjoy the beautiful sunset on the banks of the Chindwin River before being transferred back to your hotel.

Time spent traveling from Mandalay to Monywa: 3 hours / approx. 100 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Monywa, Myanmar

After breakfast, drive about an hour to Po Win Taung, where an extraordinary complex of 947 sandstone caves awaits you. Go on a discovery tour and marvel at numerous Buddha statues and beautiful wall paintings. It's worth taking a closer look here, as this collection is said to be the richest set in all of Southeast Asia.

A few hundred meters further is the Shwe Ba Taung pagoda, which differs from the ones you visited before in that here several small temples and monasteries were carved into the mountain wall. Here you also have time to look at this impressive building.

To get to know the local culture a bit better, you will drive on a less frequented road past traditional villages, where,with a bit of luck, you can observe the farmers as they climb the high palm trees and harvest the fruits from which the famous palm sugar is produced. You will make a short stop at the Kyet Su Kin village. Take this opportunity to learn more about the way of life and culture of this rural population.

Around noon, you will reach Pakokku, a small town where you will find many traditional handicrafts. Stroll through the town and see the numerous stores where colorful woven blankets, cardboard marché toys and typical Burmese sandals are handmade.

You will now change from the car into a private boat, which will take you relaxed downstream to Bagan in two hours.

After being transferred to the hotel, you can spend the evening according to your preferences.

Time spent traveling from Monywa to Pho Win Taung: approx. 45 minutes / approx. 24 km

Time spent traveling from Monywa to Pakokku: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes / approx. 115 km

Boat transfer from Pakokku to Bagan: about 2 hours / about 42 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Bagan, Myanmar

If you want to get to know much more of Bagan, come with us today on a relaxed tour of this city and learn much more about it.

From the 11th to the 13th century, Bagan was the capital of Myanmar. At that time, thousands of beautiful stupas and small temples were built by the rulers of the country and can still be experienced in their full splendor today. The city combines history, culture and lifestyle - cornerstones of your sightseeing tour.

The first stop is an elevated temple from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the temple world on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This area is popular among visitors and will captivate you as well. The hilltop may already give you a view of the next stop on your tour. The Ananda Temple is one of the most beautiful temples and an architectural masterpiece, which you can still visit quietly in the morning.

One temple follows another… You will visit the village of Myinkaba, where you will visit the Gubyaukgyi Temple. It is known for its murals inside and the beautiful decor outside. The Manuha Temple and Nan Paya Temple are nearby and feature beautiful Buddha statues and stone carvings.

To change things up, the next stop isn’t a temple: You will attend a handicraft class, where you can get to know the culture of the locals a little better and learn new skills. Learn how the famous lacquer and wood goods are made and look over the shoulder of an expert who still uses the traditional technique of previous generations.

For relaxation, return to the hotel in the afternoon and escape the hot midday sun.

In the late afternoon, you will be picked up for a leisurely carriage ride. Explore new corners of Bangan as you are pulled by the two horsepower through the streets and alleys of the city. You will pass numerous monuments, houses and fields and stop at another elevated temple. As the day gradually draws to a close, this is the perfect place to watch the sun slowly sink in the horizon and paint the surrounding landscape golden.

Afterwards, you will drive back to the hotel to enjoy your evening without a program.

Overnight stay with breakfast included in Bagan, Myanmar

Before your stay in Myanmar comes to an end, you can spend your last day in this city just the way you like it. We have three exciting options for you to choose from:

In the footsteps of King Anawratha: This tour is all about the historical footsteps of legendary King Anawrahta and his special white elephant. By boat, car and jeep, you will reach the various historical sites where you can get up close and personal with the legend. An indirect bonus of this tour is that you will get incomparable views of the natural beauty around you.

Trip to Mount Popa and Salay: If you want to get to know the nature and landscapes of this country as well as Buddhism even more, take an excursion to Mount Popa and Salay. You will start by driving to Chauk to visit a morning market here and to immerse yourself in the lively trading atmosphere. You will then continue to Salay, one of the most important Buddhist centers and site of one of the most famous wooden monasteries with elaborate decor. Heading east, your next destination is already waiting, Mount Popa. This mountain is an extinct volcano, which according to local belief is the seat of the "Nats", ancient Burmese animistic spirits. Climb to the top of Popa and enjoy the view of the vast, peaceful countryside (Note: The Salay Monastery Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and on public holidays!)

Bicycle tour in the rural surroundings: If you want to get to know Bagan actively, grab one of the bicycles and experience the rural surroundings of the city as the Burmese live and work here. The route takes you along small temple ruins and through various village communities where you can make multiple stops. Stop to have a cup of tea with locals and see what everyday life looks like for them. After a fortifying curry dish at a small local restaurant, watch artisans go about their daily work and learn how the paste powder is made from peas or plum jam.

Overnight stay with breakfast included in Bagan, Myanmar.

This morning you will once again pack your bags and head to the airport. Today you will fly back to Yangon, where after the transfer and a short break you will visit the city center. Yangon offers an interesting mix of different architectural styles and impressive sights. Start at the historic post office and walk to Sule Pay in the center of the city. You will pass the luxurious The Strand hotel, the Mahabandoola Garden and the Independence Monument on the way.

A short trip to another country? You will certainly feel like that’s what you have done when you walk with the tour guide through the districts of Little India and Chinatown. Here you will find a variety of colorful restaurants, small temples and market stalls that give the city a very special charm.

The tour ends at the Bogyoke Market, formerly known as Scott's Market. Browse through the large selection of typical Burmese artifacts and maybe you will find a nice travel souvenir (Note: Bogyoke Market is closed on Mondays and all holidays).

Spend your last evening and free time exploring the city on your own.

Overnight stay with breakfast included in Yangon, Myanmar

Depending on when your return flight or your onward journey is scheduled, you have the opportunity to get to know the city further. Book one of our experiences for today or spend the day as you like.

We hope you had an exciting and enriching trip through Myanmar.

Chatrium Hotel****, Yangon, Myanmar

At the Chatrium Hotel, you will be staying in one of the city's most popular hotels. The luxurious accommodation with an outdoor pool offers a quiet but central location amidst a green area on Kandawgyi Lake. Restaurants and stores are in the immediate vicinity. The zoological gardens and Shwedagon Pagoda are about a 20-minute-long walk away. Rooms are classically elegant and furnished with solid wood furniture.

Mountain Top Hotel***, Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar

Thanks to its convenient location, the Mountain Top Hotel offers panoramic views over mountain ranges, behind which beautiful sunrises and sunsets take place, displaying a unique play of colors. Mountain Top Hotel is the perfect place to rest after busy days. The rooms are modernly furnished and face east, so you can watch the sunrise every day right from your bed. Equipped with a bathroom, teak furniture, comfortable beds, a fan and a satellite TV, you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

View Point Eco Lodge***, Inle Lake, Myanmar

View Point Eco Lodge is about a 15-minute-long boat ride from Inle Lake and about a 40-minute drive from Heho Airport. Relaxation is provided by a massage service and the exceptional pool, which is located in the canal. Both the suites, which have private balconies, and the rooms are equipped with a fan, minibar and safe. Pets are allowed throughout the hotel grounds, and free WiFi is available. You can taste Burmese cuisine at The Shan in-house restaurant, which overlooks the canal, rice fields and mountains. The hotel bar serves wines from France, Italy and Myanmar, as well as cocktails and other drinks.

Hotel Shwe Pyi Thar****, Mandalay, Myanmar.

A 10-minute drive from Mandalay Hill, Shew Pyi Thar welcomes you. The hotel offers an outdoor pool, a spa area and a fitness center. All rooms are air conditioned and feature a flat-screen TV, electric kettle and safe. The private bathroom includes a bathtub, hairdryer and free toiletries. Asian and European dishes are offered at the Royal Gem Restaurant.

Win Unity Resort Hotel***, Monywa, Myanmar.

Win Unity Hotel not only offers the best accommodation in Monywa, but is also a well-known building in the city. The hotel is designed in every detail, combining modernity and tradition. The green garden in such an arid landscape provides an oasis where you can relax. The superior rooms have a private terrace leading to the green meadows. Standard room amenities include a minibar, air conditioning, satellite TV, and a bathroom with shower and hairdryer. In addition, the hotel has a pool with an in-pool bar, a restaurant serving the best of Asian cuisine, and a spa and gym.

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate****, Bagan, Myanmar.

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is located in Bagan's old town, just a 15-minute-long drive away from Nyaung Oo Airport. Featuring wooden floors and furniture, all rooms come with free Wi-Fi, cable/satellite TV, a safe, private bathroom and garden views. An outdoor pool, spa and wellness center provide relaxation during your stay. Tour services, an ATM, and laundry and ironing services at the hotel ensure you want for nothing. American breakfast is served daily and can be enjoyed in the French garden or the semi-open restaurant. In the evening, Burmese, Asian and European cuisine is offered.

Duration of the trip: 14 days / 13 nights


  • 13 night accommodation in the above mentioned accommodations or similar:
    • 3 nights at the Chatrium Hotel**** with breakfast in a deluxe room in Yangon.

    • 1 night at the Mountain Top Hotel*** with breakfast in a deluxe room in Kyaikhtiyo

    • 2 nights at the Pristine Lotus Spa Resort**** with breakfast in a floating duplex at Inle Lake

    • 3 nights at the Mercure Mandalay Hill Resort**** with breakfast in a deluxe bungalow in Mandalay

    • 1 night at the Win Unity Resort Hotel*** with breakfast in a deluxe bungalow in Monywa

    • 3 nights at the Areindmar Hotel*** with breakfast in a deluxe room in Bagan

  • English speaking guide at each stop (1 guide per stop)
  • All transfers and excursions in an air-conditioned vehicle with driver except Kyaikhtiyo (transfers in open, non-air-conditioned vehicles)
  • Horse carriage tour in Ava & Bagan
  • Private local boat tour for Mingun excursion from Pakkoku to Bagan and for Inle Lake excursion
  • Choice of excursions on the 12th day
  • Porter fees at the airport
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Water and towels for refreshment
  • The starting price applies to the following the travel period: 01.05.21 - 30.09.21

Not included

  • International flights
  • National flights
  • Meals not mentioned in the program
  • Excursions not described in the program
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Tips and porters in the hotels
  • Travel protection
  • Visa, entry and/or exit fees


  • Christmas and New Year's Eve surcharges apply

Additional experiences

Ring train ride & Island market

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Bike tour and wine tasting at Inle Lake

  1. Price per person from 26 € excl. Flight
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Yangon for foodies

  1. Price per person from 41 € excl. Flight
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