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Ride on the Circular Train & Insein Market


When looking out the window, feel the Circular Train in Yangon. Every few seconds a new scene presents itself to you and forms a new image of people and nature. A visit to the Insein market will offer you exciting insights into local life that you would never get otherwise. Haggle and talk to the sellers, maybe you'll find a souvenir.


  • ** Impressive Insights** into the Burmese way of life
  • Ride the unique Circular Train
  • Haggle for souvenirs on the Insein Market


Drive to the market with the extraordinary train

You will be taken to the train station from your hotel. As the name Circular Train suggests, you'll be travelling in a circle around the outskirts of the city for 45 minutes. Thanks to the slow cruising speed, you have enough time to let your eyes wander over the daily stress of Yangon. Here you will get to know the real life of the locals and discover the city from a unique perspective. Not only does the image change every few seconds, but it also opens up a view of landscapes and into people's lives, allowing you to have glimpses into Burmerse culture. Meet monks, marketers, business people, families, and kids who travel by train and experience thrilling stories of colorful Burmese life. Dine at Insein's Market and immerse yourself in the bustling everyday life of sales people. Stroll along the lively square along numerous stalls where a variety of things are sold. Use the time to snap these moments and talk to the locals. Maybe you will find a suitable souvenir. We'll organize the return trip for you with a private vehicle.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: All day


  • Transfer from / to hotel * Ticket for the train journey


Meals and personal expenses not mentioned


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