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El Tatio Geyser & Puritama Hot Springs


The El Tatio geyser field consists of a world-famous natural phenomenon. The highest geysers in the world shoot their vapor columns into the air up to 65 feet.


  • This excursion is exclusively included in our Chile - to the stars roundtrip
  • Excursion to the highest geyser field in the world
  • With a little luck, observe vicuñas up close


El Tatio Geysers & Puritama Hot Springs

It's well worth getting up early in the morning - around 4:00 am or later, you will head to the Tatio Geysers, some 90 kilometers to the north. Just in time for sunrise, you will reach the Tatio high valley at 4,321 meters - the highest located geyser field of the world. Especially in the back light of the first rays of the sun can shoot fantastic photos of this natural spectacle! With a little luck, you will see Vicuñas, the wild relatives of the lamas. For their fur, which is considered the second-finest tissue after the silk, the petite animals were hunted in the last decades almost to extinction. In Chile, vicuñas are now under protection and reproduce magnificently. On their way downhill you will visit the beautiful Baños de Puritama, hot springs located in a green gorge, where you can enjoy a relaxing swim.