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Experience - Italy

Trekking in the Murgia National Park


  • Guided hike on the Belvedere Trail

  • Visit old stone churches with beautiful frescoes

  • Enjoy unspoiled landscapes


Experience the natural wonders of Italy on the Belvedere Trail. Hike past breathtaking panoramic paths with native plants, and visit some of the oldest churches in the Basilicata region! Are you ready for this unique adventure?



  1. Italy
  2. Southern Italy

Put on your trekking boots and explore the beautiful landscape of Basilicata with a local guide. On the Belvedere Trail in Matera, hike along the narrow, panoramic paths and discover a unique facet of Italy!

Don't forget to pack your camera! Capture the local plants and enjoy a magnificent view of the Gravina di Matera River nestled in the valley. Visit some of the oldest stone churches in Matera, San Falcione, the church of Sant' Agnes, and the rock church of Madonna delle Tre Porte with its splendid frescoes by Maestro di Miglionico.


  • Trekking along the Belvedere Trail
  • Transfer
  • The starting price is valid during the travel period 01.01.21 - 31.12.22


  • This experience can only be booked in combination with a stay at Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita.
  • Prices apply on a two-person basis

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