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Experience - Mauritius

Submarine & Subscooter


  • Explore the underwater world of Mauritius in a submarine or on a subscooter

  • Enjoy lunch in a private submarine

  • Get to know the colourful sea creatures


Dive into the depths of the azure Indian Ocean on Mauritius without getting wet.

Marvel at tropical fish in a submarine or on a subscooter and take in the fascinating underwater world with its colourful coral reefs. You will have lunch 35 metres below sea level - spend unforgettable moments under water.


Indian Ocean

  1. Mauritius
  2. Mauritius North Coast

You can choose from the following excursions:


Feel transported to another world when you explore the flora and fauna off Mauritius by submarine 35 metres below sea level. Countless small and large fish cavort here alongside eels, turtles, and crabs. The submarine is steered by an experienced captain and offers its passengers magnificent views of the underwater world thanks to the numerous windows.

A highlight of the 2-hour tour is the 40-minute diving excursion. After you have been familiarised with the safety precautions, you will venture into the warm water. You will swim with colourful fish and move around the animal and plant world.


A unique experience: ride your own little submarine through the sea at a depth of about three metres. This unique vehicle is called a subscooter and is reminiscent of James Bond films or the well-known cartoon of Tintin and Milou. You don't have to be a diver or a particularly good swimmer. A little spirit of adventure is enough to make this trip a unique experience. The subscooter has room for two people, one of whom is the driver. Above the passengers' heads is a transparent dome that is supplied with oxygen and allows an uninterrupted view of the reef. As there is no need to use a mouthpiece for breathing, you can talk to your companion without any problems.

Underwater lunch:

Feast while marvelling at colourful fish in the Indian Ocean. In a private submarine, you will enjoy a clear view of the diverse underwater world while being treated to freshly prepared delicacies 35 metres below sea level.

Duration of the trip: Half day


  • Use of a subscooter
  • Introduction to the use of the subscooter by trained guides
  • Accompaniment by a guide under water
  • Necessary equipment


  • Transfer
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Handling fee of 20 euros per person
  • Personal expenses

Services & Notes

  • Daily from 08:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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