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Rental car tour - Namibia & South Africa

Cape Town to Windhoek - Selfdrive Trip


  • 24 days with a rental car from South Africa to Namibia

  • Explore beautiful national parks and their animal worlds

  • 23 nights in selected, comfortable camps

  • Experience the contrasts of the desert and big cities

  • Discover the Big Five and countless other wild animals up close


Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world, with different landscapes and panoramas. This rental car trip from Cape Town to Windhoek in Namibia will show you the contrast between big cities and untouched nature. Experience the city flair of the modern and multicultural cities of Cape Town and Windhoek, then go on game drives in the isolated desert where only the dunes and wild animals surround you.



Cape Town - Paternoster - Springbok - Fish River Canyon - Aus - Sossuvlei - Swakopmund - Twyfelfontein - Etosha - Windhoek

The best time to visit Cape Town is from October to November and March to April. These times are the South African spring and autumn — temperatures are pleasantly warm and not too hot to explore the Cape region. Please note that December and January are high seasons and vacation periods in Cape Town; therefore, things are pretty busy.

The best travel time for Namibia is between May and the end of September — temperatures average around 20°C, and it hardly rains. Wildlife observations are also possible since the vegetation is still in its early stages, and there are only a few water points.

Welcome to Cape Town, the big city on the ocean with a diverse landscape and exciting history. This destination offers unrivaled vegetation, culture, and adventures to get you excited for the beginning of your journey.

Upon arrival, a local representative will greet you and take you to pick up your rental car. Then you’re already off to your first accommodation! After checking in, let the day end in a relaxed atmosphere.

Driving time Cape Town Airport - Cape Town Hotel: approx. 29 minutes / approx. 19 km

3 nights incl. breakfast in Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain National Park borders the city in the south with its indescribable landscapes. Enjoy nature to the fullest and explore the landscapes around Table Mountain. Alternatively, you can get to know the world’s design capital and immerse yourself in the multicultural corners that make this city so diverse.

Today choose what you want to do! For example, you can visit Table Mountain in Cape Town, the 1086 meter high landmark of the city. Use the gondola to reach the top in just under seven minutes, where you’re rewarded with a stunning view from high above. You’ll see Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, City Bow I, and Devil’s Peak on the city side. Don’t forget the southside, where Cape Peninsula spreads down below.

Table Mountain is the destination of numerous excursions for tourists and locals looking for a cozy spot to enjoy the views.

Today you’ll visit the Cape of Good Hope, one of the most magical places in the world. The storm-tossed cape at the southwestern tip of Africa is where countless ships have foundered, and the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean.

With a bit of luck, you’ll be there on a day when the sea is calm, opening up an uninterrupted view of the vast surroundings.

Nature lovers will get their money’s worth because the 8000-hectare Cape Peninsula National Park nature reserve, where the Cape of Good Hope resides, is home to countless wild animals. What will you discover first? One of the penguins? Or maybe a baboon that sits high up in the trees? You might also meet an ostrich or an antelope! One this is certain: with a bit of luck, you’ll meet one of many animals.

Drive to Cape Point, an 800-foot (250-meter) high cliff with a lighthouse representing the southwestern tip of Africa. Not far from here, you’ll find the town sign that points to the Cape of Good Hope and has already been used for thousands of photo opportunities. While you’re here, don’t miss a cliff-top hike that leads to the famous sign.

Today you can finally use your rental car for the first time and head to the next destination! Paternoster is an idyllic, authentic fishing village on the rugged west coast of the Western Cape Province. After the big city of Cape Town, you can experience the tranquility of the 1500-strong town that still lives from fishing. The main catch is the snoek, and from November to April, there’s also lobster or West Coast lobster.

Paternoster is a small village with white plastered houses, green dunes, and beautiful beaches. Want to know what the locals do when they’re not fishing? Then visit the popular pub in the more than 100-year-old Hotel Paternoster, where you can listen to the residents’ stories and hear all sorts of entertaining seaman’s yarn every evening over a beer.

Driving time Cape Town - Paternoster: approx. 2 hours / approx. 163 km

2 nights incl. breakfast in Paternoster, South Africa

Today you’ll explore Paternoster! Afterward, pack your bags and walk to the nearby beach. Go for a dip in the gorgeous blue waters and unwind under the cloudless skies. If there’s bad weather, don’t let that stop you from going to the beach! The dreamy beach tempts with romantic walks and unforgettable panoramas.

Would you instead discover Paternoster’s surrounding area? How about visiting a penguin colony or bird watching? West Coast National Park is the destination for many migratory birds and is one of the most biodiverse areas. Are you already impressed by the birdlife? Then let your gaze wander over the sea. With a bit of luck, you might spot a school of dolphins frolicking off the coast or catch an admittedly rare glimpse of a whale.

Whatever you decide to do in Paternoster, the beauty of the region will captivate you.

Today’s journey will take you further north, closer to your next destination: Namibia! Today you will arrive at Naries Namakwa Retreat near Springbok in Namaqualand. The capital, Namaqualand Springbok, got its name because large herds of springbok once roamed the barren valleys and drank at the local spring. The packs were driven away when deposits of copper were discovered near the small settlement. Since then, the infrastructure has continuously expanded so that today, the place is also interesting for tourists. You can still visit some of the abandoned mines today.

The region’s rugged granite rock landscapes are ideal for hiking because of the incomparable views over the spectacular mountain range and sea. Depending on the season, you can experience a beautiful spectacle: wildflowers bloom in the barren landscapes and cover the area like a colorful carpet. Immerse yourself in the flowers’ sea of colors at Goegap Nature Reserve and Namaqua National Park.

Even outside of the flowering season, the views in the national parks are stunning and offer fantastic photo opportunities.

Driving time Paternoster - Springbok: approx. 5.5 hours / approx. 530 km

1 night incl. breakfast and dinner in Springbok, South Africa

Today you will have a long drive ahead of you. The 300 kilometers journey will take you across the border to Namibia to the Fish River Canyon. The canyon is 160 kilometers long, 27 kilometers wide, and the canyon’s interior extends to a depth of 550 meters. While these numbers are impressive in and of themselves, it’s hard to get any sense of perspective without seeing the sheer scale first-hand.

Fish River is Namibia’s longest river at 650 kilometers and meanders through the second largest canyon in the world. The canyon impresses with its unique landscape: quiver trees and camel thorns grow isolated on the canyon rim in the burned-out landscape. Some existing ponds have become home to catfish, carp, barrels, and perch, and numerous birds also feel at home here.

Take the opportunity to visit the canyon up close and let the many landscape’s facets captivate you.

Driving time Springbok - Fish River Canyon: approx. 6 hours / approx. 470 km

2 nights incl. breakfast and dinner in Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Legend says that a dragon’s tail swiped the area, thus creating the meandering canyon. Depending on where you view the canyon, you will see why this legend is told. As you descend into the canyon, the sheer vertical walls that surround you will illustrate the winding rock formations. The descent is possible from the Hikers Viewpoint.

You can also use the day to visit the area around the Fish River Canyon and learn about the region. The landscape in this area is unique, so you will have an unforgettable day no matter where you go.

Of course, you can also spend the day at the hotel and relax before heading to other exciting destinations over the next few days.

Another long drive awaits you today! Your next destination is the small settlement of Aus. It is about 120 kilometers east of Lüderitz, close to the B4 national road, one of the most scenic routes in southern Namibia. To the west is Namib Dunes, home to herds of wild horses. Discover this spectacle at the Garub water point, where there’s an observation point where you can watch the animals. The exact number is unknown, but some believe there are 150 to 200 horses, which have become accustomed to the harsh climate conditions. Sometimes they can go up to five days without water.

Aus only has 30 inhabitants and was once part of the German colony, the base of the Schutztruppe. The name comes from the Khoi language and means “big snake.”

Driving time Fish River Canyon - Aus: approx. 3 hours / approx. 220 km

2 nights with breakfast in Aus, Namibia

Spend another day in the deserted region around Aus. Enjoy the beautiful views of the far-reaching vistas where the Pro-Namib mixes with the desert sands. Numerous hiking trails lead to the most beautiful places where you can get to know flora and fauna of the region.

We also recommend day trips to Kolmanskop and Lüderitz, remains of the diamond discovery in 1908. Both cities are popular destinations because of their unique locations and outstanding views. The port city of Lüderitz on the Atlantic coast invites you to take long walks through the streets with Art Nouveau buildings.

The Sossuvlei salt pan marks your destination today from South Africa to Namibia. It lies amid the Namib-Naukluft Park of the 32,000 km² dunes or central Namib. The Vlei is part of a 300 km long and endless dune landscape.

Sossuvlei, the surrounding Vleis, and Sesriem Canyon are open to visitors in the Namib-Naukluft Park. You can find the entrance gate on the park’s eastern edge near Sesriem. It is best to come here early in the morning to truly experience untouched nature, like a fairytale land.

On the other hand, Sossusvlei is around 60 kilometers from the park entrance, and you can reach it via a paved road. Drive to the parking lot lined with camel thorn trees, and from there, walk or take a 4x4 for the final five kilometers through the deep sand. Dead Vlei is just four miles away, the original terminus of the Tsauchab River, which changed course due to clay and mud deposits and now ends in Sossuvlei. The dead camel thorn trees characterize the “dead” Vlei and its bizarre landscape because, despite deep roots, the trees cannot reach the life-giving water through the thick layer of limestone. The trees, slowly drying up and bleached by the sun, stand out against the light and cracked clay soil and deep blue sky.

Driving time From - Sossusvlei: approx. 4.5 hours / approx. 375 km

2 nights incl. breakfast and dinner in Sossuvlei, Namibia

Today you’ll visit the five million years old dunes! All of the dunes in the park have numbers to quickly find the most famous ones, like “Big Daddy” or “Crazy Dune,” one of the highest in the world at 350 meters. Are you a brave dune climber? Then be aware that the hikes are strenuous in extreme heat but rewarded with stunning views of the surroundings.

North of “Big Daddy” rises the slightly smaller “Big Mama.” Other famous dunes include Dune 45, so named because it is 45 kilometers from the park entrance, and Elim, one of the most photographed dunes.

Not only will you discover the dunes and dead trees in the barren landscape, but you’ll also see some of the desert’s plants and animals! Did you spot a tiny gecko scurrying through the fine sand? Snakes, birds, and antelopes are also seen here quite often. Over time, the animal and plant world adapted to extreme living conditions. One of the most unusual plants is the Welwitschia, which consists of only a single pair of leaves and can live up to 2000 years. It only occurs in this Namib environment.

During this 400 kilometer journey, you’ll see many landscapes and breathtaking panoramas. The next stop is Swakopmund, a German town in Namibia.

Swakopmund is a mix of German-Namibian residents and German tourists. This beautiful destination is characterized by seafront promenades, half-timbered colonial houses, and palm-tree-lined sandy beaches.

You’ll never be bored during your stay! The city’s most popular vacation resort attracts visitors to surf, fish, and relax on the beach.

Driving time Sossuvlei - Swakopmund: approx. 4.5 hours / approx. 345 km

3 nights with breakfast in Swakopmund, Namibia

Today it’s time to get to know the city and see all the sights.

Directly next to the Swakopmunder Museum, a home and history museum is the mole. Originally built as a berth for large ships, the seawall is now a port of call for pleasure boats due to sand deposits on the shore.

The city’s landmark is the red and white striped lighthouse, which stands out on the waterfront with a height of 21 meters and a range of about 35 nautical miles. It also gives the impression that you are on a North Frisian island. Only the palm trees, the gentle wind, and the warm climate will remind you that you are in Namibia.

Next, you’ll pass the former Imperial District Court. The 1902 building is the oldest in the city and home to the Namibian President during the hot summer months. Also not far away is the old district court, which used to be a private school. After the funds ran out, they converted it into a district court, which is now thecity’’s most beautiful building.

Today’s journey takes you from the busy city to the arid Damara Mountains. Nowhere else will you find as many engravings in stone as here. During the ancient days, the “dubious spring” attracted numerous wild animals, poachers, and hunters, which you can see engraved on the stone walls. Animals, animal tracks, and geometric figures are still straightforward to find today, even if many of the animals depicted there no longer live in this area. These include elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and lions. They even found a sea lion picture, suggesting the area had contact with water no more than 100 kilometers away.

Today, you can see over 2500 engravings that made Twyfelfontein a national monument in 1952. They date to the early Stone Age, around 6000 years old, and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Driving time Swakopmund - Twyfelfontein: approx. 4 hours / approx. 320 km

2 nights with breakfast and dinner in Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Visit the petrified forest, not far from where you saw the stone paintings. Experience the 34 meters high and 6-meter wide tree trunks around 260 million years old. These trees belonged to an ancient group of trees that cycads and conifers descended from. Since the trees lack bark and branches, it’s assumed that a flood transported them here.

You can find around 50 individual trees, some covered by sandstone and others petrified in flint. In 1950, people stole the tree trunks, so now, it is a national monument where the area forbids visitors to take even the smallest piece from the forest.

Continue north to Etosha National Park and today’s destination, Etosha Safari Lodge. Discover the park’s impressive biodiversity, such as the rare animal species! The densely vegetated park is home to elephants, endangered black rhinos, leopards, and lions. With a bit of luck, you’ll encounter a large herd of zebras while driving through the national park or see the long necks of giraffes in the distance.

Bird watchers will especially love the rainy season in Etosha because, after the heavy downfalls, the water-filled pan attracts a massive flock of flamingos and 340 other different bird species.

Namibia is one of the most diverse countries with various landscapes and vegetation. It is also one of the few countries where animals can still roam free. The deserts, semi-deserts, and savannas represent the extreme contrast to the big cities you have already visited in the south. Please note that the entrance fees have to be paid on-sit. Just let us know when making your inquiry/booking whether you are interested in a safari.

Driving time Twyfelfontein - Etosha National Park: approx. 3.5 hours / approx. 313 km

2 nights with breakfast in the southwestern part of the Etosha National Park, Namibia

Since the landscape is rather hilly, a completely different nature experience awaits you in the west. Etosha Pan’s white dust and clay create the reddish-brown earth, making you feel like another world.

Spend the rest of the day driving to places you couldn’t see yesterday. There are many watering holes where you can see animals up close! A highlight is the Big Five: e.g., intimate experiences with elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions, and leopards.

Etosha Salt Pan forms the park's center with 5000 km² in size. It is mostly dry and only rarely fills with rain. Because of its size and the crystals’ dazzling glow, astronauts can even spot it from space! Around the salt pan, you’ll find grassy savannas, scrubland, and dry forest.

Spend the next two days in the eastern part of beautiful Etosha National Park. Encounter countless animals and untouched wilderness in a unique setting. Drive to the most stunning spots during a safari and capture the moments forever on your camera.

You can book guided game drives with us. When making your inquiry, please indicate which safari interests you.

Driving time Etosha Safari Lodge - Mushara Lodge: approx. 3 hours / approx. 180 km

2 nights with breakfast and dinner on the eastern side of Etosha National Park, Namibia

Today’s drive takes you down south to Okonjima Plains Camp. The camp is part of AfriCat, a non-profit organization established in the 1990s to support the conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores, particularly cheetahs and leopards. The aim is to raise awareness to focus on nature and its protection. If you want to learn more about AfriCat and the conservation program, visit the information center located in Okonjima.

Around the camp, you can experience the wilderness up close, as many frequently see leopards here! Embark on a discovery journey through and experience the country’s diversity. The landscape looks completely different than Etosha National Park, and the wildlife will surprise you with its rarity. Porcupines, honey badgers, and caracals, while primarily nocturnal, are the most common in Okonjima National Park and hunt for prey every night. So let your gaze wander out of the window when darkness falls and, with a bit of luck, uncover the lively steppe.

During the day, you can adventure on numerous hiking and nature trails that will lead you through the wilderness and offer the unique opportunity to enjoy solitude.

Driving time Etosha National Park - Wilderness Area: 3.5 hours / approx. 340 km

1 night with breakfast and dinner in Wilderness Area, Namibia

Today is already the last leg of your rental car journey! From the lonely steppe of Namibia and its countless animals, you’ll head to the country’s capital, Windhoek. It’s the country’s economic and political center, making it a surprisingly modern destination.

Windhoek is not a big city and is ideal for strolls. Walk through the city center’s relaxed and cosmopolitan charm. Neo-baroque churches and German castles amongst the modern skyline make this city unique. As you get to know the city, eat at one of the large selection of restaurants, visit the cultural institutions, and browse inside its many shops.

“Tintenpalast,” the parliament building, and the Christ Church of the Lutheran congregation are worth seeing. Also interesting: Windhoek is the home of brewing culture in Namibia. So if you go to a bar or restaurant in the evening, you should taste one of the different types of beer.

Driving time Wilderness Area - Windhoek: approx. 2.5 hours / approx. 223 km

1 night with breakfast in Windhoek, Namibia

It’s already your last day and time to say goodbye! The countless new experiences will keep your soul warm as you make your way to the airport to return your rental car and wait for your departure home.

Cape Riviera Guesthouse****, Cape Town, South Africa (3 nights)

This property is in the upscale suburb of Oranjezicht, at the foot of Table Mountain. Each of the 12 rooms is spacious and boasts a modern design. They also have an ensuite bathroom, a small fridge, air conditioning, a telephone, and a TV. Start the day with a delicious breakfast and unwind in one of the two outdoor pools. In just a few minutes, you can reach the city center with its numerous sights, restaurants, and shops.

ah! Guesthouse****, Paternoster, South Africa (2 nights)

This four-star property in the small fishing village of Paternoster is a perfect location very close to the beach. You will discover beauty at this guesthouse no matter which time of year you arrive: the beautiful blue sea and sunny sky in summer; a sea of ​​colorful blooming and red wine in spring; and a cozy fireplace in winter. You will find a king-size or two double beds, a bathroom, an LCD TV with a DVD player, a coffee and tea maker, a fridge, and a cozy living room in the five rooms. You can order local and fresh food at the accommodation’s restaurant.

Naries Namakwa Retreat****, near Springbok, South Africa (1 night)

This accommodation is a beautiful and romantic retreat on the Spektakelberg between Springbok and Kleinzee. Go on unique experiences offered by the retreat and enjoy spectacular views in the heart of the Namakwa region. In every room, guests can look forward to coffee/tea making equipment, a minibar, and comfortable furniture. The retreat’s kitchen serves dishes selected exclusively for guests.

Fish River Lodge***, Fish River Canyon, Namibia (2 nights)

Fish River Lodge is on the edge of the impressive Fish River Canyon and offers fascinating views of the natural spectacle from sunrise to sunset. The interior design is a mixture of modern and traditional furniture and many African accessories. In the 20 spacious chalets, you can look forward to a large window front, an outdoor shower, and a private terrace. If you wish, you can even spend the night on an outside bed directly under the starry sky. You will find a restaurant, two bars, and an outdoor pool overlooking the canyon in the main building. You are welcome to book various hikes into the canyon.

Klein Aus Vista***, Aus, Namibia (2 nights)

The lodge is in the middle of the Aus Mountains and surrounded by endless panoramas. At the secluded Eagle’s Nest Chalet, you’ll experience the solitude of the Namibian steppe and live your day the way you want. For food options, you can cook in the kitchen during the day or eat at the Desert Horse Inn’s restaurant. The Eagle’s Nest is the perfect place for those who love openness, choice, and a sense of the landscape.

Sossusvlei Lodge****, Sossusvlei, Namibia (2 nights)

Sossusvlei Lodge welcomes you at the entrance of the Namib Naukluft Park with mesmerizing views of the red dunes and the Sesriem Canyon. The rooms are spacious and have amenities such as a private bathroom, two twin beds, a safe, air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a veranda. Enjoy a delicious dinner on the inviting restaurant terrace with a view over the illuminated waterhole and end the eventful day with a cocktail in the bar. You can also relax by the pool, and the attentive staff is always at your disposal.

Swakopmund Guesthouse****, Swakopmund, Namibia (3 nights)

Swakopmund Guesthouse is a five-minute walk to the beach and main shopping street in the city center. The family-run hotel has seven standard rooms, seven luxury rooms, and one family suite, all lovingly furnished. Enjoy the unique atmosphere that the selected pieces of furniture create. In the morning, there’s a delicious breakfast buffet for all guests. The rooms include a minibar and television.

Camp Kipwe****, Twyfelfontein, Namibia (2 nights)

Camp Kipwe has a few surprises in store for its guests. As soon as you arrive, you will be amazed at how the houses on stilts immerse into the landscape. A refreshing pool and a spacious terrace offer unparalleled views of Damaraland’s barren landscape. The camp’s standard rooms come equipped with double beds, air conditioning, an outdoor shower, and washrooms.

Etosha Safari Lodge****, southwest of Etosha National Park, Namibia (2 nights)

This accommodation nestles on a hilltop offering beautiful views of the hills surrounded by mopane trees. The 65 detached bungalows have an en suite bathroom, a fan, mosquito nets, tea/coffee-making equipment, and a private veranda. For food options, you will find a restaurant, a bar, and three pools in the lodge. You can easily reach the Etosha National Park, about ten kilometers from your accommodation.

Mushara Lodge***, east of Etosha National Park, Namibia (1 night)

Mushara Lodge is eight kilometers from the gate of the east side of Etosha Park and offers elegant accommodation for park visitors. You will spend comfortable nights in ten spacious chalets, one triple, and two single rooms. At the thatched common area, guests have access to a small library, a bar with an extensive wine cellar, an airy lounge with an inviting fireplace, and a dining room. The lovingly designed interior is a mixture of traditional African art and contemporary works of art. At the pool in the middle of the ten chalets, you can cool off and keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife.

Okonjima Plains Camp****, Wilderness Area, Namibia (1 night)

Surrounded by nothing but pristine nature, Okonjima Plains Camp invites you to relax. Unwind next to the two secluded pools and let your gaze wander over the Okonjima grasslands from the camp’s ten view rooms. The rooms offer a small terrace, two double beds, a minibar, a coffee/tea maker, two fans, and a safe.

Olive Grove Guesthouse****, Windhoek, Namibia (1 night)

The charming Olive Grove Guesthouse welcomes you in a quiet area close to the city center. The eleven spacious rooms have stylish furnishing, an en suite bathroom, a veranda, a minibar, a TV, and coffee/tea-making equipment. Enjoy a glass of wine in the cozy lobby while the open kitchen prepares you a fresh meal. At the small pool, relax in the garden or massage at the in-house spa area.

Duration of the trip: 24 days / 23 nights


  • 23 nights in the mentioned accommodations

  • Meals according to the program

  • 24 rental days of vehicle category K (Toyota RAV or similar) including 1x additional driver, premium accident insurance (CDW), local surcharge, premium theft insurance (TLW), tourism levy, unlimited kilometers, personal accident insurance (PAI), general liability insurance (General Public Liability Insurance). ), administration fee in case of an accident/theft, VAT 14%, liability insurance (Third Party Insurance), tires, hubcaps, rims, water, windscreen, sandblasting and underbody damage, automatic, airbags, radio/CD, servo, air conditioning, four seats, navigation device. Pick-up Cape Town Airport, drop-off Windhoek Airport.

  • Travel documents with travel tips, directions, accommodation descriptions, and hotel and map material

  • Welcome and assistance by tour guide on site


  • International flights

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services

  • Visa, if required

  • Entrance to Etosha National Park

  • Personal expenses, such as minibar and tips

  • Additional costs for a hire car (will directly charge your credit card): 3,700 R fuel deposit, 90 R contract fee, 6,700 R one-way fee, 1,900 R cross-boarder fee

  • Insurances

Services & Notes

  • Please find out more about the entry requirements for minors to Namibia on the website of the Federal Foreign Office

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