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Group round trip - USA

Highlights of the West Coast


  • Group tour - with guaranteed execution from 2 participants onwards

  • Tour guide

  • Guided tour of the national parks

  • Exciting background information

  • Transfers included


The West of the USA embodies a colorful mix of vibrant cities and fascinating national parks. Come with us on a journey full of unforgettable and thrilling insights into one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. On each day of your round trip, you will experience new facets of a country that has been so richly endowed by nature.


North America

Los Angeles - Laughlin - Grand Canyon - Moab - Bryce Canyon - Las Vegas - Bakersfield - Patterson - San Francisco

Welcome to Los Angeles! Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by your tour guide who will take you to your hotel.

Use the rest of your first day to stroll through the streets of the metropolis. Get a first impression of what awaits you tomorrow. Perhaps there are highlights you're dying to see today. Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach are just a few of the many possibilities that "the City of Angels" has in store.

1 night stay with breakfast included in a standard room in Los Angeles, USA

In the morning, there will be a city tour where you will drive through the exclusive Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. The tour will also take you to Hollywood with the opportunity to stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and admire the handprints of the famous stars at the Chinese Theater.

The city tour continues through Downtown, the Business District and the Mexican Quarter. Latin American culture has always had a great influence on the city. Strengthen yourself with a Mexican snack, such as the famous tacos or the various quesadillas.

In the afternoon, there is time for an optional visit to Universal Studios. The famous movie studios in Hollywood are among the largest studios in the world and definitely worth a visit. In addition to lavish live shows, you can also take a studio tour to see the film sets of movies like "Jurassic Park" and if you're lucky you'll be up close and personal during the filming of the latest blockbuster.

1 night stay with breakfast included in a standard room in Los Angeles, USA

After an invigorating breakfast, you will set off on your round trip. You will depart in the direction of Palm Springs. The desert town is the gateway to the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

The landscape of the national park, which locals call "J-Tree" for short, is dominated by boulders, rugged ridges, ruins of abandoned gold mines and desert plains. In the national park, the high elevation Mojave Desert meets the lower elevation Colorado Desert. The result is amazing desert flora, which of course includes the park's namesake: the Joshua tree.

You will continue to Laughlin, which you will reach in the afternoon.

Trip duration Los Angeles - Laughlin: approx. 7 hours / approx. 590 km

Today's drive takes you to the Grand Canyon - a must-see on your trip.

Probably no other natural wonder of this earth has a more impressive effect on its observer than the Grand Canyon. The unimaginable size of the canyon, whose gorges have been carved into the rock of the Colorado Plateau by the powerful waters of the Colorado River over the course of millions of years, puts into perspective any sense of scale we might have thought familiar. In its rock walls, the Grand Canyon exposes millions of years of geological history.

You will take a walk along the Southern Rim, from where you will have a view of the boundless expanse of the Grand Canyon. Here you have the possibility to book a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon (optional).

Trip duration Laughlin - Grand Canyon: approx. 5 hours / approx. 330 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in the Grand Canyon, USA

In the morning, we will continue towards Monument Valley, probably the best known and most famous movie motif of the western part of the USA. The red mesas have been filmed and photographed countless times for movies, brochures and commercials. Even on your first visit, therefore, the surroundings will already look familiar: The colors are indeed as bright and strong as you already know them from the many pictures.

Monument Valley is also a journey into the history of the USA: about 300 Navajo Native Americans still live in the area. You will have the opportunity to have a short snack and experience a jeep tour guided by one of the Indians. Learn more about Native American traditions.

In the late afternoon, you will reach Dead Horse Park. From its southern tip, you will have a special view from 1731 m above sea level on the Colorado River, which is more than 600 m lower and makes a 180° bend at this point.

Finally, you will continue to Moab, which you will reach in the late afternoon.

Trip duration Grand Canyon - Moab: approx. 6 hours / approx. 500 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in Moab, USA

It's hard to imagine the natural forces that over millions of years have formed the uniquely beautiful arches of sandstone that gave Arches National Park its name. The beauty and uniqueness of these Arches led to their designation as a national park in the 1970s. However, the landscape is not eternal: the elemental forces of wind, water and erosion ensure that new arches are constantly being created or others are disappearing.

You will finally reach Bryce and check into your hotel.

Drive duration Moab - Bryce Canyon: approx. 5 hours / approx. 400 km

1 night stay included with breakfast in Bryce Canyon, USA

Every year, countless tourists are drawn to Bryce Canyon National Park, which is almost impossible to describe. The so-called hoodoos, whimsically shaped pillars of stone that have withstood the force of erosion, can be found on every continent, but nowhere else are they present in such great numbers. What is the best way to describe Bryce Canyon? Cave without a roof? Forest of stones? No description quite fits, but it's best to make up your own mind and find the description that works best for you. Marvel at the seemingly unreal red rock formations, which can still be seen in the distance and are one of the most popular photo motifs.

Then continue to St. Georges, founded by Mormons, where you will visit the Mormon Center.

Continue on to the Valley of Fire. The valley derives its name from the red sandstone formations that formed 150 million years ago from large shifting sand dunes. Many westerns were also filmed in this dramatic setting.

In the late afternoon, you finally reach Las Vegas, the capital of gambling and glittering oasis in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

Trip duration Bryce Canyon - Las Vegas: approx. 6 hours / approx. 400 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in Las Vegas, USA

If it's not too hot today, you'll cross the Nevada Desert. Your first stop is high above Death Valley: Dante's View. An impressive panorama. No human, no house, no settlement blocks the view to the shimmering horizon - nothing but arid desert plains, ochre-brown mountains, dried-up lakes and salt pans. Death Valley stretches for more than 200 km in the eponymous national park and reaches 86 meters below sea level at its deepest point. The mountains all around form an impressive contrast with heights of up to 3,000 meters. The Death Valley is a microcosm all its own. UNESCO has even declared the region a protected biosphere reserve.

You can visit the Borax Mines Museum before continuing on to Bakersfield.

Trip duration Las Vegas - Bakersfield: approx. 9 hours / approx. 660 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in Bakersfield, USA

Today you will reach Yosemite National Park, which is a contrast to the other national parks before, because here you will find green nature with waterfalls, granite stone, glaciers and dense forests. Yosemite Valley, with its steep granite walls and quiet lakes, invites you to spend relaxing moments. In addition to nature, you can learn about background information on the history and flora of the park at the visitor center and the Yosemite Museum.

The park is especially famous for its large number of breathtaking waterfalls. Yosemite Falls, at 739 meters high, are among the highest in the world. However, there are other waterfalls in the park, such as the 492-meter-high Ribbon Falls, from which the waters tumble thunderously into the depths. In addition to the waterfalls, El Capitan also attracts many visitors each year. The high granite rock from the Cretaceous period towers above the valley and is a popular destination for mountain climbers.

You will finally leave Yosemite National Park and cross the fertile plains of California's Central Valley. You will reach Patterson in the Modesto region in the afternoon.

Trip duration Bakersfield - Modesto: approx. 6 hours 30 minutes / approx. 510 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in Patterson, USA

The rest of today’s trip will take you to one of the dreamiest big cities in America - San Francisco. The city exudes a very special atmosphere, regardless of all the ups and downs in the steep streets. San Francisco is best experienced on foot, but don't miss the ride on the famous cable cars. Feel the wind in your hair as the trains effortlessly wind their way up the steep streets. We'll take you on a guided tour of San Francisco, starting at Fisherman's Wharf, where you can watch the sea lions at Pier 39 and stroll along the waterfront. From here, it's easy to get to Union Square, home to the central hotel, shopping and theater district and the best starting point to the best sights. Explore the world-famous Lombard Street that winds down Russian Hill and visit the Cable Car Museum that will provide you with interesting background knowledge.

A visit to Chinatown will make you forget that you are in San Francisco for a short time. Here you can dive into another world and visit the numerous temples, which smell of incense. One of the most photographed structures here is undoubtedly Dragon Gate, which stands out with its three portals on Grant Street.

Use the rest of the day to drive to Alcatraz, the famous prison island where Al Capone and Bill "Machine Gun" Kelly served time. Experience the oppressive feeling of standing outside the cells and listen to the marrow-piercing sound of the cell doors closing.

Trip duration Modesto - San Francisco: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes / approx. 150 km

1 night stay with breakfast included in San Francisco, USA

Before you know it, it's time to say goodbye to America's West Coast. Your round trip ends with the drive to the airport. We hope you had an unforgettable time.

But if you haven’t had enough and want to see more, we would be happy to organize an extended tour - two extra days, ending in San Francisco - or organize an custom extended stay for you. Contact us and we will find the perfect option for you!

Duration of the trip: 11 days / 10 nights


  • 10-night stay in the above-mentioned accommodations or similar (in a shared double room)
    • 2 nights at Quality Inn & Suites**** with breakfast in a standard room in Los Angeles, USA
    • 1 night at The Aquarius Resort**** with breakfast in a standard room in Laughlin, USA
    • 1 night with breakfast included at the Baymont Inn Flagstaff*** in a standard room in Grand Canyon, USA
    • 1 night at the Inn At The Canyons with breakfast included in a standard room in Moab, USA
    • 1 night at Bryce View Lodge** with breakfast included in a standard room in Bryce Canyon, USA
    • 1 night at Hotel Excalibur*** with breakfast included in a standard room in Las Vegas, USA
    • 1 night at Hotel Rosedale*** with breakfast included in a standard room in Bakersfield, USA
    • 1 night at Holiday Inn Express Westley North**** with breakfast included in a standard room in Patterson, USA
    • 1 night at Park Central*** with breakfast included in a standard room in San Francisco, USA
  • Other meals according to the program
  • Guided round trip
  • Tour guide
  • Transportation in a modern, comfortable and air-conditioned bus
  • Transfer from and to the airports
  • Sightseeing tours according to the program incl. entrance fees to the national parks
  • All taxes and fees
  • Luggage service in San Francisco (1 piece of luggage per person)

Not included

  • International flights
  • Optional sightseeing, entrance fees, excursions
  • Personal expenses (tips, etc.)
  • Meals and other services that are not included in the scope of services
  • Travel insurance
  • Entry fees, if required

Services & Notes

  • The group size is about 50 people

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