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Round Trip - Oman & Tanzania

Oman & Zanzibar Combi Trip: 1001 Arabian nights and dreamy white beaches


  • In Muscat, feast your eyes one of the largest mosques in the world

  • Discover the different flavors of spices in Oman and Zanzibar

  • Sleep under the starry skies in a comfortable campsite

  • Relax on the beautiful, white sandy beach of Zanzibar

  • Pristine oasis with natural pools, perfect for cooling off on a hot day


Have you ever dreamt of a getaway like the Middle Eastern folk tales, 1001 Arabian Nights, and long, relaxing days on pristine beaches? We can help these dreams come true! Discover all the beautiful corners of the Sultanate of Oman: its beautiful nature, impressive history, and the dreamy beaches of Zanzibar. This round trip is the perfect combination for an extraordinary journey!


Orient / Africa

Oman - Zanzibar - Michamvi - Stone Town


Let your Oman adventure begin! Immerse yourself in the new atmosphere and the country's exciting culture.

Upon arrival at the airport, you will receive your entry visa at the Travelex counter. From there, your travel agent will escort you to your transfer van and onward to your first accommodation. Your drive to the hotel will be your first impressions of Oman! Muscat boasts peaceful surroundings and beautiful nature that will soon be a part of your Oman adventure.

Once you arrive at the hotel, we recommend a stroll to Muscat's marvelous beach promenade. Explore the hustle and bustle of the city, and discover the small cafes and restaurants. On request, we can also organize a cozy picnic by the sea (optional with extra charge).

Travel time: approx. 50 km / 20 - 30 minutes

2 nights at Tulip Inn Downtown Muscat*** with breakfast and dinner in Standard Room, Muscat, Oman



Start your morning with an energizing breakfast, and then embark on the adventure that awaits you! Ready to start your day with a discovery city tour of Muscat?

Your first stop is the famous Sultan Qaboos Mosque. The mosque, which is one of the largest in the world, will leave you speechless. Stroll through the embassy district, see the impressive Royal Opera House, continue through the old town, and end at the beautiful harbor. Walk a bit further along the waterfront to the Muttrah Souk where you can discover one of the oldest markets in Oman — follow the smells of the city! In Old Muscat, take time to explore the unique royal architecture of the 1970s, the Sultan's Al Alam Palace. For the museum enthusiasts, we also recommend a visit to the Bait Al Zubair Museum. Your tour guide will teach you about Muscat’s history and its impressive secrets. From there, you will head to the docks where a thrilling boat ride along the coast of Muscat begins.

Please respect the following dress code when visiting the Sultan Qaboos Mosque: Men and women may only enter the mosque with their arms and legs covered. Women must cover their heads with a scarf. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed.

Travel time: approx. 250 km / 7 hours


After enjoying the cultural impressions of Muscat, your tour continues on the panoramic road to Sur. Explore the diverse natural surroundings, such as the mountain ranges of the eastern Hajar Mountains, or the white sandy beaches of the fishing village Finns. The fishing villages offer a refreshing little stop in the Arabian Gulf before your drive continues to Wadi Shab. Hike through the small ravine, discover small date plantations, look at steep rock formations, and finally jump into the crystal-clear pools. A spectacular surprise awaits the brave! Dive through a cave and uncover the beautiful waterfalls. On a city tour, explore the only dhow shipyard that still makes traditional boats without nails and glue. Learn about these ancestral techniques during your visit!

Ready for more of the unique Oman nature? Well, you're in luck! The adventure continues toward the Wahiba Desert. At the edge of the desert, you will change to a four-wheel-drive vehicle and drive towards Arabian Oryx Camp. As you trek over over the rolling, gold sands, the sunset will begin to reflect on the tiny grains as you pull up to the desert camp.

Travel time: approx. 300 km / 8 hours

2 nights at Arabian Oryx Camp with breakfast and dinner in a standard room, Wahiba Sands, Oman



Look forward to your desert adventure in the Wahiba Desert. On your way, don't miss the famous Wadi Bani Khaled. The evergreen oasis has beautiful turquoise pools, lush landscapes, and shady palm trees that invite you to refresh.

Are you ready for your adrenaline rush adventure? After your picnic, drive your jeeps through the high dunes of the Wahiba Desert and feel the sand under your wheels. Feel the adrenaline rush as you drive through the dunes. Follow the warm winds as they transform the sand and lead you to your camp. Enjoy the sunset while the spectacular colors light up your surroundings. Suddenly, you realize you're in a dream from one of the magical tales in 1001 Nights. Forget about reality under the desert's starry sky, and appreciate the campfire and Omani delicacies.

Travel time: approx. 250 km / 8 hours


Let the sand seep through your toes one last time before your adventure continues. Today, you will leave the desert and head towards Hadjar Mountains. On the way, stop at the medieval village, Ibra, a tiny town surrounded by impressive watchtowers. Immerse yourself in the daily lives of the Sinaw locals! Learn about the village's history and visit the original souk. This local destination is dominated by Bedouin and Omani families of the region. As you stroll through the streets, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and smell the different spices and incense that floods the village.

Afterward, you will visit Jibreen Castle, considered to be one of the most beautiful late 17th century fortresses. It has impressive rooms, magnificent ornamental decorations, and floral ceiling paintings. Climb to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of the fortress and beyond. After this sightseeing tour, you will drive to your booked hotel in Nizwa

Travel time: approx. 300 km / 7 hours

2 nights at Al Diyar Hotel with breakfast and dinner in a standard room, Nizwa, Oman



Today, you will focus your explorations on Omani tradition. Until 1783, Nizwa was the headquarters of the imam and is still considered the spiritual center of the country. Engage with the local life by visiting the traditional souk, or head down to the commercial district known for its unique silverware and beautiful Bahla pottery. Learn all about the Omani culture by visiting the Nizwa Fort. Enjoy impeccable views of the city from high above. The Nizwa Fort is a round tower built in the 17th century by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'aruba. It dominates the city views because the metropolis is built around the holy building.

Next, the tour takes you to the village Al Hamra. Their famous mud houses will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The tour will teach you about its 400 years of history and lead you to Bait al Safa to learn more about its insightful history. Experience the locals’ everyday life and discover more secrets about their unique traditions. Admire the fascinating landscape, old houses, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Falaj Irrigation System.

To complete your adventure for the day, visit the highest mountain in Oman, Jebel Shams (3009 meters altitude). From here, you can enjoy endless views over the hills and take breathtaking photos of the deep canyons.

Before heading back down to Nizwa in the late afternoon, you will have lunch at a mountain resort in front of this stunning mountain backdrop.

Travel time: approx. 250 km / 8 hours


The best way to get to know the authentic Omani culture is to start the day by visiting the Friday Animal Market. Traditionally, traders from all over Oman gather here to sell their dressed up animals.

Desire more adventure? Charge your camera because today, you will see some unforgettable sights. After breakfast, start with a stroll through the small mountain village, Misfat Al Abriyeen. Begin your adrenaline rush adventure with a fast drive across the western Hajjar Mountains. For photographers, these landscapes offer fantastic conditions to capture the endless views. Get lost in the green date palms, terraced fields, and refreshing springs that supply the surrounding area with crystal-clear water. On the way back to Muscat, make a short stop at Bayt Ar Ridaydah. Walk around the fortress and see the famous Aflaj Irrigation System up close!

When you arrive in Muscat, a night tour awaits! The guide will first lead you to the beautifully lit mosque. From there, you will continue to the old town. Discover the palace, the beautiful fortresses on Mutrah Mountain, and the glistening Port Sultan Qaboos. Then you will walk to Mutrah Corniche to take some beautiful photos of the colorfully illuminated city!

End your magical evening with dinner with your group in a traditional Arabic restaurant. After enjoying your last evening in the capital, try to go to bed early because the next morning starts early.

1 night at Ramada Muscat**** with breakfast in a standard room, Muscat, Oman



Today you will fly from Oman to the spice island, Zanzibar. The island will impress you with its palaces, ancient alleys, and exotic spices— a dream out of 1001 Arabian Nights. After exciting days in Oman, enjoy the idyllic, romantic, and picturesque country. The charm of Zanzibar is not only perfect because of its location south of the Equator, but also its dreamy beaches.

For almost 20,000 years, different cultures have been living together in small areas of the island. Arab, Persian, or Indonesian immigrants have settled here since the year 700, in addition to the native population. About 300 years after the Portuguese took over the island, the Sultanate of Oman conquered Zanzibar. At the time, the capital moved from Muscat to Zanzibar. Ships from all over the world anchored here in the wide bay of the island's capital. Therefore, Zanzibar became an important hub in the Indian Ocean trade.

In the early afternoon, land at the Zanzibar Airport, where your Zanzibar guide will warmly greet you. They will take you to the charming Kichanga Lodge where you can enjoy beautiful and relaxing days by the sea. The lodge sits high above the powdery-white beach and offers fantastic views of the azure sea.

Travel time Airport - Kichanga: 65 km / approx. 1.15 hours

Travel time in total: approx. 5 hours 20 minutes

5 nights at the Kichanga Lodge**** with breakfast and dinner in a Bungalow with Garden View, Michamvi, Zanzibar, Tanzania


Sunday - Wednesday

Let the sounds of the Indian Ocean wake you up as views of the dazzling waters greet you. Smells of the fresh sea breeze and famous spices will greet you in the morning. Breathe in the salty ocean scents, feel the palm trees blow to the beat of the wind, and don't forget to snap the perfect postcard picture to remember these moments forever. During low tide, watch the fishermen hunt for fish amongst the shallow waters. Stroll along the powdery white beach that is miles apart. The mangrove forests form a beautiful contrast to the deep blue to pastel turquoise-colored backdrop. Staying in Zanzibar makes you feel like you have a beautiful spot of the earth all to yourself. It's time to unwind in this stunning location.


After breakfast at your accommodation, head towards Stone Town. On the way, you will visit the spice plantations and learn about the cultivation and the different spices, fruits, and herbs of the island. After the tour, you will have a delicious lunch where you can taste the spices and fruits that you learned about.

On a historical city tour through the mysterious Stone Town, you will feel transported back in time. Visit the Arab Fort and the Anglican Church where you will see the former slave catacombs.

Don't miss the lively market! Down the alleys, people flock to the marketplace where many different spices are traded and sold. Stroll through the narrow streets, past the numerous mosques, and through the proud trading houses with lavishly carved doors. In the evening, dine in the hotel's Tea Top restaurant, overlooking the entire city and the nearby ocean. Appreciate the city’s unique views!

1 night at Emerson on Hurumzi in a standard room with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania



Depending on your departure time, you will have one last breakfast at the hotel before your guide picks you up. They will bring you to Zanzibar Airport, where you will say goodbye. We hope you had a wonderful trip and go home with a suitcase full of memories. We are happy to customize the journey to your wishes! Just contact us.

itravel - for that moment.

Tulip Inn Downtown Muscat***, Muscat, Oman (2 nights)

The Tulip Inn is ideally located in the heart of Muscat. Because of its location, you can easily explore the city! The 100 rooms are air-conditioned and offer modern wooden furniture, a minibar, a telephone, a safe, a desk, free Wi-Fi, and a bathroom with a shower. You will also find an outdoor pool, squash courts, a fitness room, and a 24-hour reception. And at the café, you can indulge in international cuisine and themed evenings. Muscat Airport is about 25 km away.

Arabian Oryx Camp, Wahiba Desert, Oman (2 nights)

Set in the middle of the desert, Arabian Oryx Camp provides accommodation in an authentic Bedouin style. The camp has various Bedouin-style tents and includes a bathroom with shower, tiled floors, air conditioning, fridge, and coffee/tea facilities. For your culinary pleasures, there is a traditional Arabic restaurant with various dishes prepared daily and served around the campfire. In your free time, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the desert or participate in activities. How about sand skating or dune bashing? The camp’s ideal location gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the sunset over lonely dunes. The colorful spectacle will have you be exactly like a dream from 1001 Arabian Nights!

Al Diyar Hotel**, Nizwa, Oman (2 nights)

In Nizwa, the Al Diyar Hotel welcomes you with modernly furnished accommodations. They have a bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, safe, and minibar. All of the public areas have free Wi-Fi. Enjoy a restaurant, two outdoor pools, and a 24-hour reception. The historic souk of Nizwa is just 6 minutes away by car.

Ramada Muscat****, Muscat, Oman (1 night)

Ramada Muscat is the perfect accommodation for a luxurious vacation in Oman. From the hotel, you can easily reach the beach and the city center. There’s a total of 86 elegantly appointed deluxe rooms, each with a 26-inch flat-screen TV, that promises only the highest comfort. All guests have free access to the fitness center and swimming pool, as well as free Wi-Fi. The chefs at the Ramada Muscat restaurant take pride in the importance of the culinary detail and make sure their menus always have something unique to offer.

Kichanga Lodge****, Michamvi, Zanzibar, Tanzania (5 nights)

Nestled in a little tourist corner of the island on the southeast coast of Zanzibar is the cozy Kichanga Lodge. The bungalows are built atop a gorgeous hill. The bungalows are nestled in a tropical garden, perfect for a romantic getaway. The palm-fringed steps will lead you down to a powdery white sand beach where you can treat yourself to stress-free days. Unwind, go for a walk, and sunbathe on the dreamy tropical beach or by the swimming pool that is built into the cliffs. The restaurant serves delicious dishes from the local cuisine.

Emerson on Hurumzi, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania (1 night)

Emerson on Hurumzi's location is in the heart of Stone Town's historic Old Town. The beautiful 19th-century building used to be the home of one of the richest men in the Swahili Empire. Now it is restored to give guests an enchanting 1001 Arabian Nights atmosphere. The popular restaurant, Tower Top, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the city. It offers a romantic view of the capital and the Indian Ocean. Offering a cozy ambience with Arabian decoration, they serve fresh seafood, fish, meat, and vegetables. The breakfast buffet offers fresh fruit, homemade pastries, and fresh Zanzibar coffee. The 11 elegant rooms all have an authentic design, large stone baths, ceiling fans for comfortable temperatures, carved wooden doors, and hand-painted lamps and windows. The large Zanzibar beds and mosquito nets guarantee a good night's sleep.

Duration of the trip: 14 days / 13 nights



  • 7 nights in a double room including breakfast in the specified hotels
  • 1 dinner at Al Falaj Hotel Muscat
  • 2 dinners during the nights in the desert
  • 2 dinners in the hotel restaurant of Al Diyar Hotel
  • 1 lunch at Jebel Shams Resort
  • Farewell dinner on the 7th day (Turkish Diwan or Al Mayda)
  • Tour guide throughout the tour
  • Group transfer from the airport to the hotel for those arriving at Muscat at the same time
  • Round trip by car/minibus/coach depending on group size (maximum number of participants per departure is 16 people)
  • Return transfer to the airport for the guests. Only possible directly after the farewell dinner on the 7th day from the restaurant. Guests departing at a different time must pay the cost of the private transfer
  • 4x4 vehicle transfer in the desert and for the Jebel Shams Tour (max. 4 persons per off-road vehicle)
  • Entrance fees
  • Taxes and service fees


  • 5 nights at Kichanga Lodge in a Bungalow with Garden View
  • 1 night at Emerson on Hurumzi Hotel
  • Meals according to the program
  • All transfers
  • Private spice tour with lunch
  • Private city tour of Stone Town’s Old Town


  • International flights

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned

  • Personal expenses, such as tips

  • Entrance fees and excursions not mentioned

  • Travel insurance

  • Luggage service at the airport or the hotel

  • Visa for Oman

  • Tourist visa for Zanzibar (payable locally, about 50 US dollars)

  • Departure tax for Zanzibar (about $ 30, to be paid locally)

Service & Notes

  • On request and at an additional cost, your itravel team will gladly book your long-haul flight and any flights during the roundtrip.
  • Single rooms are available on request.
  • Transfer mentioned on Day 1 is only for guests arriving in Muscat between 10:30 PM and 11:30 PM. Transfer mentioned on Day 7 is only for guests who are taken to the airport directly after the farewell dinner. All guests arriving or departing sooner or later must pay the surcharge for a private transfer
  • Please note that you may have to wait at the airport for further arrivals of other participants
  • Maximum number of participants: 16 people
  • The roundtrip starts in Muscat every week on a Saturday
  • Extend your stay in Oman with a short trip to the north and to the south. We are happy to book extra travel packages for you.
  • Ideal travel time: January-May or September-December (summer months in Oman are hot, so we recommend traveling outside of summer)
  • Please note that each Jeep can accommodate four passengers and one driver. Therefore, only a maximum of one travel bag per passenger can be taken into account when transporting luggage.
  • In the case of, for example, overbooking, closing or renovation of hotels or attractions, the program may be subject to change. Even during Omani vacations, it may happen that certain attractions are not available for viewing. The program will be adjusted accordingly and our partner will do everything in their power to find a suitable alternative of similar value.
  • With effect from June 1, 2019, the use of disposable plastic bags is prohibited in Tanzania and will be punishable. The ban applies to passengers arriving at airports and land borders, so be sure to get rid of your standard duty-free bags and plastic bags in your hand luggage or checked baggage. Expect strict checks upon entry. Ziplock bags, mainly used for cosmetics, are also subject to this ban. For example, we recommend transparent pouches with a zipper since they are not disposable items, but designed for more prolonged use. The use of plastic bags for purchases in the country is also prohibited.

Additional experiences

Concert and dinner at the Mtoni Palace Ruins

  1. Includes dinner and tour of the ruins, per person from 86 € excl. Flight
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Sunset on a Dhow

  1. Includes drinks, fruits, and snacks per person from 41 € excl. Flight
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