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Half Day Excursion in Mulala Village


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the WaMeru tribe with itravel! Here on the slopes of Mount Merus, you will get to know their culture and even have an up close experience with the local women to see how they make their own cheese and bread. To top off the day, enjoy a local lunch made from local produce.


  • Visit the WaMeru tribe in the Mulala Village
  • Includes lunch made with local specialties
  • The experience can be booked with the roundtrip " Highlights of Northern Tanzania"


What to Find Here

After breakfast in your hotel, you will begin to be excited to visit the small village of Mulala. Nestled on the slopes of Mount Merus resides the WaMeru tribe. After a short walk around the charming village, you will be greeted by Mama Anna, a nice villager who guides a local women's cooperative. You will learn all sorts of interesting facts about the everyday village life. Best of all, bread and cheese are even made here! Afterwards, enjoy a simple but delicious lunch made with local specialties in a relaxed atmosphere among friends.

Services and Infos

Services & Hinweise

  • Start: ca. 8:30am
  • Duration: ca. 2.5 hours (without lunch)
  • This tour best on Day 10 of the roundtrip "Highlights of Northern Tanzania" (stay in Arusha).