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Samui Island Tour


Samui— an island with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful nature. But the island offers so much more. Experience a half-day excursion covering all major attractions on the island, and immerse yourself in the culture and religion of this island. Temples, locals and pure nature— Welcome to Samui.


  • In four hours, discover Samui and its most beautiful corners
  • Experience the culture, religion and customs of the locals
  • The guide provides you with background knowledge of the historical island


A Diverse Island

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience a real island feel and the untouched beauty of Samui. What is a better way to start with an excursion? A beautiful drive to viewpoints from which you can catch unforgettable panoramas of the landscapes: i.e. Thai Hin Ta & Hin Yai, better known as Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks. These are two fascinating twin rocks that lie on coast's surf shore. Do you hear rustling in the palm trees? Did you see something bouncing in the giant palm leaves? Take a close look because little monkeys jump through the palm trees picking the coconuts at your next destination: a coconut-plantation! Take this opportunity to experience the difference in taste of young and older coconuts. Which ones taste better? You will also meet with the locals and learn how to make coconut milk by hand. Want to try it yourself? With a little help from the locals, you can certainly do it!

After these exciting insights, you will learn about the culture and religion of the island as you drive to the small temple of Wat Kunaram. What makes it special? At this temple, there is a glass case that contains a mummified relic of a monk who died in the lotus position - a very unique sight. Before your last stop, you drive to the beautifulNa Muang Waterfall.

The last stop takes place in Nathon, the main city of the island. Enjoy some free time and stroll through the streets and alleys where you can find a suitable souvenir in one of the numerous small shops. On the way back to the hotel, you will pass one of the most famous sights: the great Buddha, who looks out over the bay.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: Half-Day

Participants: 4 People

Travel date: Daily, 8:30 - 13:30 and 13:00 - 17:00


  • Visit to Grandmother & Grandfather Rocks, Na Muang Waterfall, Big Buddha and the Coconut Plantation
  • Transfer from/to Hotel
  • English speaking guide


  • Not mentioned meals and personal expenses


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