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Smithwicks Brewery Tour


Beer everywhere in this world is different from each other. When visiting Ireland, you will experience loads of ale varieties. But how is the famous Kilkenny Irish Beer made? What makes it so special and different than other beers? It used to be brewed as an export beer, but today it is also a very popular Irish beer. Experience what it's like inside the brewery— how yeast from hops turns into a delicious beer.


  • Experience insights into the brewing art during a guided tour
  • Find exciting information about the ale
  • Discover the history of Kilkenny beer


Insights into the Art of Brewing

A glass of Kilkenny Irish Beer is a very special treat. It can be filled into the glass until an elaborate process has already been completed. Join us on a journey into the past. In 1231, long before this beer was brewed, the basics of beer brewing were set as monks brewed from water a savory ale. Learn five generations of the Smithwicks on this tour, as we build up an exciting story about the eponymous beer in the 18th century. Over the years, the ingredients have been perfected and adapted to give you a unique insight into the production at the brewery today. Have you already found out what gives this ruby ​​ale its unique character and taste?

On this tour, learn about the ingredients that go into process of making this delicious beer. The perfect place to sample a glass of Smithwick beer? Of course in the brewery itself! Where else do you have the opportunity to drink such fresh beer? Enjoy the fruity aroma with delicate notes, which has earned numerous awards since 1892.

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Travel duration: Half Day


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  • Guided tour


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