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Power of Love


The rushing sea, sparkling cave walls and the crackle of the campfire. While you feel the warm sand under your feet, sit with your partner at the entrance of a romantically lit cave and be pampered with a delicious four-course meal. Make your partner a special declaration of love in Bali.


  • Romantic **Candlelit Dinner ** at the entrance of a sparkling cave
  • Complemented by views of the sea, enjoy a delicious four-course meal
  • Includes a private chef & attentive service


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Hundreds of bright lamps on the cave walls illuminate the breathtaking scenery. The campfire crackles and fresh sea air tickles the little hairs in your nose. Bali treats you and your loved one with a special Candlelit Dinner.

In front of the entrance of the romantically lit cave, enjoy a marvelous view of the roaring sea while you indulge in a first-class, four-course-menu. Cheers to an unforgettable night with a glass of champagne with your loved one, while you are spoiled by your private chef and the attentive service with freshly prepared delicacies.

Services and Infos


  • Romantic backdrop
  • A four-course meal (excluding drinks)
  • Private chef & attentive service


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