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Night Safari Singapore


This night safari takes place in the first Wild Animal Park for nocturnal animals. Get ready for a thrilling, guided tour that will take you across seven geographic zones of the world— from the rugged Himalayan foothills to the swampy Asian river forests and much more.


  • A discovery tour to see nocturnal animals
  • Marvel at an exciting show of the tribal fighters
  • Discover exotic animals and a special atmosphere


Marvel at night-active residents

Immerse yourself in an unknown world with us as this night safari takes place in the first wild animal park for nocturnal animals. If you have not seen too many animals during the tram ride, then take a stroll down the trail to take another look around. On the leopard trail, you can get in touch with the **beautiful leopards ** or observe the lions in their most active phase during their feeding times.

Are you curious about which animals in the Down Under are active in the dark? Then go into the area of ​​the Outback and discover the native animals of Australia! Take the Wallaby path and see these amazing animals in the dark!

If time permits, drop by the talented troupe of tribal fighters who will captivate you with their breathtaking stunts in the Thumbuakar Performance— an unforgettable experience in the darkness of Singapore.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: 4 Hours

Travel date: Hotel pick-up at 18:15 - tour starts at 18:45


  • Admission to the night safari
  • Priority in the queue
  • Pick up from the hotel
  • Private Guide
  • Tram ride


  • Not mentioned meals and personal expenses


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