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Whale Safari - Canada

Vancouver Whale Safari – A Gigantic Experience


  • Discover mighty orca whales off the coast of Vancouver

  • Whale-sighting guarantee: If you do not see any whales, you may repeat this excursion for free the next day!

  • Remarkable souvenir photos to take home


Experience a thrilling deep-sea safari in search of the famous Orca whales! On this three to five hour adventure, experienced tour guides will take you out to sea for whale-sighting opportunities. There is a 90% chance you will see one of these majestic whales, so have your camera ready. In addition to orcas, you might also see gray whales, seals, dolphins, sea lions, bald eagles, and many other sea creatures.


North America

  1. Canada
  2. Western Canada

If you are fascinated by Canada, you will fall in love with the Vancouver area because you can experience a perfect mix of inspiring ocean landscapes and untouched nature. Vancouver's best natural highlights are orca whales.

Between May and September, you can see hundreds of orcas, humpbacks, and gray whales along the British Columbia coast. If you want to experience close encounters with the marine mammals, board a Zodiac boat at Steveston (about 16 miles from Vancouver, transfers for an extra charge) and set out to find the majestic whales! Stay alert because you will probably see these mighty giants in herds of thirty. It is an indescribable feeling when you suddenly catch a glimpse of a blackfin sticking out of the water next to the boat, or when you see a giant gray whale push its mighty body a few feet into the air as it lands under large splashes of water. These are truly unforgettable moments.

Duration of the trip: 3 hours


  • Three to five-hour boat tour

  • Experienced tour guides onboard

  • Sighting Guarantee: If you do not see any whales, you may repeat this excursion for free the next day

  • Water and snacks


  • Transfers from/to Vancouver

  • Tips

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