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Sailing trip - Italy

Sailing trip on the Amalfi Coast & in the Gulf of Naples


  • Discover the Amalfi Coast in 8 days aboard a catamaran

  • Experience Italian nature and culture during shore excursions

  • Explore unknown spots like the Phlegraean Islands

  • Relaxing days and luxury on the sunbathing areas on the Lagoon620 deck

  • Water sports, full board, and towels included


Explore the Gulf of Naples and sail on a catamaran along the Amalfi Coast. An impressive coastline of inviting swimming bays and steep slopes, with romantic fishing villages clinging to them, awaits you. Explore the beautiful island of Procida, where time runs a little slower, and the volcanic island of Ischia, which beckons visitors with untouched nature and exudes Mediterranean charm like no other. Let yourself, like many great artists and celebrities before you, be enchanted by the flair and magic of the green island of Capri. Set sail for "la dolce vita" and the charming, colorful villages.



Phlegraean Islands - Capri - Amalfi Coast - Sorrento Coast

To visit the wildly romantic Amalfi Coast and Capri, a green gem in the Gulf of Naples, the months from May to October, when you can expect summer temperatures and little rain, are best. From July to August you can look forward to many sunny days. At this time of year, the water is also pleasantly warm for swimming.

Your exciting sailing trip begins in the small port town of Pozzuoli, whose long history boasts interesting archaeological excavation sites and an amphitheater. After your check-in, it's time to cast off, and after just six nautical miles, you will reach the first stop, the bay of Corricella in Procida.

The bay and the village are primarily known for their characteristically colorful houses, built close together or on each other, creating a spectacular backdrop. Especially when the sun shines on the colorful houses, you are offered extraordinary photo opportunities. In the car-free village, things are tranquil. Explore the town on your own or stroll downstairs through the winding alleys. Enjoy an aperitif in this relaxed atmosphere before enjoying dinner back on board the anchored ship.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Pozzuoli, Italy

Start the day by jumping into the sea and enjoying a typical Procidan breakfast: Linguine al Limone, a pasta dish with a delicate lemon sauce. While you are still indulging in culinary delights, the catamaran is already setting off for Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. Your trip will take you past the island of Vivara, which is connected to Procida by a bridge and is home to a nature reserve with rare plant species, rabbits, and birds. After a journey of eight nautical miles, you will reach the bay of Sant'Angelo and Maronti beach. Admire the tiny houses close to each other on the slopes and the stunning views. Don't forget to visit the small sophisticated village of Sant'Angelo or the beach of Le Fumarole, which you can reach by a small path from the heart of the town.

Around 16:00, you will reach a bay near Ischia Ponte, about four nautical miles from Sant'Angelo. Ischia Ponte is famous for its castle Castello Aragonese, which overlooks the bay. Besides the old town, the picturesque harbor is also worth a visit and invites you to linger on the Riva Destra with numerous restaurants and taverns.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Ischia, Italy

After about 19 nautical miles, you will reach Capri. Get to know the Faraglioni rocks of the island, which rise out of the water like cones. A highlight of the trip is a visit to the famous Blue Grotto. Observe the fantastic color of the water as sunlight shines into the 52-meter-long and 30-meter-wide cave. The iconic octagonal lighthouse Faro di Punta Carena, guiding ships on a red house since 1867, is already eye-catching from the catamaran. At Marina Piccola, you can relax on the beach, enjoy the view of the water or have a meal in a restaurant.

When you dock at the world's most famous concrete pier, don't forget to visit the village of Capri, with its narrow streets full of small local stores. Also watch out for the big yachts, because famous people from all over the world are here every day.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Capri, Italy

Today you will sail past the Faraglioni Rocks towards the Amalfi Coast, where high mountains overlook the bays of Nerano, Amalfi, and the cliff town of Positano. After sailing eight and a half nautical miles, you will have the opportunity to swim in the deep waters of the Li Galli archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The lonely, rocky Li Galli islands, Gallo Lungo, Castelluccio, and Rotonda, located just a few kilometers from Positano beach, reflect like pearls in the crystal clear waters of the Amalfi Coast. As an explanation for the shipwrecks in this region in ancient times, legends said sirens inhabited the islands, enchanting sailors with their songs and causing ships to crash. The last inhabitants of these islands were the ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev and the choreographer Leonide Massin. He built a beautiful estate here, later remodeled by architect Le Corbusier, on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa.

After a short ride of four and a half nautical miles, you will reach Positano's former fishing village. The village has fueled the worldwide fame of the Amalfi Coast with its colorful houses perched on the hillsides and scenic beauty. Enjoy the picturesque view of this fascinating place and stroll through the alleys. Popular souvenirs include colorful ceramics as well as linen dresses and leather sandals. End the day relaxing in an extraordinary setting.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Positano, Italy

After breakfast, sail six nautical miles further, past Praiano and Cona Dei Marini to Amalfi. Named after the Valley of Wrath, in the Fjord of Furore, which lies between Positano and Amalfi, you can visit a 30-meter high bridge fixed on the steep slopes of the fjord, which served as a backdrop for several films. Here also began the stormy relationship between the famous director Roberto Rossellini and the actress Anna Magnani, also known as "Nannarella," during the filming of "L'Amore" The bridge hosts cliff diving championships every first Sunday in July. Imagine two high cliffs pointed at each other and where they meet, tiny pastel-colored houses nestle into the hillside. Set out to explore this small and picturesque fishing village, where some are now an ecomuseum.

Just past Capo di Conca, you will reach Amalfi. The Amalfi Coast is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rightly so, due to its rich history and numerous ancient buildings and museums. Some interesting sights are the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Piazza Duomo, the Basilica del Crocifisso, and the old paper factory.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Amalfi, Italy

If you wish, you can easily take a bus to Ravello after breakfast. It is 365 meters above sea level and famous for the Wagner Festival that takes place there every year and its impressive view over the Amalfi Coast. From here, you can overlook the entire Gulf of Salerno. This view, picturesque parks, and unique atmosphere have inspired many artists in the past. Enjoy the flair of this romantic place during a walk, where you can also visit many churches and buildings, such as Villa Rufolo from the 12th century.

In the early afternoon, the catamaran will leave the Amalfi Coast and take you towards Sorrento, considered the home of the mystical sirens. About 18 nautical miles further, you can admire the magnificent landscapes and swim in the bays of Nerano or Marina di Puolo, located on the rugged coastline. Before spending the night on board, you can take a trip to the town and sit in a restaurant overlooking the high cliffs.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Sorrento, Italy

Enjoy the last dive into the bay of Sorrento or take a walk through the city before sailing back to Pozzuoli. Along the coast of Naples, you will have a great view of the city from the sea with Castel dell'Ovo, Posillipo hill, and Nisida island. You will spend the night in Pozzuoli Marina.

Overnight aboard Lagoon620 in a double cabin with full board, Pozzuoli, Italy

When you zipper up your suitcase in the morning, you'll disembark with plenty of new memories. You will check out around 9:00 in the morning. What happens next? We will help you with the planning. Whether you want to go directly to the airport or continue your trip with a beach extension or rental car - we are happy to advise you.

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LAGOON 620 - 6 + 2 CAB.

The elegant catamaran combines luxury, comfort, and speed at about 19 meters. The bright design of the interior invites you to feel at home. Experience a clearly defined dining, relaxation, and seating area, and look forward to six luxurious cabins for 12 people with separate bathrooms, a desk, and plenty of storage space.

Relax on the sunbathing areas on deck and spend an unforgettable sailing adventure aboard the Lagoon 620.

  • All guests and crew members aboard the catamarans must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Closest city: Naples

Closest airport: Naples International Airport

Number of rooms: 6 cabins

Duration of the trip: 8 days / 7 nights


  • 7 nights aboard the catamaran Lagoon620 in an air-conditioned double bed cabin
  • Full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinks at dinner (table wine, water, and local aperitifs)
  • One-time handling fee
  • Beach towels
  • Water sports like kayaking and snorkeling
  • Local taxes and fees
  • The starting price is valid between the travel period of 24.09.22 - 22.10.22
  • International flights from/to Frankfurt or Zurich

Not included

  • International flights
  • Transfers
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Personal expenses, such as minibar and tips
  • Travel insurance
  • PCR test, if still required
  • Visa, entry, and/or exit fees, if required
  • Cash Box 230 EUR per person (obligatory and to be paid on the spot, see notes)


  • No children under 8 years old allowed
  • Boarding or check-in is always on Saturdays
  • Check-in (embarkation): Marina Sud Cantieri, Pozzuoli Italy at 18:00
  • Check-out (disembarkation): Marina Sud Cantieri, Pozzuoli Italy at 09:00
  • Itinerary changes are possible due to weather, decision made by the captain
  • The sailing trip takes place from the beginning of May to the end of September

Cash Box:

  • National park fees
  • Customs fees
  • Tourist fees
  • Island entrance and shore fees
  • Anchorage fees
  • Refueling of water, gasoline, gas, diesel
  • The cash box will already be included in the travel price for all departures from 2023.

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