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Experience - Japan

The mysterious world of geishas


  • Spend time in the elegant company of a geisha and uncover the secrets of her world

  • Let the rituals of geisha culture capitvate you

  • Enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets in the company of your hostess


Immerse yourself in the world of geisha culture during this fun afternoon in Kyoto. Start with a relaxing stroll through the atmospheric streets of Gion, the geisha district of the city. Afterward, drink a cup of tea with a geisha or one of their apprentices, a maiko. Enjoy fascinating conversations, graceful traditional dances, and lively drinking games.



  1. Japan

Immerse yourself in Japanese society and experience pure tradition. While men dominate almost all industries and professions in Japan, the traditional geishas are an exception! The geisha entertainment industry is run entirely by women and has the highest reputation in Japan. Translated, the Japanese word geisha means artist. Learn about the traditional Japanese arts during this geisha meeting.

Businesses and other professionals use geishas to impress key customers and VIPs at business lunches. To set the mood and tone of the evening, the geishas have a tactical influence on the outcome of leadership decisions. For centuries, they have put artistic spells on this male-dominated sector, funnily entertaining the audience and offering excellent conversational skills.

This afternoon, you’ll first explore the back streets of the geisha district in Kyoto. Peter MacIntosh is an expert who has experience with the geisha culture. He was married to an ex-geisha, studied Japanese arts, and is a lecturer in geisha studies at Kansai University. During a private stroll through the geisha district, he will explain the history and geisha’s role in today’s society. Afterward, you’ll stop at a private ochaya, a geisha teahouse, that’s usually reserved for members only. In an intimate setting, you’ll meet a geisha or maiko, a geisha in training.

With matcha tea and Japanese sweets, you’ll learn everything about the craft and world of geishas. The geisha will entertain you with traditional dances and introduce you to popular Japanese drinking games during your stay. Snap photos and record the memories before saying goodbye to the hostess and returning to your hotel.

Closest city: Kyoto

Duration of the trip: 2 hours beginning at 15:30


  • English-speaking guide
  • Tea and sweets
  • One way transfer to the geisha district


  • Return transfer

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