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Group tour - Suriname

Suriname group tour: Follow in the footsteps of the rainforest's indigenous tribe


  • With the permission of the Tiriyó tribe, discover 5000 year old petroglyphs deep in the Amazon jungle

  • This expedition contributes directly to the promotion of the conservation organization, STINASU and to the preservation of Tiriyó culture.

  • Experience a true "jungle adventure" including camping in some of Suriname's most remote and wild places

  • Fly over the evergreen jungle of Suriname, feel and watch the rainforest breathe

  • An expert from Conservation International will show you the world of the indigenous tribes of Suriname


Join our exclusive expedition to Suriname, the greenest country on earth. Made up of 93 percent rainforest area, this untouched and vibrant land takes you on a journey into the past.

By visiting the indigenous Tiriyó tribe, you will be supporting the development of a sustainable tourism project. With the tribe’s permission, you are going to explore the 5000-year-old archaeological site of Werehpai. You are also going to fly over the almost impenetrable Amazon jungle and feel the pulse of the rainforest. During your expeditions, you will get to experience the rare animal and plant species that call this enchanting and remote place home. And through our cooperation with non-profit organization Conservation International, which is committed to the preservation of biodiversity worldwide, your trip to Suriname also makes a direct contribution to the protection of the rainforest and the culture of the Tiriyó.


Today you land at the international airport of Paramaribo and after receiving your luggage, you will receive a warm welcome from a representative of our partner agency in the arrival hall. Together you will drive to your wellness resort, which is located near the center of Suriname's capital and idyllically surrounded by botanical gardens and waterfalls. Relax from the long journey and enjoy your first night in Suriname!

Overnight stay with dinner in Paramaribo, Suriname

After a fortifying breakfast, you are going to explore the capital of Suriname by bike - an authentic and sustainable way to discover the culinary as well as historical treasures of Paramaribo. First, you are going to visit various local markets and experience the atmosphere there with all your senses. From tropical fruits, some of which are completely unknown in several other countries, to local specialties: The selection here is extensive, and while you taste your way through the exotic world of local products, you get to observe the colorful hustle and bustle of the locals.

Then, during lunch at a local restaurant, you and your palate are going to learn about the culinary traditions of Creole cuisine. Try a delicious peanut soup, Moksi Alesi, a rice dish with salt fish and vegetables, or the famous oven dish Pom, which is usually served on festive occasions.

Next, embark on the trail of the country's long and varied history. During a visit to the old town, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2002, you are going to experience the extraordinary fusion of Dutch architecture with local craftsmanship: some 250 of the enchanting wooden buildings dating back to the early 19th century and built in Dutch colonial style still stand today, and the original street plan has even remained active. The cityscape of Paramaribo is also known for magnificent sacred buildings belonging to different religious communities. From the large synagogue and the colorful Hindu temple to the Catholic cathedral and one of the largest mosques in all of South America: the cultural melting pot of the Surinamese capital has it all. Other highlights of your tour include the present-day Presidential Palace, the former governor's residence and the old Fort Zeelandia - a Dutch fortification built in 1613 that served as a trading post for the colonialists at the time.

Overnight stay with breakfast & dinner in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Set off early in the morning for your next destination: the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve, located in the west of Suriname. The 68,000-hectare area is not only rich in flora and fauna, but also a known paradise for bird lovers. Bigi Pan, which means "big lake", consists of mangrove forests, swamps and streams. The area is home to no less than 122 different bird species, 72 of which can be observed year-round. Resident species include the red ibis, the blood-colored and the Guyana woodpecker.

After a four-hour-long car trip, you are going to take a boat to your sustainable lodge. Spend the night in one of the detached overwater bungalows, picturesquely situated in the middle of Bigi Pan Lake, from the terrace where you have an exceptional view of the impressive nature. Early in the morning and in the late afternoon you will see a very special spectacle, when thousands of birds leave their quarters or look for a suitable place to spend the night.

Overnight stay in Bigi Pan with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today you are going to observe the abundant bird life in Bigi Pan.

Afterwards, you are going to cross extensive mangroves by boat and then continue to the Hindustan town of Nieuw-Nickerie. From here, you are going to travel to the local airstrip and then continue by small prop plane (about 45 minutes) over the pristine rainforest to the imposing Blanche Marie waterfalls. During your flight, you are going to have the extraordinary opportunity to observe our planet breathing. The oxygen produced by the trees rises into the atmosphere and can be spotted by the naked eye - an unforgettable experience, which evokes deep emotions in many respects: On the one hand, observers become aware of the uniqueness of our earth, but on the other we are shown exactly how important the protection of our planet is and how much mankind still overexploits nature.

In the afternoon, you are going to visit the imposing Blanche Marie waterfalls, which stretch over 120 meters and are located in the west of the country. Western Suriname is an impressive, largely untouched area, lined with evergreen jungle that is very difficult to access, many rivers, smaller streams, rapids and paradisiacally beautiful waterfalls. Keep your eyes peeled during your approximately one-hour-long hike through deep jungle, as this area is home to all eight species of monkeys in Suriname and more than 200 species of birds, including parrots, macaws and trumpet birds.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Blanche Marie Falls, Suriname.

Today you are going to travel via propeller plane over the lush jungle further south into the interior to Kabalebo Lodge, located in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Located in the mid-west of Suriname, deep in the wilderness, Kabalebo is an area belonging to the Sipaliwinider district around the eponymous Kabalebo River that flows through this region. This is where your jungle lodge, the Kabalebo Nature Resort, is located. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a fortifying lunch before starting your adventure in the afternoon, a boat tour to the Zandkreek Stream. The 30-minute-long boat ride takes you through untouched and seemingly impenetrable rainforest. The flora and fauna you are going to encounter are breathtaking and diverse. Look out for caimans, sloths, toucans, and many other colorful bird species.

After your return, you are going to have some time before dinner to relax on the pier, in the hammock or take a refreshing dip in the lodge's own swimming pool. You may even spot a tapir, the largest land mammal in Latin America. These animals visit the lodge from time to time. After dinner, your guide will provide you with helpful information for the coming days. You can look forward to exciting experiences.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kabalebo, Suriname.

Before sunrise, you will travel by boat downstream on the Kabalebo River along the densely overgrown jungle, not only to go in search of wild animals, but also to admire a magical sunrise over the jungle. This is a magical time in the rainforest, as nocturnal creatures end the night, and diurnal species announce the new day with imposing sounds.

As you glide peacefully along the river, listening silently and with your eyes open, you forget everything around you and become part of Suriname's evergreen jungle and its unique wildlife. After floating peacefully downstream on the Kabalebo River, you will take a short hike through the jungle to the "Kilo 3" rapids where you will enjoy a fortifying breakfast. As you glide peacefully back down the river to the lodge, your eyes will be on the lookout for colorful birds, various species of monkeys, caimans, anacondas and giant river otters - if you're lucky, you might even see a jaguar.

After a delicious lunch at your lodge, you will cross the Kabalebo River and hike to the so-called Charly Waterfalls at the foot of Misty Mountain. As you hike through the jungle, listen to the fascinating sounds, and learn more about the local flora and fauna from your guide. After relaxing a bit at the falls, you will make your way back to your lodge.

Upon your return, you will have some time to relax and look forward to dusk. Because as soon as it gets dark in the Amazon jungle, another adventure awaits as you set out to discover Suriname's fascinating flora and fauna at night. You get to admire nocturnal insects, frogs, snakes and other animals that are particularly active now. Why not turn off all your flashlights and listen to the wild sounds of the rainforest - this experience will captivate you, it is fascinating and a little eerie at the same time.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kabalebo, Suriname.

You are going to start this morning with a kayak tour to the Moi Moi waterfalls. Paddle peacefully through the water and soak up the pristine nature and mysterious sounds around you. Enjoy Kabalebo's abundant wildlife - and you might even spot a jaguar on the riverbank, who knows? Once you reach the trail that leads to the Moi Moi waterfalls, begin a hike through the dense Amazon jungle with your nature guide. He will not only assist you in discovering the local wildlife, but also teach you a lot about the rainforest and its diverse flora and fauna.

After visiting the waterfalls, you will board traditional dugout canoes and return to your lodge. After one last lunch in Kabalebo, your next adventure is already waiting for you: you will fly with a propeller plane further south to the Brazilian border and deep into the tribal area of the Tiriyó, who belong to the largest indigenous peoples of Suriname.

Overnight with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kwamalasamutu, Suriname.

Kwamalasamutu, with a population of about 800, is the largest village of the indigenous Tiriyó tribe, which lives in small forest settlements in southern Suriname and Brazil.The chief of the tribe is known as the Granman. The community you are going to visit has maintained very good relations with Conservation International for more than 30 years and was instrumental in signing for the creation of the South Suriname Conservation Corridor.

Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by Asongo Alalapadoe, the Tiriyó village elder, and other community leaders. You are going to learn more about the daily challenges of the Tiriyó from the Granman himself, as the existence of the indigenous population in Suriname is not officially recognized and the indigenous people do not enjoy legal protection or legal status as recognized indigenous peoples. For this reason, they are denied rights and have no official claim to their land. Extensive rainforest logging by foreign companies has resulted not only in severe environmental degradation, but also in the loss of traditional habitat. In cooperation with Conservation International, this trip and your visit will make a direct contribution to the protection of the rainforest and the culture of the Tiriyó. Thus, with your support, the Tiriyó will be provided with a source of income that will help them protect their homeland without succumbing to the lucrative income opportunities offered by illegal gold mining or rainforest logging.

This morning, you are going to set out on the trail of 5,000 years of human history in the remote Amazon jungle of Suriname. With the permission of the Tiriyó council of elders, you will travel aboard a traditional long boat about ten kilometers upstream along the dense rainforest. After going ashore, you will hike for several hours through the evergreen jungle until suddenly, surrounded by rampant lianas, tropical fruit trees and colorful insects, huge basalt rocks rise up. Now you are at your destination: the archaeological site of Werehpai, protected by the Tiriyó, which, apart from the indigenous people themselves, has hardly been seen by more than 50 people - including expeditions from Yale University and the Smithsonian Institution, which have dated the age of the petroglyphs to around 5,000 years. Decorated with more than 300 extraordinary petroglyphs, cave and rock paintings, the site's passageways and caves were first discovered in 2000 by Kamanja Panashekuung, a Tiriyó community member. Embark on a tour of the archaeological site and marvel at the millennia-old cave paintings of the ancestors of today's Tiriyó.

The area surrounding the Werehpai archaeological site is now a protected indigenous area, as Asongo Alalapadoe, the Granman of the Tiriyó, banned hunting and farming in the area after the discovery of the petroglyphs.

This evening, a very special experience awaits you: Meet with the inhabitants of the village in the local community house, the so-called Tukusipan, which is used by the Tiriyó to receive guests, make important decisions and celebrate together, and witness a musical performance that will not only give you an insight into the centuries-old traditions of the indigenous tribe, but will almost certainly cast its own spell over you.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kwamalasamutu, Suriname.

After breakfast, you will leave Kwamalasamutu. The propeller plane will take you to Botopasi, from where you will continue with the dugout canoes you are already familiar with to the Danpaati River Lodge, which is located on a picturesque island in the upper part of the Suriname River.

Suriname is home to a total of six Maroon tribes, of which the Saamaka are the largest with more than 28,000 people. Since their escape from slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Saamaka have lived primarily along the upper Suriname River and its tributaries, the Gran Rio and the Pikin Rio. Since the 1960s, however, they have also lived along the lower Suriname River in villages built by the colonial government and Alcoa, a large U.S. aluminum company. However, when a large hydroelectric dam was built to supply power to Alcoa's aluminum smelter, the Saamaka had to be relocated because more than half of their tribal land was flooded due to the construction. Today, there are several villages along the Suriname River, each with a population of 100 to 200.

This afternoon, embark on a tour along the Suriname River in traditional long boats to the rushing Tapawatra Rapids. First you will pass local villages and the Bihati Rapids. After about 1.5 hours you can already hear the impressive sound of the water masses. Shortly after, you will reach the rapids, which stretch across the entire width of the river. While the long boats, the so-called Sulas, can usually navigate skilfully along the rapids of the Suriname River, this is no longer possible with the Tapawatra rapids.

Surrounded by extraordinary scenery, you can relax at the rapids and enjoy a refreshing swim while receiving a natural back massage from the water.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Danpaati

Today you will dive deeper into the local traditions of the Maroons. The origin of the people is on the African continent, from where slaves were taken to Suriname centuries ago to work on the local plantations. When the slaves began to escape, they settled along the upper course of the Suriname River. The so-called Maroons still live very traditionally today, and their African traditions are still intact. While visiting a Maroon village, you will learn more about the history of this people. You will also learn about the daily challenges and the Maroons themselves.

After dinner, you will then board traditional dugout canoes to glide along the Daanpati River and look for nocturnal caimans. This is a thrilling experience, and once you spot a glowing pair of eyes in the water or on the riverbank, your adrenaline is sure to soar.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner in Danpaati.

Today you will fly to Ralleigh Falls, the gateway to your jungle expedition to the natural wonder of Voltzberg, which is scheduled for tomorrow. However, before you set off on this very special expedition, after lunch you will travel by boat to the breathtakingly beautiful Raleigh Falls.

Overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Ralleigh Waterfalls Suriname.

After a fortifying breakfast, you will set out on an impressive jungle hike to Voltzberg. On the way there, stony mountains repeatedly protrude through the seemingly impenetrable jungle cover. The blazing sun to which they are exposed has created very special biotopes with extraordinary plant species. After climbing to the top of the most famous of these granite rocks, at 245 meters above sea level, you will be offered a breathtaking 360-degree view of the unspoiled nature of the central Suriname Nature Reserve.

You are going to set up camp tonight on the top of Voltz Mountain. As soon as it gets dark, another adventure awaits you: a night hike through the dense jungle. Equipped with flashlights, you will set out to discover the nocturnal animals of the rainforest and listen to the mysterious sounds of the night.

Overnight stay with meals on the Voltzberg, Suriname

Mist rises from the treetops of the rainforest as you wake up in your tent (or hammock) accompanied by the gentle chirping of tropical birds. Enjoy the paradisiacal tranquility accompanied by the natural sounds of the rainforest. After breakfast, you will fly back to the capital city of Paramaribo and then be transferred to your wellness resort, where you have already spent your first two nights. Now, one last adventure awaits you: experience a sunset boat ride on the Suriname River to observe the Guiana dolphins (also called Sotalia dolphins). The animals live together in groups of about 6 to 20 individuals, and with a little luck the dolphins will approach your boat so you can experience the friendly as well as peaceful mammals up close. While you enjoy the romantic sunset on the Suriname River with local specialties and sparkling champagne!

Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner in Paramaribo, Suriname****

After a hearty breakfast and some free time, you will be transferred back to the airport in Paramaribo to begin your return journey to Europe. We hope that you enjoyed the trip and that you will start your journey home with unforgettable memories. We recommend our exclusive helicopter expedition to the mystical Table Mountain in Suriname, or perhaps you would like to explore Guyana, the land of many waters and natural wonders? All our tours are customizable. Our travel experts will be happy to advise you.

Breakfast is included today.

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Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort*** , Paramaribo

The Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort is located in the center of Suriname's capital and is idyllically surrounded by botanical gardens and waterfalls. The hotel's rooms are spacious and modernly furnished. They have a private bathroom, air conditioning, television and microwave. Some of the rooms also offer their guests a private balcony with a beautiful view of the tropical bamboo garden or the outdoor pool. The hotel's other amenities include a spa area and an on-site restaurant, as well as an outdoor pool and poolside bar for refreshing and lingering after sightseeing.

Akira Overwater Resort**, Bigi Pan

The Akira Overwater Resort Bigi Pan is not only the newest resort in Suriname, but also the only hotel there built entirely on the water, consisting of 17 freestanding overwater bungalows. Accommodations are simply furnished and feature private bathrooms. From their own balconies, guests can watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets as well as an impressive natural spectacle every day: Thousands of birds leaving their quarters in the morning with loud cries, or returning in the afternoon to find quarters for the night. The resort's own restaurant is connected to the overwater bungalows by wooden walkways.

Kabalebo Nature Resort**+, Kabalebo

The idyllically situated Kabalebo Nature Resort is located directly on the banks of the river of the same name, about 240 kilometers from the nearest village or road and in the middle of the Amazon jungle of Suriname. The resort offers various accommodation options with modern amenities and breathtaking views. During your stay, you can dine at the accommodation's restaurant. Other facilities include an outdoor pool and a bar. Activities in the area include hiking, wildlife watching, kayaking, boating and fishing.

Daanpati River Lodge**, Daanpati

Danpaati River Lodge is located in Suriname's pristine Amazon rainforest on an island near the Maroons village of Dan. Look forward to comfortable, spacious bungalows that feature mosquito netting and a balcony or veranda with a hammock overlooking the scenic river. In addition to the hotel's restaurant, the lodge's amenities include a bar, as well as an outdoor pool for refreshments and a yoga terrace.

Notes on other accommodations:

At Blanche Marie Falls, you'll spend the night in hammocks.

At Kwamalasamutu, you will stay in a community house of the indigenous Tiriyó tribe.

At Gonini Lodge in central Suriname you will stay in simple rooms.

On the Voltzberg you will stay in private camping tents.

Closest airport: Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Duration of the trip: 14 days / 13 nights

Opening times: 22.10.2022 - 4.11.2022


  • International flights (from/to Amsterdam)
  • Domestic charter flights as per program
  • 13 nights in the mentioned accommodations or similar:
    • 2 nights at the Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort*** with breakfast in a standard room in Paramaribo.

    • 1 night at Akira Overwater Resort** with full board in an overwater bungalow in Bigi Pan

    • 1 night in hammocks with meals at Blanche Marie Waterfalls

    • 2 nights full board at Kabalebo Nature Resort**+ in an Inspiration Point room in Kabalebo

    • 2 nights in a community house with meals in Kwamalasamutu

    • 2 nights, full board at Daanpati River Lodge** in a standard room in Daanpati

    • 1 overnight stay at Gonini Lodge* with meals in a private room in Central Suriname

    • 1 overnight stay at Voltzberg with meals in a private camping tent

    • 1 night at Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort*** with breakfast in a standard room in Paramaribo

  • English speaking "Conservation International" tour leader
  • Sightseeing tours as per program including entrance fees
  • All private transfers as per program

Not included

  • Feeder flight and/or feeder train ride (to/from Amsterdam)
  • Meals and drinks, which are not mentioned in the scope of service
  • Excursions (sightseeing, entrance fees, etc.), which are optional
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Travel insurance


  • Minimum number of participants: 6 guests
  • Maximum number of participants: 8 guests
  • Travel period: 21.10.2022 - 3.11.2022

Additional experiences

Exclusive helicopter expedition to the mystical Table Mountain

  1. 3 days / 2 nights per person from 3.950 € excl. Flight Applicable from 2.11.2022 to 4.11.2022
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