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The World of Tea

Travel to the origins of tea around the world


Fruity and sweet, floral, strong and spicy, or refreshingly tangy: a cup of freshly brewed tea tastes delicious and perfect for body, mind, and soul. But where do the precious leaves originate? With a unique partnership with TeeGschwendner, the market leader in the tea industry, we will take you back to the origins of tea.

The tea tours combine TeeGschwendner’s knowledge of the beautiful world of tea with our tourism expertise. Visit selected tea gardens around the world, look over the shoulder of tea pickers and learn everything about the cultivation, processing, and trade of tea - without missing out on the idyllic nature and cultural beauties of the destinations. Immerse yourself in the world of tea on tailor-made round trips - so that the delicious beverage tastes even better when you return home.