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Your Maldives Vacation

A glimpse of the Maldives


Welcome to the Maldives! In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies a tropical paradise. More than 1,000 islands blend into the turquoise waters of the ocean with their fine sand, sparkling white beaches, lush green, swaying palm trees, and colorful, species-rich coral reefs - a dream destination that beats any painting. The Maldives also boasts privacy with secluded beaches, plus luxury accommodations, and culinary delights in high-quality restaurants.

Not only is this archipelago a hotspot for divers, snorkelers, and newlyweds, but the island also offers activities for culture lovers. In the capital, Malé, there is a mosque carved out of white coral; in the busy fish market, one can get to know the local way of life.

Best time to visit: December to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 13 hours