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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the number 1 contact for all those who don't just want an average, but a very special and unique vacation package. We make sure that you can finally have that vacation you have always dreamed of. We have made it our mission to find special experiences, extraordinary trips, unique resorts and hotels and adventures away from the well-known paths for travelers of all ages to make individual traveling dreams come true. Whether it's island hopping or shopping, honeymoon or safari, whether it's sports or wellness, luxury hotel or tent camp, a sailing trip or a car rental road trip, we will find the perfect trip for you. Do you have any special wishes? Our team of over 30 travel experts will make your journey as individual as you are! That special something that will make your trip an experience of a lifetime!

We firmly believe sustainability to be a core requirement of our operating quality. In selecting and working with our local partners, we put special emphasis on their social, ecological and ethical operational standards. We therefore give priority to sustainable hotels and eco-lodges and prefer to partner locally in order to support the local economy and facilitate a more authentic cultural experience for our customers. Following the principles of animal protection, we do not offer any activities for which animals are held or treated against animal rights and welfare. Consequently, we do not offer elephant riding or dolphin encounters in any other circumstance than in open water. Instead, we work with animal rescue camps and sanctuaries in our program, to raise awareness of the situation of endangered species. Additionally, we give our customers the opportunity to join in and support animal protection and nature conservation programs. Conscious of tourism´s many environmental issues, we have banned all large ocean cruises from our portfolio and avoid domestic flights whenever possible. Instead we use the advantages of train services and rental cars. We continuously strive to meet the standard of a “Green Office” as we have contracted clean renewable energy, use recycled paper, and order supplies exclusively from sustainable sources.

Our goal is to custom your trip as exactly as possible to your needs and wishes. This is why our experienced travel consultants are always at your side. Once you have made an inquiry, we will be able to consult with you in order to find out exactly what you want from your trip and adjust it if necessary. Often have they traveled the countries themselves and have specific tips and recommendations. Afterwards, they custom a special offer customized to you and your wishes. Your travel expert will check prices, availability and possible reductions for you. So at the end of the booking, it's really YOUR vacation. Individual trips are also suitable for a direct online booking. Here you can take advantage of trips organized by our travel consultants, of course with a price advantage.

If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will prepare a trip to suit your needs and preferences. The trips on our site will give you a first impression of what is possible with us. Almost all of these trips can be adjusted according to your wishes in terms of duration of the trip and travel dates. Only cruises and group travels are tied to fixed dates, but can also be worked around and specifically address your needs and wishes. So contact us and take your first step towards your dream vacation!

Our travel consultation is of course, free of charge. You will only be charged for fixed costs.

You have several possibilities to ask us about a travel inquiry. Use our online form, call us, or write an email. Our travel experts will then contact you in a timely manner.

Depending on the scope of the request, the processing times may vary. Once your request has been received by our travel experts, they begin working on your trip. This means that they have to consult with you first to clarify open questions or details. In the next step, they will contact our partners, hotels, and organizers, also check prices and availability and put your trip together step by step into a big whole package so that at the end of this process, you will have exactly the trip you want. It is clear that a 14-day rental trip takes more time than a hotel booking. So please have some patience, your dream vacation is in the process.

The price of the flight is not included in our prices, which means that there are additional costs for the flight in addition to the trip price. We would be pleased to provide you with a non-committal flight offer to suit your travel needs. As the airlines no longer pay commissions for arranging flights, we charge a service fee for the cost of the search, the amount of which is dependant on your destination.

You are more than welcome to book your own flights. However, we advise you to wait with booking your flights until the confirmation of your trip is complete and you receive the complete arrival and departure times from us. If you have already booked a flight, we also have the possibility to fit your trip into your resulting travel times.

Of course, you will receive vouchers from us about the services you've booked. These are either issued directly by us or by our partners and will be sent to you through the mail, but can also be sent to your email when requested. The size of your travel documents depends on the trip you booked.

The travel documents will be sent to you after we receive the last payment and about 10-14 days before your arrival. Due to the fact that you receive the documents from us only shortly before the trip, we can take account of changes in the times of the flight or travel plans made after your booking.

There are different methods of payment for flights and the rest of the trip. The trip you've booked, excluding flights, you pay with a money transfer. If desired, you can also pay with a credit card. Please note that in this case, credit card fees will be charged, which are estimated by the credit card institutions and unfortunately we have no influence on them (Disagio: Visa / Master 3.25%, American Express 2.10%). Other payment methods are possible through an arrangement. Contact us and we can discuss with you the possible payment methods. Flights MUST be paid with a credit card.

The first 30% of the travel expenses are due as soon as the booking is complete. The remaining 70% will be due 6 weeks before departure. In exceptional cases, the payment conditions can be adjusted.

If you can not make your trip, cancellation fees will be applied. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or ask our travel experts about the subject.

On the website of the Federal Foreign Office, you will find detailed information on the entry and vaccination regulations of the individual countries. There you will also find country-specific safety instructions and vaccination recommendations. Your doctor may also advise you about the necessary or recommended vaccinations.

Within the EU, you do not need an international driving license because all driving licenses issued within one EU country are recognized within all EU countries. If you would like to drive a car in a non-EU country, check with our travel experts whether an international driving license is necessary or not in the country you're traveling to. This can be purchased at the local driver's licensing agency for approx. € 15-20 (biometric light image, original EU card driving license and passport or ID card required).