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Your Sweden Vacation

A glimpse of Sweden


Välkommen till Sverige! Adventure through the dense, dark coniferous forests, gigantic glacier mountains, countless lakes, colorful fishing villages, and thousands of islands off the cliffs of the rugged coast. Sweden is the destination for all those who love nature in its pristine beauty. Stockholm is famous for its beautiful bridges, medieval old town, and 14 islands. Sweden's grand cityscapes are a can’t-miss experience.

Dominated by lakes, rolling hills, and mighty mountain ranges, the Swedish landscape boasts with incredible variety. It attracts travelers to Scandinavia's most prominent country year-round. Go on shopping trips in modern metropolises, experience a dog sledding adventure, discover moose in the wild, or spend nights in the middle of wild nature.

Best travel time: June to August, December to March

Flight time from Germany: approx. 2 hours