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Experience - Sri Lanka

Hiriwadunna Village Tour


  • This experience can be booked with "The Secrets of Sri Lanka”

  • An exciting excursion to explore the culture of Sri Lanka

  • Explore the surroundings via catamaran and oxcart


Wanna get to know the region around Negombo? Then come with us on the city tour through Hiriwadunna. Get to know the locals better as you drive past the fields in an oxcart, glide on the gentle waters in a catamaran, or watch in amazement during a cooking demonstration.



  1. Sri Lanka

Climb aboard a catamaran, a popular means of transport for the locals. Slowly and leisurely you will glide over the calm water and admire the Sigiriya Rock from a distance. Surrounded by jungle and millions and millions of leaves of water lilies, this is a truly peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Afterwards, you will ride an oxcart, which will take you past the rice fields where the workers work diligently. Enjoy the tour through the countryside, which holds surprises in store for those who pay attention. Numerous birds, monkeys, pythons, lizards, and many other wild animals cavort in the trees and bushes along the way. With a little luck you might even meet an elephant.

After the impressive tour through the surroundings of Hiriwadunna, you will enjoy an excursion into the culinary world of Sri Lanka. Women from the village will show you how traditional dishes are prepared according to old recipes and with the simplest of means. If you like this exotic cuisine, you might want to recreate it at home with the spices from Sri Lanka that you can bring home with you.

Duration of the trip: Half day


  • Transfer to Hiriwadunna
  • Ox cart ride
  • Catamaran trip
  • Cooking show and lunch


  • Meals and personal expenses not mentioned in the scope of services.

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