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Experience - Tanzania

Night game drive at Lake Manyara


  • Experience nocturnal wildlife at Lake Manyara

  • Unforgettable game drive under the African starry night sky

  • The experience can be booked in combination with the Highlights of Northern Tanzania roundtrip.


The night game drive at Lake Manyara is one of the many memorable attractions of your trip to Tanzania: you will meet nocturnal animals, such as leopards and porcupines - wild animals that you will rarely see during the day - with an expert guide.



  1. Tanzania
  2. Northern Tanzania

Still haven't had enough of Africa's abundant wildlife? You and your experienced guide will go into Lake Manyara's game reserve at approx. 7:30 PM.

Under a velvety night sky where stars burn bright, an unforgettable adventure is about to unfold: can you hear the lions' roar? Moments of sheer adrenaline are ordinary here. With a bit of luck, you might also spot leopards, hippos, porcupines, or curious little monkeys.

Services & Notes

  • Start: approx. 7:30 PM

  • Duration: approx. 2.5 - 3 hours

  • The best time for this tour is during the "Highlights of Northern Tanzania" tour, on day 3 (stay at Lake Manyara).

  • As of June 1st, 2019, the use of disposable plastic bags is forbidden in Tanzania and will be punished. The ban will also apply to passengers at airports and land borders, both for common, duty-free bags (such as plastic bags in hand luggage) or checked baggage.

    Strict controls must be expected on entry. Ziplock bags, which are mainly used for cosmetics, are also subject to this ban. We recommend transparent pouches (e.g., with zippers), which are designed for prolonged use and do not qualify as 'disposable items.' The use of plastic bags for purchases in the country is also prohibited.

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