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Half-Day Trip to Nkoaranga Village


Discover some of the best coffee in the world by visiting the coffee plantations of the small village Nkoaranga on Mount Meru. With a local guide, you will visit the local roasting shop and learn the "shrub to cup" process. In the garden of the Mbise family, you will be spoiled with a freshly roasted coffee and a small lunch.


  • Visit the Nkoaranga Village and it's local roasting house
  • Includes lunch with the Mbise family
  • This experience can be paired with the roundtrip " Highlights of Northern Tanzania"


What To Find Here

Get ready to thrive coffee lovers! Together with a local guide, you will visit the small, picturesque village of Nkoaranga. Nestled on the slopes of Mount Merus, locals cultivate organic coffee to trade as Fair Trade. As you stroll through the coffee plantations, visit a local roasting shop— here you will see where the coffee is roasted, ground and packaged. Don’t forget to try the freshly roasted coffee here! Later in the afternoon, join the Mbsie family in their beautiful garden for a delicious lunch and an aromatic coffee.

Services and Infos

Travel duration: ca. 2.5 hours

Opening times: Starts around 8:30am

Services & Hints

  • Start: ca. 8:30am
  • Duration: ca. 2.5 Hours (without lunch)
  • Take this tour on Day 10 of your "Highlights of Northern Tanzania Roundtrip" (stay in Arusha).