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Yangon for Foodies


Come with us on a ** culinary ** ** tour ** ** through ** ** Yangon ** - perfect for connoisseurs and those who enjoy trying new things. The ** streetcars ** ** and ** ** markets ** offer the best conditions for this. Experience the culinary highlights with all your senses and try ** Burmese ** ** delicacies **


  • Get to know the exotic Burmese cuisine
  • Immerse yourself in the Burmese lifestyle
  • Including an exceptional lunch


Myanmar for Foodies

Tasty Asian delicacies and fresh markets in Yangon are waiting for you when you discover Myanmar's culinary highlights with us. Explore the Burmese lifestyle in a popular teashop or a traditional curry lunch dish. These places are popular places for locals, giving you an immersive experience into everyday life. Try one of the many dishes and exotic flavors, be they sweet, like the fried donuts, or strange, like a fermented tea leaf salad**. Bon appetit!

Services and Infos

Travel duration: Half day


  • Lunch * Transfer from / to hotel


  • Meals and personal expenses not mentioned


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