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Elephant Transit Home


The ** Elephant Transit Home ** (ETH) near Udawalawe is home to orphaned and injured elephant babies. They are cared for, reared and then reintroduced in groups into a national park.


  • A sustainable elephant experience
  • See elephants up close
  • Watch the animals during daily bathing and eating


Elephants up close

The elephants in Sri Lanka are under threat: at the beginning of the last century, about 12,000 pachyderms still lived there. Today there are only about 6,000 left. These gentle giants are threatened by the loss of habitat caused by the increase of human settlements. The Elephant Transit Home is located in the south of Sri Lanka, near the Udawalawe National Park, and houses injured or orphaned elephants. The animals receive milk, food and medical care. From the beginning, the aim is to be able to release the animals into freedom after a few years. The accommodation of the animals takes place appropriate to the species. The elephants can move freely and are not chained. At the fixed feeding times, the pachyderms come to stations where they can be observed up close.

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