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Experience - Zimbabwe

Lunch at the Lookout Café


  • Unique view of the Batoka Gorge

  • Versatile menu with excellent dishes

  • Relaxed atmosphere and courteous service

  • Watch the daredevils bungee jump off the No Man's Bridge

  • Casual lounge atmosphere


How about dining on the cliffs of Batoka Gorge with spectacular views of this gorge and the No Man's Land Bridge? The Lookout Café is the best choice for that. The excellent food and delicious drinks will round off your stay! The visit is usually worthwhile after a visit to Victoria Falls.



  1. Zimbabwe

The distance between the entrance to the waterfalls and the Lookout Café is about 100 meters. The café is located directly at the Batoka Gorge and offers an incredible view of the famous No Man's Land Bridge. The best seats are of course at the edge of the large terrace - a reservation is worthwhile!

The Café is not only known for its location, but also for its excellent food and courteous service. It serves burgers, skewers, fresh fish and steak, and other delicacies. Rafting boats can also be seen from here while you enjoy a refreshing cocktail or berry cheesecake. In the background, you can watch daring tourists plunge into the depths of the gorge on the zipline. The atmosphere in the café is exuberant and relaxed. Guests from all over the world meet here, talk, and have fun - not a bad way of spending a few hours.


  • Transfers (to and from)
  • 2-course menu (without drinks)


  • International flights
  • Beverages
  • Parking fees

Services & Notes

  • Please note that the restaurant can serve 80 guests and an additional 40 guests on the terrace.

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