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Kandy Dance Show


Like many other countries, Sri Lanka has its own ** musical ** ** and ** ** dance ** tradition **. If you want insights into the ** traditional ** music, in addition to the modern sounds that can be heard from small shops and cars, you should not miss the Kandy dance show. Use your evening in ** Kandy ** to be enchanted by the unique ** dance show ** in the ** Kandy ** ** Lake ** ** Club **.


  • This experience can be booked in conjunction with " The secrets of Sri Lanka"
  • A memorable insight into the traditional music
  • Colorful dresses and extraordinary dances


Experience exotic sounds and rhythmic music

You are sitting in the hall, the lights are dim. The soft sounds of traditional instruments circulate the room and transport you to another world. As the light gets brighter again, you can watch the dancers moving rhythmically to themusic. The big drums, horizontally attached to their player's stomach, set the beat. Bells and wind instruments, like a conch horn, are other instruments used in this exotic show. The young women show traditional dances, such as the classic wedding dance, where they make rapid turns. Finally, the daredevil artists will put on a fire show, with the exciting fire run. We wish you a lot of fun!

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