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Experience - Sri Lanka

Kandy dance show


  • You can combine this experience with our “Sri Lanka Family Trip”

  • An unforgettable insight into traditional music

  • Experience colorful dresses and extraordinary dances


Like many countries, Sri Lanka has unique musical and dance traditions. Once you learn about the country’s legendary music, you better understand their culture. From the small shops and cars, you can hear the country’s songs playing from afar. In the evening, don’t miss a classical dance show in Kandy. Head to Kandy Lake Club and let the unique dance show enchant you.



  1. Sri Lanka

Get cozy in your seat as the lights slowly start to dim. The soft sounds of traditional instruments echo softly through the room and transport you to another world. The lights will suddenly get brighter as the dancers rhythmically move to the music. The drummers fasten the massive instruments to the front of their stomach as they set the pace. Not only do the drums narrate the dancers’ moves, but also bells and wind instruments such as a conch shell.

Watch the dancers perform traditional dances, such as the classic wedding dance, where they turn rapidly across the floor. For the grand finale, the daredevils come out to play for a fire show and firewalk!


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