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Rental car tour - Portugal

Azores - Volcanoes, whale watching and green valleys


  • Explore the four islands of the Azores at your own pace

  • Learn about local culinary attractions at the "Cozido" lunch

  • Get up close to the sea giants while whale watching

  • Drive to the countryside and the cities with a rental car

  • Selected hotels with special comfort


Would you like to explore the Azores setting your own pace with the autonomy and convenience provided by a rental car and staying at selected accommodations?

Then this car rental round trip is just right for you. Whales, volcanoes, beaches and breathtaking landscapes are already waiting for you! Discover the islands of Sao Miguel, Terceira, Pico, and Faial the way you want to.



Azores - Sao Miguel - Terceira - Pico - Faial

We recommend travelling to the Azores from June to October. July and August are the high season with the most hours of sunshine. Rainfall is rare at this time.

Welcome to São Miguel, the largest island in the archipelago. Have you already caught a glimpse of the landscapes from the air? The volcanic island is characterised by numerous volcanic lakes and lagoons. Are you curious? Then pick up your rental car at the airport and set off on the first short leg to your hotel for the first few nights.

Trip duration Ponta Delgada Airport - Ponta Delgada Hotel: approx. 10 minutes / approx. 5 km

1 night stay with breakfast in São Miguel, Portugal

Enjoy the freedom of discovering the island on your own with a rental car. Not quite sure how to use the time? We have put together a few suggestions here that offer something for everyone:

In the west of the island, you can follow in the footsteps of the legendary crater lakes at Sete Cidades. Enjoy a beautiful view of the two lakes, Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, from a height of 550 metres. For this, we recommend the Vista do Rei viewpoint. Why not pack your hiking boots and explore the fascinating area on foot? A hiking trail of about four hours, starting at Sete Cidades, leads past the spectacular crater wall of the Caldeira. On the way back, we recommend a stop at a pineapple plantation where the healthy delicacies ripen in greenhouses - a unique way of growing pineapples worldwide.a3913be6-e853-11e8-8c32-068ed014655a

If you want to experience more nature, the Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake) might be the right place for you. Far away from any civilisation, at an altitude of about 600 metres, the impressive play of colours in different shades of green, the white of the sandy beach, and the sea blue of the Atlantic Ocean awaits you.

Whatever you decide, boredom is something you will not easily find in São Miguel.

1 night stay with breakfast in São Miguel, Portugal

Start the day with breakfast before setting off in your rental car towards Furnas. The spa town has over 20 hot springs that you should not miss. Do you know what the springs are also used for here? The stew known as "Cozido" is cooked in the hot craters in the earth using geothermal heat.

Enjoy this culinary experience before strolling through the Terra Nostra Park. The garden is considered one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe and the nearby lake at Furnas also invites you to take a leisurely stroll.

Trip duration Ponta Delgada - Furnas: approx. 45 minutes / approx. 45 km

1 night with breakfast in São Miguel, Portugal

Today you will discover the island on your own, spending time doing whatever you want.

Would you like to learn more about the history of the island? The capital, Ponta Delgada, has a number of buildings with over 500 years of history in store for you and invites you to take a relaxed tour. You will be amazed not just by the beautiful black and white patterned pavements through the historic old town with its decorated balconies, but also by the lively markets, winding alleys, and the multitude of churches. A beautiful view can be enjoyed from the tower of the town hall, where you can enjoy the view over the city and the sea.


Another tip is in the east side of the island, where the Chá Gorreana tea factory is located. It is one of two tea plantations, but it boasts a 125-year-old tradition. After a detour there, we recommend continuing north to the village of Nordeste - a small, friendly place that is still largely untouched by tourism.

1 night stay with breakfast in São Miguel, Portugal

Today is time to say goodbye to the first island. Drive back to the airport and return your rental car so that you can fly to Terceira. Shortly after landing, you will pick up your rental car here as well. The first stage takes you to your hotel on the south coast in Angra do Heroismo.

The island in the centre of the Azores is the second main island after São Miguel and is the hub of the central group. The island bears its name not only because it was discovered as the third island of the archipelago, but also because it is the third largest of all the islands.


Flight duration São Miguel - Terceira: approx. 50 minutes

1 night stay with breakfast in Terceira, Portugal

Similar to Sao Miguel, Terceira offers an equally varied flora and fauna. Thanks to your rental car, you can freely organise your days here. We also have a few sight recommendations for you here, of course.

You should not miss the main town of the island - Angra do Heroismo. Characterised by a Renaissance style, the city is not only beautiful to look at, but it also takes you on a journey through its interesting past. The old town area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, for many, the most beautiful city in the Azores. Here you can spend a wonderfully relaxed day, let yourself drift and simply stroll through the alleys. Passing churches and the worthwhile city museum, you should enjoy the view over the stunning harbour at the "kiosk". Take off your shoes, walk through the fine sand, and enjoy the cool refreshment of the sea.

If you want to use the day to explore the entire island, why not do so on a relaxed island tour? Whether it’s along the coast or inland, the island has some hidden corners and villages in store for you that will surely enchant you. Here you can plan a visit to the Algar do Carvao. The volcanic cave is about 100 metres deep and has been declared a national monument of the island. Here you can descend through a lava chimney, past stalagmites and stalagtites, framed by mosses, lichens, and ferns. And you will also find a small, ancient lake in the cave that was formed about 2,000 years ago!

Would you rather spend a relaxing day at the beach? Then drive to Praia da Vitoria, where you will find the longest sandy beach in the Azores. Here you can relax and unwind to your heart's content.

2 nights with breakfast in Terceira, Portugal

Time flies and today a rental car drive will take you to the airport. After check-in, a flight of only about 30 minutes will take you to the last island of your journey. The little but mighty island of Pico is especially famous because of its volcanoes and the wine grown there. The island is named after the large Pico volcano, but apart from it, there are 100 other small volcanoes on the island. This circumstance also shapes the image of the island, its soil tinged a deep shade of black by the volcanic rock. Use the next few days to discover what Pico has to offer.

Flight duration Terceira - Pico: approx. 30 minutes

1 night stay with breakfast in Pico, Portugal

There is so much to see and do on Pico, so how should you decide? You will be the one in charge of planning your day, but we can certainly recommend a few things.

The island is dotted with numerous museums, each one a must-see attraction. Your first destination could be the main town of Madalena, in the west of the island. Here you will find a wine museum, housed in an old Carmelite convent, its garden housing the largest dragon tree in Macaronesia. It is said to be between 500 and 800 years old - an unforgettable sight.

There is also a museum dedicated to octopus and sperm whales in the town. The whaling tradition is already over here, but today you can visit an old whale processing factory on the north coast in Sao Roque, which is now the museum. On the south coast, in Lajes, you will find an informative and fascinating whale museum that illustrates the history of whaling on the island.

Stroll through the idyllic coastal town of Lajido, which is located in the middle of a wine-growing area and where you can visit a wine press and a distillery. Experience a play of colours here, from grey-black lava walls, green vines, and fig trees to the deep blue of the Atlantic. No wonder UNESCO has just designated this area a World Heritage Site. Some elements from the 18th century, which is considered the heyday of wine growing on Pico, are still visible today.

Further south of Madalena is the Gruta das Torres cave. It is not only the longest lava tube in Portugal, but also one of the longest in Europe. Want to learn more about it? Join one of the guided tours and, equipped with helmet and torch, learn about the volcanic past of the archipelago and its consequences - which are still visible today.


However, you do have one fixed programme item in your daily schedule today. A half-day, whale-watching tour awaits you in Madalena. A holiday in the Azores without whale watching is unthinkable. The giant marine mammals pass by the Azores on their way from south to north in summer and in the opposite direction in winter (weather permitting).

2 nights with breakfast in Pico, Portugal

After the impressive days on Pico, the island of Faial welcomes you today. After dropping off your rental car at the ferry port of Madalena, you will take a short ferry crossing to Faial. Once there, you will pick up your next rental car. After all the formalities, the first stage through the town centre awaits you, leading you to your next hotel. Spend the rest of the day however you want. Take a stroll through the town or have a look around the hotel.

Duration of ferry crossing Pico- Faial: approx. 30 minutes

1 night stay with breakfast in Faial, Portugal

After an invigorating breakfast at the hotel, enjoy two days on the “blue island”. Faial owes this name to the fact that countless blue hydrangeas bloom here. You want to know what the island has to offer? Here again are some of our recommendations:

Capelinhos is a particularly interesting place because the volcano erupted here in 1957/58. To this day, these traces can still be seen, as the lava flows created lunar landscapes and the old lighthouse has only been excavated from the second floor - a unique sight. If you want to know more about it, we recommend a visit to the modern underground volcano museum, where it is also possible to climb the lighthouse.

The lava and ash have not only created new land, but also an impressive pit crater in the centre of the island. At a height of about 1000 metres and with a diameter of about 1.4 kilometres, its walls drop almost vertically. It is one of the most impressive in the Azores. From the car park, we recommend a three-hour circular walk along the crater wall, where you will enjoy breathtaking views again and again.

In Horta, you will certainly not be able to get enough of the sights: The exciting whale museum, an old whale processing factory on the bay of Porto Pim, the Scrimshaw Museum, art on sperm whale teeth, and the town museum offer enough activities for an entire day. But the town offers much more than that: take the opportunity to visit the town museum with a room full of filigree art made of fig paste and delicate silhouettes.

As you can see, Faial offers countless ways to spend your last days. Whatever you decide, with a rental car you are flexible and can organise your stay according to your preferences.

2 nights with breakfast in Faial, Portugal

Time flies and before you know it, you have to go back to the airport and return the rental car. For the last time, you will fly from one island to the next. This flight will take you back to your starting point on São Miguel.

Once there, you will take a taxi back to your hotel from the beginning of the trip, where you can then spend the last few hours as you wish. Do you already have all the souvenirs you need, or did you want to visit something you didn't manage to do in the first few days? Use the time to do all the things you didn't manage to do, or relax at the hotel before you have to pack your bags.

Flight duration Faial - São Miguel: approx. 50 minutes

1 night stay with breakfast in São Miguel, Portugal

Have breakfast at the hotel one last time and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. With your suitcases packed, take a taxi (best booked in advance at the hotel reception) back to the airport. Here you will start your journey home. We hope you had a trip full of unique memories and experiences.

itravel - For that moment.

Hotel Talisman****, São Miguel, Azores (5 nights)

In the historic centre of Ponta Delgada, Hotel Talisman fits perfectly into the cityscape. In an 18th-century building surrounded by churches, museums, the Portas de Cidade landmark, the hotel is within walking distance of the most popular sights.

The 57 rooms of 20 m² each are spread over five floors and have amenities such as double beds, air conditioning, free WIFI, cable TV, a telephone, a minibar, a safe and a kettle.

Hotel Pousada Forte Angra do Heroismo****, Terceira, Azores. (3 nights)

It would be hard to find more unusual accommodation than this hotel in a castle dating back to 1555. Situated on a cliff with spectacular views, the castle impresses with its unique history. Today, the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and welcomes its guests with a modern interior, two pools and restaurants that will spoil you with culinary delights.

The rooms have double beds, LCD TVs, a safe, a minibar, air conditioning, and a telephone.

Hotel Caravelas***, Pico, Azores (3 nights)

Hotel Caravelas welcomes you to Madalena on the island of Pico. Enjoy the view of the sea and the Pico volcano from your air-conditioned rooms. To cool off on warm days, we recommend you take a dip in the cool waters of the outdoor pool. In the morning, an extensive breakfast buffet awaits you in the hotel's restaurant and in the evening you can get the famous Pico wine at the bar.

Hotel Azoris Faial Garden****, Faial, Azores (3 nights)

The Hotel Azoris Faial Garden is the perfect concept for those who want to spend their holidays with the highest level of relaxation and tranquillity. With an indescribable view of the Atlantic Ocean and a view of Pico Mountain, you will be welcomed. 131 rooms, of which 99 are standard rooms, two pools, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and sports facilities such as a tennis court and volleyball courts.

Duration of the trip: 15 days / 14 nights


  • 14 nights in the accommodation mentioned or similar:

    • 5 nights at Hotel Talisman**** with breakfast in a standard room in São Miguel.

    • 3 nights at Hotel Pousada Forte Angra do Heroismo**** with breakfast in a superior room with sea view in Terceira

    • 3 nights at Hotel Caravelas**** with breakfast in a standard room in Pico

    • 3 nights at Hotel Azoris Faial Garden**** with breakfast in a standard room in Faial

  • 13 days rental car category B (Nissan Micra or similar) from São Miguel to São Miguel

  • Ferry tickets (Faial - Pico - Faial)

  • Domestic flights (São Miguel - Terceira - Faial - São Miguel)

  • The initial price is valid in the travel period 01.11.20 - 31.03.21

Included experiences

  • Cozido lunch on Day 3
  • Entrance to Terra Nostra Botanical Garden in São Miguel on Day 3
  • Half-day whale watching tour near Faial on Day 10

Rental car

  • Including unlimited free kilometres, partial cover insurance with excess, airport / port delivery or drop-off, 2nd driver possible at no extra charge.
  • The client must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least one year, which must be shown when the rental contract is concluded. The minimum age is 21 years old, for all vehicle categories.
  • IMPORTANT: A credit card must be presented at the time of pick-up to cover any excess in the event of damage. If the client does not have a credit card, a deposit of 600 euros or a cheque must be left. If at the end of the contract the rental company does not find any irregularities, the corresponding deposit or cheque will be returned to the client.
  • The client is always subject to an excess of 690 euros for category B. This excess is activated in the event of an accident caused by the client or if damage to the vehicle is found to be due to disregard of the general rental conditions, vandalism, theft of the vehicle or its parts where the driver is unable to identify the offender. The excess can be reduced to 57.50 euros if an extra insurance policy (Super CDW) is taken out when the rental car is collected, payable on the spot and when the rental contract is concluded. This insurance is 11.50 euros per day for category B. Prices include VAT 16%.
  • In the event of an accident and in accordance with Portuguese legislation, the insurance agents will not accept responsibility for the rented vehicle or third parties if it is established that the driver was driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs or other hallucinatory substances. The same applies if the driver participates in sporting events, races, rallies, betting, challenges, competitions, or similar.


  • International flights
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Excursions (sightseeing, entrance fees etc.)
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Transfers on days 14 and 15
  • Travel insurance


  • Surcharges may apply at Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Easter

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